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Comment Re: The cost of external cognition (Score 1) 134

I'm of the belief that there are no truly original ideas, just new combinations of old ideas. The more old ideas you know the more creative you can be. This is just an opinion though.

I also think group think is more of a problem among the uneducated. I doubt making knowledge more available will increase group think, although I agree it will certainly not get rid of it either.

That's got the parts of creativity, but what is needed is parts to do something, and then restrictions. It sounds crazy, but when we have no restrictions, creativity suffers badly. This is tied to education, where you are given a project which might sound weird, like photographing hedges ( I was assigned this once) and you have to produce something worth looking at.

The basic preise though is very interesting, because once you have a huge tool set, the creative mind can work with th restrictions. Awesome.

Now, to the idea that technology dumbs people down, and to the point of groupthink or stupid people - it does not dumb people down at all.

It might look like it's making people stupid - but what it really does is allow people who are already stupid, access to technology that a few years back was only accessible by smart people.

The young lady that brags about robbing a bank - - is already stupid.

The people hwo bitch about their employers on Facebook - are stupid.

None of these are caused by the technology. They are what happens when stupid people get hold of it.

Comment Re:Humans are ... (Score 1) 65

Humans are idiots, dead or alive!

What a waste of resources. The selling argument '...preserving our memorial spacecraft for eternity.' is idotic, nothing is for eternity, in particular this solar system we all know perfectly will eventually be eaten by its Sun.

At which point your demand to not waste resources will be kinda moot, don'tya think?

Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1, Insightful) 350

People in general (there's always exceptions) just want something simple that works, not something loaded with useless and expensive gewgaws.

It's ironic, that understanding this is what made Apple so successful in the first place.

aaaannnnnd it's a wrap. This whole subject is over.

I still get asked how to change the time on a car's radio, so IoT'ing automobiles leaves me cold.

But if anyone could do it successfully, it would be Apple.

Comment Re:Sounds like an ad (Score 1) 314

Thanks. These ACs are a perfect example of why they are afraid to take the challenge, because they will find out the truth which is update a Mac? Everything WORKS, update Windows? Everything WORKS, update Linux? Uh ohh their OS made a stinky.

The sad truth is the last version of Windows Linux could compete with? Windows ME, as every version since could update without crapping itself. I have heard they same is true of Apple since OSX, updates just work, Linux? Has a driver model older than Win9x and the challenge just shows without any BS or trickery that Linux cannot even update itself without breaking which is honestly a worse indictment of their OS than anything I could ever say.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 385

Uhh yeah..about that? those are like the button at a stoplight, makes ya feel good but don't do shit...didn't ya get the memo? Unless you set up a hardware router with IP based blocking and block a shitload of IP addresses then everything you do is getting sent to the mothership whether you like it or not.

You didn't think you'd get anything "free" from MSFT, did you? Hell its the most expensive version of Windows EVAR as not only do you trade a legit key from a non spyware version of Windows but you ALSO give them your data for sale, so you get to double pay for that "free" OS...hell of a scam,huh?

Comment Re:Well that's great... (Score 1) 172

The problem with your hypothesis is that the opposite happened. In the 80s and up to about the mid 90s when efforts were being made to attract more women to CS the numbers were higher

That is factually wrong. Women participation in both education and the workforce peaked in the mid-80's. So no, the programs in "the 80s and up to about the mid 90s" did not work. Participation was still in decline.

And I was talking about the mid-late seventies in the first place. But you are correct in what you wrote.

Anyhow, my entire argument revolves around the idea that women are not weaker than men, and that if they want a particular job, they can go get it.

It seems that is an unpopular view.

Comment Re:Well that's great... (Score 1) 172

The problem with your hypothesis is that the opposite happened.

This is an extraordinary claim! I worked with many women at that time t and your claim that I am making a hypothesis really needs backing up. Or are you making claims against my veracity?

I'm talking about women in the 1970's who were not encouraged in any way shape or form. That is not a hypothesis. The ladies were completely the equal of any man, and no one was going to stand in their way. Dongle jokes? They'd get the joke and laugh at it.

, Let me tell you of a story that would apparently have today's young lady jump off a bridge after having her self-esteem destroyed, her passion to pursue a career snuffed out by any negativity.

Timeline, late 1970s. Our lab had a couple parties every year, funded by the proceeds from the employees benevolence. One was a Steak picnic for the men, and the other, a Christmas party for the women.

One of the young women professors wanted to go to the Steak party. This caused a bit of a stir, with the lines drawn of younger folks thinking it was just fine, and the older guys thinking it was sacrilege. My father in law - whjo also worked there - in a fit of stupidity, decided to teach her a lesson in why she shouldn't go to these things that should be for just men, and in a poker game, ended up making a huge asshole of himself with swearing and farting, and hurling abuse at her. She decided she was going to weather it, and by the time the game was finished, there were very few left on his side. The mold was broken, there were no more "men only" picnics paid for by the benevolence association. She was a hero to everyone but the diminishing olde guard.

It's an anecdote, but might just show a better approach than weakness. In a world where guys can get fired for dongle jokes, because it isn't cool, there might be a lesson in going toe to toe with your enemy and beating them with finesse.

There is an entire spectrum of people out there. We have to choose who we listen to.

I choose to listen to these ladies:

You might rather listen to Chanty Binx?

Really, you can do as you like, but in the matter of women in science, I'll listen to women in science rather than people who preach the doctrine that women are too weak to withstand any negative comment. disagreement or situation.

I choose not to give the outliers veracity. My hypothesis, such as there is one, is that women are not weak

and that a woman will go into a career that interests her, because that is what she is interested in, and if someone, male or female has a passion for something, that is what they will pursue. Passion doesn't listen to naysayers.

Comment Re: Good News (Score 1) 176

I agree with you in principle, but I think you're missing that you're not all that important to advertisers as an individual. AT&T's actions are frustrating and dangerous, but they really aren't concerned about the buying habits of habitual ad-blockers. You are collateral damage as far as the advertising goes, not a "valued consumer".

Perhaps. But when ordinary people can suddenly speed up the internet by blocking that shit, it starts to become a problem. I've noted in another post in this thread how I've sped up people's browsers by installing adblock and others. None of them are computing geniuses, they are just tired of paying for fast internet connections to be yanked back into dialup world because of loading all the ads. And being normal people, they don't mind the ads, just the inconvenience.

tl;dr version

Regular folks will put up with more for longer, but don't fool yourself thinking they will put up with everything forever.

Comment Re: Good News (Score 1) 176

Sure, YOU might react like this. But they are playing a numbers game. Many users are too stupid to even realize that would never sell vitamins.

Many are stupid, many aren't. I have a lot of computers I've installed adblock on after people complain how slow they've become. Then a hosts file. Then noscript.

While there are a lot of non-rocket surgeons out there, they are smart enough to notice when they have to wait 30 seconds or more for the ads to show up so they can scroll the page.

Ad blocking is getting more popular for just those reasons. And soon it won't be just so called smart people that have it.

I can convert a person in a minute thst they want to block ads. Doesn't take a genius to see what happens when you turn adblock on and off. Coupled with thereduction in malware on their computers, its a win-win situation.

Teh inttubez has got to stop being the electronic equivalent of walking down the boardwalk in Atlantic City, while at every step being accosted by hookers offering you bonus STD's and thugs who offer to trade your money in exchange for not shivving you. The sooner advertisers learn that, the sooner we start turning off our self defense mechanism

Comment Re:story fails to answer important questions (Score 1) 61

Is who's fault it is supposed to make some difference?

Yes of course it is! I bought an Android device and my choice created an emotional investment in the platform.

Someone steals my shit, I don't care exactly who. I just know my shit's been stolen. Must be the difference between myself and the normal person. Although I've liked Apple products best for years, I have all manner of computing tools, from my iPhone and iMac, on which I run bootcamp and W7, a sacrificial Windows 10 box, to a number of linux computers and even a ChromeOS laptop. I have even have an old touchpad that I rooted to run Android with Cyanogen.

But I avoid emotional attachments with my electronic devices, and tend to use the tool that works best. Otherwise it feels like the boys down at the corner gas arguing about Fords and Chevies.

Comment Re:Well that's great... (Score 4, Interesting) 172

Mashiki, this is getting old now. Like clockwork, you make your second standard mistake: assuming that women are not interested in tech.

Care to explain why in the past more women went into technology than do now? Or why these courses are generally quite successful at attracting girls to study them?

A pure bit of conjecture here. During the mid 70's the first group of women who were liberated frmo their traditional roles were entering the fields. I worked with many of them in a university research environment. There were indeed a number of men who had difficulty accepting them, although most of us had no issues.

Those guys who often were actually real nasty to these women? They either ignored them or the put the guys in their place. After a few years, those guys either came to respect the ladies, or simply had to retreat to let their misogyny fester in private.

Regardless, the ladies in general displayed abilities comparable to the men.

And we tended not to think a whole lot about gender - at least as applied to work.

Over the years however, the numbers of ladies there dropped off somewhat, finally settling down to today's anemic representation


Efforts to get young ladies interested in the fields were out and out failures. The polling results showed that tech fields were just about at the bottom of the career preferences. And these were the daughters of Scientists and Engineers.

In our workplace, we attempted to attract as many women and treat them as well as possible. I voluntarily gave up a number of promotions in order to free up promotion space for a woman (silly quota system)

But still the numbers shrunk.


In the end, I came to the conclusion that after an initial period of time when women were trying out different careers, they eventually as a group settled on careers they actually liked.

I do not buy the idea that the anemic reasons given that young ladies are kept out of STEM by dongle jokes or pictures of Playboy model's faces, or all of the other lame reasons given that end up painting an exceptionally offensive picture of women as incredibly weak people, who can be cowed by any criticism or anything that they don't agree with. Those first generation liberated women I worked with at the time, would have laughed at that idea.

People can disagree with me, but my observations are based on experience and trying to get young ladies interested, not some modern male pushback against third wave feminism.

Comment Re:Driver Model (Score 1) 378

Just FYI I have never posted AC in my life and have said repeatedly that AC posting should be banned since its just flinging shit, no dialog can be had with an AC.

So don't worry if I think you actually blather something noteworthy? I'll be happy to address it, but so far all I see is memes, like "Anything with a kernel counts as a desktop", "If Linux runs on a router that makes it popular", just the same dumb shit anecdotes and memes. Well i don't waste time with memes, if you wanna post that shit go to Reddit, the soon to be owner of /.

BTW if you bother reading any article here in the past 2 years? You'll see the majority of posts are ACs because the quality has gone to shit, its 4chan with advert articles, so you really shouldn't be surprised when 80% of the responses to your posts are ACs, that is the same percentage everybody gets.

Comment Re:Focus on his current skills (Score 1) 86

I was stuck doing animation using my CAD software (Creo) today and I was bitching the whole time. I wish I knew someone where I work that could do it. I'm sure it would have taken 1/10th the time and ended up much better quality.

I feel for ya! 3-D is weirdworld to begin with, and if it's not on your interest set, it's torture.

Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?