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Comment: Re:Chrome - the web browser that's added as bloatw (Score 2) 193

by hairyfeet (#49608807) Attached to: Chrome Passes 25% Market Share, IE and Firefox Slip you not remember your history AT ALL, not even a teeny tiny bit?

Alright boys and girls, time for a lesson from the greybeard society...You took IE NOT because of any bundling, because, just as was the case with many other MSFT early successes the other guy did something REALLY fucking stupid. MSFT was able to easily win the browser wars because Netscape (which for the record I bought and used) went and shot themselves square in the face by going "Ya know what? Lets just shitcan our browser that has made us all this money and do a top to bottom rewrite, fuck we don't need a 'plan B' because our shit don't stink and we are super geniuses!" which gave us Nutscrape 4, so called because it would have been less painful to scrape your nuts with a cheese grater than have to use that abortion for any length of time! It was so buggy if you saw 4 websites in a row without crashing the OS (yes not just the browser, it leaked so much memory it would BSOD the OS like it was nothing) it was a miracle, it was a fucking disaster!

So nobody had to "force IE" which just FYI IERadicator was free and would remove IE in less than 30 seconds, which was one of the things they busted MSFT for, the "you can't remove IE" bullshit, you took it because your "choices" was a free and not nearly as buggy IE, a buggy as fuck NS4 for $$, or ad ridden Opera, again unless you ponied up $$ but Opera did things in such a bizarre way that many websites (and yes this was before "works best in IE" existed) just came out all wonked, it was not fun at all in those we took IE, not because it was great, but because the alternatives were MUCH worse. Now that there is choice wadda ya know, we actually choose and no browser dominates anymore...yay!

Comment: Re:You went THAT far? (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49608537) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

Did a shock-jock eat your brain? No? Then lay off with the ridiculous over-reaction that insults the intelligence of everyone that reads it.

Let us speak of discouragement in the form of an anecdote. This is completely acceptable because the etory except for th eMen are pigs" theme is intertwined wit an anecdote of another. I got absolutely no support for any education from my parents. When I was a kid, I was really curious about things, sometimes taking working things apart. Unfortunately, this might result in a beating, because like many young children find out, disassembly is much easier than reassembly.

Fortunately, my grandfather found a way out of that dilemma, because he would send me "care packages of old radios and other stuff to take apart.

Still discouragement from home. But I knew what I wanted to be. I wanted to work in electronics and computers. They wanted me to become a priest.

At school - overt discouragement. Ever get hauled out of class for an impromptu meeting with the principle where he spends an hour trying to discourage you from taking a dual major of Academic classes and Electronic tech? "Ol - you're such a smart boy - you really do know this is a bad idea don't you? People will think you are stupid.

Yeah, at our school, the people in that field were called "Tekkers" which was synonymous with being called a retard. But I took both majors, and yeah, some folks looked at me like I was an idiot and told me as much. "Tekkers are losers." Didn't care. It was what I wanted to do.

Put myself through post secondary schooling - my parents were annoyed that my sister quit school her last semester, which was only a practicum. So they weren't going to have that happen again. They still wanted me to become a priest.

But I knew what I wanted to do, and I went out and did it. Had a very successful career, and retired at 55 on my own terms. My dual major way back in high school ironically made my value much higher at work.

I would never wish on anyone, of any gender, the amount of active and direct discouragement that I recieved until I entered the workplace. Then again, some of the reasons being given for women being discouraged are a rather weak.

You cannot possible be so stupid as to connect a complaint about porn in the classroom with a vast social conspiracy -

My my my, for a person so intelligent, you certainly can hand out the sanctimonious insults can you not? Perhaps they are the limits of your intellect?

And yet, it is so odd as to cause a moment when one needs to suspend their disbelief that you would simply ignore my comments taken from the article, and were printed here for your perusal, and completely ignore them preferring to call me some sort of "shock jock" victim. Twice even, so perhaps that is your only available speaking points.

Address the comments, explain how they contradict what I wrote. If you like, I will print them again. At least do me the dignity of that, unless you feel compelled to make more gratuitous and unltimately childish insults. Histrionics doesn't wear well on most people, you agree?

In summation, I was quite successful in spite of some pretty active and forceful antagonism both at school and at home to my choices. I did what I wanted to do, because that is what I wanted to do. If a G rated photo, or even not 100 percent positive atmosphere dissuades anyone, of any gender, of pursuing a particular career, it really wasn't the career for them.

Comment: Re:presidents age (Score 1) 66

by hairyfeet (#49608399) Attached to: Microsoft's AI Judges Age From Snapshots, With Mixed Results

Good Lord boy, even I think Hillary is a DINO that is more of a warhawk than even Dubya and will make another Dubya level of shitty when it comes to being the POTUS but even Ken Starr ruled that Foster killed himself, and that was after both the Parks Dept AND the FBI came to the same conclusion, what more do you need?

As for the POTUS looking old? Stress ages people, everybody knows that and the POTUS is a stressful job. Hell look at what old Jimmy Carter looked like when he was sworn in and compare him to the 1980 election, the man looked like he aged a decade in those 4 years.

Comment: Re:Dear Young Mr Zug (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49607105) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

I haven't bought into this bullshit. I don't think the image is the least bit profane.

I have however bought into the unequivocal fact that the image draws controversy and discussion unrelated to teaching computer science.

We all got together and came up with a new image. Or at least we thought we did. It was a single black line across a white background.

But then some of the reviewers thought, being longer than tall, it might represent a penis, further evidence of the male hegemony. keeping women out of STEM

Then we tried a black dot in the middle of a white background, and it was argued that that would reperesent men's opression of the vagina.

Then we tried a white background with nothing else. They called us racists.

Then we said "Fuck it, let's go have a beer down at the strip club."

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49607045) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

High School is not about growing up.

It's about surviving long enough to make it to college. You can grow up in college.

I'm beginning to understand a little more about you.

Yes, High school is indeed about growing up. Putting that off until college is not a good thing at all. I'll venture to say that is a person isn't mature by HS graduation, they ar eprobably never going to fully mature.

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49607027) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

TIt includes 16-year-old-boys who revel in excessive male horseplay, and have not mastered the fine art of turning it down because it's incredibly dickish. It also includes 16-year-old girls who have not mastered the fine art of dealing with excessive male horseplay/dickishness.

It is noted that you have no reference to 16 year old women being rude and nasty. Apparently they are all pure. It is also noted that you refer to the male penis when you refernce their activity. Your sexist attitude against males is duly noted.

So you figure complete separation of the sexes should help keep thes pure women from being abused by these - as you refer to them - "dickish" boys? Indeed, we need to have studies that show that in all girls schools, that an equal amount of young ladies turn to STEM careers as boys do. Sounds like a great study, as they would not be around boys, which is apparently the major factor in keeping women out of STEM - right? We'll even demand they have only Femal STEM instructors, or do we want to go for the trifecta, and not allow and male teachers at all, to avoid any male interference?

Comment: Re:Don't have to go so far (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49606945) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

Don't have to go so far - people are just complaining about the source of the material and not the content. They don't want their kids searching for stuff connected to Playboy magazine as part of their schoolwork.

Do you even seriously think that is all it is about? From the article:

"Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology probably doesn’t want you talking about how its culture marginalizes women in technology."


"At the time I was 16 and struggling to believe that I belonged in a male-dominated computer science class. I tried to tune out the boys’ sexual comments." And on and on and on.

The article goes on to say how boys are actively trying to keep the girls out of computer science, and runs the whole stereotype of men as misogynistic pigs.

They want to change the culture. True enough By pointing out how a picture of a woman that is rated G is proof that men are actively working to keep women out of STEM?

I think perhaps the goal is to change STEM into another version of the veterinarian field, where men are becoming pretty scarce.

Comment: Re:CHANGE EVERYTHING! (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49606779) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

I'm not entirely sure why it's considered terrible by the average Slashdotter to ask someone, or a group of people, to stop being an asshole.

People should choose their fights carefully. I was flabbergasted when I saw the "offensive" image. I see no naughty bits, and nothing that wouldn't rate a "G" rating.

Because if that is something that somehow proves the male dominated hegemony that has an iron grip over the STEM field, chasing off qualified women, and uncontestable proof of their terrible misogyny, all that it actually does is terribly demean the credibility of those who complain about it. Might as well try to claim that men who own red cars are sexist pigs - well for crissakes - its a red car! Do we have to explain everything for you?

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49605735) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

How about a picture of a mountain, or food? Or if it's a face recognition class, then just some random ordinary-looking people in a public setting, rather than a model?

Why - do you have a problem with attractive people? A lot of women absolutely hate attractive people. All of this is easly explained by mis-whatever beauty hatred is called.

Here is a column written by a woman that addresses just that.

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49605301) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

The computer room isn't a sausagefest because people inside try to keep women out, it's a sausagefest because it's the ghetto that people outside shove unattractive or non-conforming men into. You want to change the sausagefest stop demonizing the men in it. You can't keep screaming "sausagefest! neckbeards! fuckbois!" and act like you're not the origin of that stereotype.

Well said. Why on earth would any woman want to get into that work world? Yet we're constantly told we are the lowest of the low.

By the way, sausagefest guy or gal forgot to add that we're living in our mom's basement, and have never seen a real vagina since exiting her's.

Odd how that photo of a woman's face is offensive, but all the hatred shoveled in shitloads on us isn't offensive.

Comment: Re:Dumb stuff (Score 1) 568

by Ol Olsoc (#49605273) Attached to: My High School CS Homework Is the Centerfold

That's why it's not a problem. It wasn't chosen to be offensive.

I'll buy it wasn't chosen to be offensive. So? Someone has to want to offend you, to be offensive? They were sitting around at work, with porn magazines out in the open. Does that really not strike you in any way to be misogynistic?

Looking at porn and finding the women attractive is misogynistic? Let's run with that one. Gay guys who look at gay porn are now homophobic, as well as gay women who enjoy looking at porn pics of females.

So how it's suddenly some sort of historic baggage that you have to bring with the photo? That a very attractive woman's face and shoulder photo, which shows nothing offensive (unless you belong to a religion in which showing any part of a woman is offensive) now must have some sort of context that it cannot escape form?

So if we only showed her hat from the photo, it would likewise be sexually offensive? According to your rationale, it would be.

Christ, it's so complicated in today's modern world with misogynistic pornhats and people who like to look at things they apparently hate.

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