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Comment: Re:a collision wouldn't surprise me (Score 4, Informative) 65

by MindStalker (#47961871) Attached to: 2 Mars Missions Set For Arrival, Both Prepare for Orbital Maneuvers

You have no idea about how big the vastness of space is. The chance of them colliding is like the chance of two bullets being fired in a high arc across New York city, and them colliding. Sure that chance happens once per orbit, but its simply not going to happen especially as they both will eventually establish stable orbits that simply will never cross.

Comment: Re:Simple Answers to Simple Questions (Score 1) 246

by MindStalker (#47590761) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Personnel As Ostriches?

As you don't know the details you simply stop reading. There could be any number of "irregularities in the pension fund", maybe a transaction was reversed or a simple typo, it happens all the time. Unless you continue reading to know the full details such a headline means nothing. In reality pretty much no matter what you accidentally read, most "small snippets" are almost never accurate towards the full content.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 139

by MindStalker (#47406503) Attached to: Uber Is Now Cheaper Than a New York City Taxi

There is a difference between regulation and anti-corruption.

Uber is showing that a deregulated system can work. You need true competition though and a government to enforce anti-monopoly policies and crack down on mafia corruption. Many cities over regulate the taxi industry and limit the number of cabs to a ridiculously low number to keep prices high. In your other case a mafia (a semi governmental entity in itself) is doing the same thing. //Randians are crazy, but there certainly is room for balance.

Comment: Re:Touch Server (Score 1) 681

An interesting sidenote. There is "some" advantage to Metro for 2013 Server. Its lighter weight than the full desktop. If you have a suite of custom .NET management apps, 2013 Metro will run those apps and be much lighter weight than a full desktop. //MS does advertise this idea, I have no idea why.

Comment: One switch to rule them all? (Score 1) 681

Microsoft made it quite clear that much of the "issue" is that there are now simply too many options in Office. They tried to make a menu structure for 2007 and would have had to make several menus multiple submenus deep. They couldn't design a classic menu interface that they felt was workable for the features they added.

Comment: Re:Is it locked to the Amazon app store like... (Score 3, Informative) 192

by MindStalker (#47265555) Attached to: Amazon Announces 'Fire Phone'

That may have been true in their first release, but Fire devices have been able to incorporate Google Play for a while now. There as "Apps from unknown sources" option now. Though it still a little tricky to copy over the apx file.

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