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Comment Re:MST3K (Score 4, Interesting) 134

Well not exactly. In the book explains that the HAB had excellent CO2->O2 converters. Mars Atmosphere is 95% CO2. It just requires energy, which comes from solar panels. So he had near infinite O2.
The chemical conversion he does involved turning O2 and Hydrogen into H2O, which basically just involves burning Hydrogen. But burning hydrogen is very dangerous, so he puts on his spacesuit and empties the room of all the O2 (which requires a good bit of tricking the computer system). And slowing feeding the system just enough O2 and H to burn into water.
Unfortunately he forgot that his spacesuit slowly leaks out O2 when he breaths out. So the room slowly filled with O2 until it reached a critical point and the entire room exploded. Much bigger explosion than in the movie apparently.

Comment Re:What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 1) 477

Yep, you will see buses replaced by much smaller autonomous vans. At first you may even have the same old routes, but that's fine because you can a larger fleet of vans, imagine a van coming every 5 minutes instead of a bus coming every 30 minutes. Later the routes will get more auto customizable. You'll likely save money by walking to the nearest major road because navigating the small neighborhood suburban streets is very time consuming,
In general some type of autonomous pod would be cheaper in the long run than having to share a bus. Maybe pods that join up together on major roads and act like a bus for fuel efficiency.

Comment Waste is heat! (Score 1, Funny) 198

What all these articles about appliance waste ignore is the fact that if you use electric heat, your Xbox waste heat is just as efficient as any other electric heater (ignoring heat pumps). If its cold outside, running your xbox 24/7 as long as the heat is in a necessary area isn't being wasted.

Comment Re:a collision wouldn't surprise me (Score 4, Informative) 65

You have no idea about how big the vastness of space is. The chance of them colliding is like the chance of two bullets being fired in a high arc across New York city, and them colliding. Sure that chance happens once per orbit, but its simply not going to happen especially as they both will eventually establish stable orbits that simply will never cross.

Comment Re:Simple Answers to Simple Questions (Score 1) 246

As you don't know the details you simply stop reading. There could be any number of "irregularities in the pension fund", maybe a transaction was reversed or a simple typo, it happens all the time. Unless you continue reading to know the full details such a headline means nothing. In reality pretty much no matter what you accidentally read, most "small snippets" are almost never accurate towards the full content.

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