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Comment Re:Re-entry aiming (Score 1) 247

I think it really depends upon how willing they are to fight back. Put South Koreans on the front line promising re-unification, and we likely could roll right through with very little bloodshed. The true cost will be the humanitarian aide after the current government fails. //I certainly wouldn't be willing to bet on this outcome, but its not out of the realm of probability.

Comment Re-entry aiming (Score 1) 247

Re-entry aiming is actually quite difficult. Statistically they are more likely to land in the ocean or somewhere in the middle of Kansas than they are to hit DC. If they nuked the middle of the ocean it would be an interesting day. We likely wouldn't nuke them back (though we could I guess), We likely would just invade.

Comment Re:Makes sense to me. (Score 2) 223

Maybe, maybe not. The bed of the truck would make for excellent battery swap potential. The end user can't swap the cars battery. I can see several potential ways to make battery swap much more feasible in a truck, at least for a commercial outfit to equip one.
Also the electric All Wheel Drive dual motor in the current models is far superior traction control to Internal Combustion Engine AWD. Its even possible they might put 4 motors, 1 for each wheel. This would offer vastly superior traction to any truck on the market today.

Comment Re:More likely to be used by drones than post offi (Score 2) 393

Whichever one you want.
what3words is a word -> lat/long service. It works extremely well for lat/long information. Perfect for saying where your geo-cache is, or even telling people where to meet in the park, or approximately where you are in some rural area. Its not a replacement for an actual address, but certainly can help if you don't have an actual address.

Comment Re:Who needed help here? (Score 1) 503

Yes, but this is discussing industrial radiation.
For instance your microwave oven produces 1000 watts of 2.4GZ EF radiation. That bandwidth tends to get absorbed by water rather than traveling straight through it. Your WiFi router on the other hand produces less than 1 watt of WiFi. This is akin to shooting yourself with a laser pointer or touching a LED lightbulb or shooting yourself with an industrial laser or touching a 1000watt lightbulb.

Comment Re:Spot on (Score 1) 189

Of course, its entirely possible some alien species may not consider us intelligent or even sentient based upon their yardstick.

One interesting thing to really think about is how evolution has shaped our "intelligence". We often are worried about how an artificial AI may be fearful and attack us. But isn't fear simply something we evolved, an intelligent machine has no reason to fear death. It also has no reason to feel greed or anger or any of the feelings we've evolved in order to ensure our own survival. In fact a machine is more likely to have its code copied and survive if it doesn't feel these things. Now humor, joy, love, etc we may want to program in.

Comment Re:Hypocrisy much? (Score 1) 503

No its specifically an allergy to packet routed network systems only. They also have to be in the range of 2.4GZ or 5Gz.
The 0.8 - 1.9GZ range used my mobile carriers obviously aren't going to have any effect. Now we definitely need to avoid anything in the 430,000GZ-750,000GZ range which are obviously lethal dosages (visible light spectrum)

Comment Who needed help here? (Score 5, Insightful) 503

Sad story, a mothers crazy notions about what was causing her daughters illness, leads daughter to assume its true. Kids trust their parents about these things. There is very little difference between a real medical condition and one you believe you are having. The school though, should have looked into getting both of them psychological help.

Operating Systems

Twitch Viewers Will Try To Collaboratively Install Arch Linux (twitchinstalls.com) 103

An anonymous reader writes: Early last year, an anonymous developer had the idea to try to crowd-source a game of Pokemon using Twitch.tv. 16 days of continuous play later, they were victorious, with an estimated 1.17 million people participating. A new experiment is now trying to ramp up the complexity: the goal is to install Arch Linux. "Every ten seconds, the most popular keystroke in Twitch chat will be entered into an Arch Linux virtual machine." The launch page recommends taking a look at the Arch Linux Wiki, beginner's guide, and a list of bash commands. People in the video stream chat are already discussing strategy.

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