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Comment Profit is good (Score 1) 173

Why should a company have to explain this at all? For things that aren't a public good it's morally a company's right to charge what the market will bear. Obviously charging $30 for a surgical mask after 9/11 or $750 for an AIDS pill that costs $1 to make is immoral, but we're talking about a new, innovative product used for entertainment. They don't owe it to the public to charge as little as possible.

If another company can make one just as good for a cheaper price, that's awesome. Until then this is a luxury item with the price of a luxury item and that's okay.

Comment GIVE ME A "P" (Score 1) 47

In World War II the British government once asked civilians to turn in extra pots and pans to be melted down for materials for the war effort. They received a small mountain of them. I don't know what they did with them but the materials were all but useless. It was a propaganda effort, intended to make the British people aware of how serious the war effort was.

If this CO2 product plan actually makes the slightest dent in CO2 storage I'll be shocked. It's a propaganda measure, and a mis-aimed one at that. Even if the media decides to loudly announce it the common man won't care about a new thing that can be made from CO2. And such propaganda aimed at nerds, makers, and the informed would be pointless as well. Most of us already have set feelings about global warming and already know how big the atmosphere is.

Comment Re:Let's face it... (Score 1) 260

I am an atheist. That said:

My Grandmother, a lifelong devout Christian who read the bible daily, did not believe in extraterrestrial intelligence, but not for the reason you give. She told me she didn't think God would have sent his son to die twice. Her point of view was that life on other planets is possible but intelligence not, for that reason. The Christian bible doesn't say God only sent his son to this place, just that he did.

Comment No. No verbing for you. (Score 5, Insightful) 233

Your company name gets verbed ONLY when it's both appropriate and a new word is necessary. You get verbed by popular consent. I'm not saying a massive advertising campaign won't do it, but it's damn hard to force a meme. Xerox. Jeep. Scotch tape. They were verbed because they offered something new. Google. Skype. They were verbed because so many people used their products. But even a massive advertising agency couldn't do it for, say, Bing. So what has Uber done to justify verbing? Sure it's shorter than, say, "out-innovated". But "Ubered"? It just sticks in my craw. No thanks. And take your viral marketing with you.

Comment Not enough info brah (Score 4, Interesting) 158

It depends on how much actual authority you have, how conservative the corporate culture is, and whether there are any entrenched ways of doing things. This isn't a technical question but a political one. If you actually (as opposed to officially) have authority to tell them how to do things you need first find out how the system is working now. Maybe they didn't set up passwords because multiple departments need to connect to the same server and there's no secure password control in place. Maybe they're disorganized. Maybe they're inexperienced. These all require different activities to repair the problem.

You mentioned EOL hardware, but you didn't say whether a migration is planned or whether the money is available for one. Obviously new hardware is a great opportunity for user training, but again there are too many unknowns here. How much extra time do the engineers have to train? How much of the existing system setup is invisibly a part of how the users interact with it?

It sound to me like you're standing on a powder keg. The right way to deal with it is to gather information. Make benchmarks. Understand system inter-operations and use. Learn who is doing what and why. Only a fool would start declaring X and Y need to be done without taking a look around first.

Comment Re:As if it matters (Score 1) 263

The preponderance of the masses are too busy, sick, or lazy (or all of the above) to vote, and those who do are told who to vote for by the mass media.

That's not the main point. Right now things clearly aren't bad enough for voters to inform themselves. If things do get that bad people may not know how to vote to fix things but they'll at least vote against whoever is in office. Verifiable elections are a strong bulwark against non-democratic processes even if the people don't really know who they're voting for. For proof look at the new governments in Africa.

Comment Hashed anonymous publicly verifiable votes now (Score 2) 263

Whenever a machine fails there's a risk of lost votes. More importantly these machines are just insecure. We need voting machines with open source hardware, open source software, and encrypted, hashed, anonymous publicly available vote records. Ask for a password. Hash the password, the vote, the polling booth's number, and the time (in 15 minute increments) and make that immediately publicly available.

Each voter can then go to a publicly accessible website and enter where and when he voted and what password he used, and be told how he voted. If that bothers you add a unique password inside each booth the person can alternatively use to be told he voted differently, or allow entry of an alternate password to be answered a user-selectable vote.

The hashed verifiable votes will be proof against election fraud.

Comment Re:Driver's ed? (Score 5, Funny) 112

I now, right? When I buy Star Wars memorabilia the first> concern is how much of a panty dropper it is. My light sabre collection, for example, oh that gets them going. I'll bring a girl home and just five minutes into explaining the Han Solo grip she's just SWOONing. They're so anxious to get to bed they start pretending to be sleepy. And my full collection of Princess Leia mugs, they love those. And they're a great conversation piece! You can tell them how it shows your respect for women. But what really does it is my set of costumes. I had a girl here just last night BEGGING me to get out of the Wookie costume. She wanted my body that bad. It sucks that her brother called right at that moment.

This watch? nah, it just won't pull them in like a good Vader voice.

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