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by MobyDisk (#48261463) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

Thanks for the reply, I was hoping to hear about other people's experiences. My experience with Baptists might be way off. I hesitated to list that one but I thought it might trigger a reply that might help me understand better.

1) I live in northern Maryland, so maybe things are different as you go north. I have relatives who live in Kentucky and I'm actually afraid to ever discuss this with them.
2) I attended a Baptist church as a kid, so maybe I just didn't know what they believed. The church also split at some point and maybe that was the kind of stuff it was over, I don't know.

I looked up the baptist church on Wikipedia to see if I could find their core beliefs and a quick search didn't show me anything involving literal interpretations or evolution. Wikipedia has an article that shows belief in literal creationism, amongst Christians, is almost 50/50 split and has a breakdown by denomination.

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I rarely reply to ACs, but since I actually based my statement on the very same Google search the AC recommended, I feel compelled to reply so everyone is clear on the definition.

Horseshit. Type "define:evangelical" into google and look at the full definition.


Google search for define: evangelical

1. of or according to the teaching of the gospel or the Christian religion.

The first two hits below that are:
What is an Evangelical? which says

world-wide Protestant movement maintaining that the essence of the gospel consists in the doctrine of salvation by faith in Jesus

and What is an evangelical which says

The term "evangelical" comes from the Greek word euangelion, meaning "the good news" or the "gospel."

How is that different from my short definition of "people who believe in the gospels and follow Jesus?"

The rest just misquotes me and wanders into randomness so I won't bother replying to that part.

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by MobyDisk (#48260417) Attached to: Verizon Launches Tech News Site That Bans Stories On US Spying

These are issues that Verizon cannot be neutral on, so it makes perfect ethical sense for them to recuse themselves from discussing such topics. Don't lambast them for it.

The real questions here are:
1) Who are the backers and why did they stipulate this requirement?
2) Why is Verizon starting a news & pop culture site in a time when such sites are prevalent and unprofitable?

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American protestentism (ie, evangelicals)

You seem to be equating protestant Christianity with evangelical Christianity with literal biblical interpretation. Don't do that.

Most Protestant Christians in America do not take the creation story as literal and do not believe that you can add-up the ages of the people in the bible to conclude that the earth is ~6,000 years old. As a non-denominational Protestant Christian, I've attended Nazarene, Adventist, Lutheran, Baptist, Presbyterian, and Episcopal churches. So far as I know, none of them took literal interpretations of the creation story. I believe they all agree with the Catholics on this topic.

Regarding evangelicals: The term merely means people who believe in the gospels and follow Jesus. That's really all Christians, so the term doesn't mean much. But it definitely doesn't mean "fundamentalist" or "literal interpretation."

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by MobyDisk (#48253093) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Unlimited Data Plan For Seniors?

Based on my limited experience, the telecom and internet at these assisted living and nursing facilities is inhumanely bad.

We are in an era where someone with no technical knowledge should be able video chat with their grandchildren. Incoming calls just requires touching a screen which is easier than picking-up a phone. Making outgoing calls is easier than dialing a telephone since there are no phone numbers: you just get a list of people on the screen, with their picture, and you touch the picture to call them. Yet everyone treats this as though it requires a computer science degree.

I tried to set this up for my wife's great grandmother, but the otherwise modern facility had no Wifi and no 3G. We could barely get a cell signal of any kind in her room. The only internet in the facility was on a few dedicated computers. Cell reception was just fine outside though.

Is this experience typical?

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The biggest problem I see here is if the student body decides to hold a protest or something. It could draw lots of attention and potentially give the cause undeserved credibility. In theory, this could happen no matter where they hosted it, but college activism makes this seem a more likely place for it to happen.

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The WattUp router uses radio frequency (RF) transmissions to send up to 4 watts of power i..a mobile device can be charged at the same rate as if it were plugged into a wall socket

What is truly amazing here is that this 4W charger can charge devices at the same rate as my 5 and 10 watt chargers! The last generation of phones use 5V 1A = 5 watt chargers, while new phones and tablets use 5V 2A = 10 watt chargers. So no, this 4 watt device won't charge them at the same rate.

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