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Comment Re:Proposed solution is more sexist (Score 1) 325

So here's a simpler solution: If you feel too hot in an air-conditioned environment, move to the US (I won't say move to Australia because you'll make up for the heat once you step outside). If you feel too cold, move to Europe.

Hell, never thought it was that simple!

Comment Re:Peh (Score 4, Funny) 325

It seems like every other post lately has someone raving about clickbaiting and users leaving the site

That's very true, though in this case, the article is particularly stupid, or at least referring to the air temperature as "sexist".

Just don't let the Weather Channel find out about this - I can hear it now......

"As the cold front approaches, the temperatures will be dropping into the sexist region, and we're expecting it getting to patriarchy level by tomorrow morning. So bundle up ladies, the microagression index is off the charts tonight!"

Comment Re:Peh (Score 5, Insightful) 325

It's not really old data, it's just that the modern author hasn't considered the practicalities of the situation.

Offices *still* have 40 year old men (and 20 year old ones, and 50 year old ones) in them, it just happens they have a bunch of women too.

So how do we manages this so as not to be a part of the Patriarchy and it's incessant microagressions?

Do we adjust the temperature to suit the one lady in my office who likes it at 80 degrees?

Do we adjust it to another lady who likes it at 68 degrees?

Or how about the one who likes it the way it's set now? Is she a dupe of the male dominated hegemony, and a traitor to her sisters?

Even if my personal experience of a slim majority of women preferring temperatures higher than what I like, calling the temp settings sexist merely shows the lengths that people will go to when they want to feel oppressed.

I'm envisioning Big Red freaking out about a one degree too low thermostat setting, and how little girls are set up for a lifetime of subservience and disappointment when they notice the thermostat at home is set up as the patriarch demands it.

So - can you tell a persons gender by the temperature thay are most comfortable? tl;dr version. This is bullshit - non gender biased human entities happen to have different temperatures at which they are most comfortable.

Comment Re:The Firefox OS project needs to be terminated. (Score 1) 89

If the ONLY thing your product has to offer over the competition is your personal definition of "open" then YOU WILL LOSE, because nobody cares about your definition of "open" when your product is inferior in every.single.way. when compared to the other choices.

Apple has the walled garden which offers a unified user experience, Android has the app support and wide choice of devices your apps will run on, even MSFT has an advantage in the "bang for the buck" of their quite affordable offerings and the ability to integrate it into your Windows 10 desktop...what does FXOS have? It has Mozilla's definition of "open" which last I checked doesn't even jive with the GPL version of the same word...yep, not got a chance.

We have seen this time and time again, from "open" phones to "open" game consoles to "open" tablets and in every case? The results are the same, either death or usage numbers so low as to be below the margin for error. FXOS will peter out, the slow death of fading relevance and lack of support because of the simple fact that it has nothing to offer the consumer other than the Moz definition of "open".

Comment Re: Why not just forgo paid content? (Score 1) 89

If you don't want a crippled DRM stick? Then accept you are gonna need an HTPC. You can get one of the Chinese ARM boxes but I find they are rather limited on the amount of software you can run on 'em, a better choice IMHO would be to get one of the AMD Socket AM1 chips which is what I've been using at the shop. Crazy low power (average around 8w-12w according to kill-a-watt), GPU powerful enough to do 1080P with no sweat or lagging, and if you don't want to spend $$$ on an OS you can slap on OpenELEC and have a 10 foot UI OOTB.

But if all you want is the cheap stick? You are gonna have to accept they are nothing but DRM delivery medium, your only real choices are the cheapo Chinese ARM nettops (which again severely limited on apps, no OS updates make them vulnerable to hack, limited playback and media options) or go with a full blown HTPC. Considering that HDMI makes everything plug and play, the AM1 makes an APU powerful enough and ULV while being cheap easy to come by, and the sheer amount of options an HTPC gives you from serving media to your entire house by slapping a multi TB drive and having your entire media library always accessible to streaming and casual gaming makes the HTPC a no brainer IMHO. I know a lot of my HTPC customers start with the sticks then quickly get tired of the limitations and want to "trade up" to something with more options.

Try one, I bet you'll find it does all you want it to do.

Comment Re: Nope... (Score 1) 508

Bullies often try to paint the victim as being at fault, after the victim tries to defend themselves...

Playing the victim card, eh?

"It's coming right for us!!"

Obligitory South park reference. And no, I'm not anti hunting either, just anti neurotic comparisons that call shooting a drone 200 feet above you with "defending" yourself.


Comment Re:What's the deal? (Score 1) 508

If a drone comes into my yard, I will shoot it.

I'll disable it. If it's in my yard, I don't want to accidentally shoot a neighbor. They might take a second amendment solution on me.

Not out of fear, out of annoyance. I''m not afraid of it, I'm annoyed some asshat believes he has a right to fly his stupid toy into my yard.

So something annoys you, you shoot it?

The broad brush idiots like you paint everyone that owns firearms with just makes you look like the fuckheads you are.

Seriolusly you fucking asshat, You read my other posts? I own and use firearms, enjoy their use, have no intention in giving them up, and although I don't want to kill anyone, I will defend myself with the force necessary to save my ugly ass.

I will say that if a person has the temerity to say anything bad about guns, the lunatic fringe descends like botflies on a three day old racoon carcass.

Welcome kook - you're a member in good stnding of the fringe. you immediately go full throttle, which plants you right in the middle of that asshattery. You fucking gun nut kooks have reached the point of positive feedback, and make enemies out of people who should be your allies. But you parrot a line frrom which there is no allowed discussion, no statement that something might need adjusted, no disagreement allowed. ANyone who doesnt parrot the allowed conversation is immediatety cast into the enemy. Anyone who doesn't repeat the allowed mantra is a friend of the jack booted thugs your leader tells you about. Anyone who disagrees with anything you have been ordered to believe is a gun hating liberal.

Call me an idiot? Okay, the unvarnished truth is your mind is so weak, it can't form a thought not put there by your owners and handlers. You're a bigger threat to the second amendment than people like me, who actually can think about our responsobilities of owning and using firearms.

Comment Re:Nope... (Score 1) 508

You must have won something. I suspect it was a participation at the Special Olympics. Do try to keep up. It is not even a difficult topic. If you need help with big words, ask one of us or your mother to help you.

Well played sir. Gratuitous insults. Those Special Olympic kids are a lot better at being humans thant you and your fear.

I think if your arguents have come down to really really lame insults like comparing me to a bunch of less fortunate children, you got nothing. You can have the last post, because I tend not to argue with creeps. Have fun.

Comment Re:What's the deal? (Score 1) 508

Ironically, in all of your go on and on about your fear of firearms. Fear indeed. Simpleton.

You're really confused, AC I have a number of firearms. I suppose if one were pointed at me in anger, I might have fear.

More the bullet though than the firearm - unless my opponent was using teh firearm s a club.

Comment Re:What's the deal? (Score 1) 508

Having the safety disengaged is just plain foolish. You should have trained enough to drop the safety while you are drawing the weapon. Now if it is a decent firearm (like the 1911) it will also have a grip safety (something I think all pistols should have). Now if you have learned to KEEP YOUR FUCKING FINGER OFF THE TRIGGER

Definitely. The 45 is not really my choice for self protection - though it wll do in pinch.

I'm always torn between the double barrel shotgun, with one chamber loaded with buckshot, and the other with a slug, and a pump shotgun.

Unlike many, the last thing I want to do is kill someone. I figure the shot load s a way of getting the perp's attention, and the slug in the event I have to take him out if he doesn't pay proper attention to the first shot.

Then again, there is something about the pumping sound of a Winchester 870 that immediately gets someone's attention.

That being said, there's an interesting double barrel bullpup made by the Standard Manufacturing. The DP-12 - that's certain to make a perp run for the hills if he survives.

The video is rather impressive.

Comment Re:What's the deal? (Score 1) 508

Fear vs. privacy... Can't be anything else...

No, some of us not afraid, we're just ornery. I realize you think you have a right to use my property and I will happily cede that right to you but for one thing..

Tell me kook, where did I say that? I respect everyone's property rights, as well as I will defend my own.

I really have to bow out here, you are going to start making assumptions that I fucked Jane Fonda and burnt tth American flag in a satanic ritual with Bill Clinton and the Acorn people, and assist illegal mexican rapists come across the vborder to infec law abiging Americans with AIDS, and work at a job Pumping the Toxins into Jet planes in order for them to make their Contrals.

Comment Re:Another kook (Score 1) 508

That someone would rationalize murder because of a toy drone is just completely unhinged. You have arrived.

He was referring to the drone owner trespassing in person after trespassing with his drone.

Personally, I think a garden hose would be a better solution both for the drone and the guy.

Yes, your solution is better. Problem is though, these folks have more than just drone fear going on. . If for some reason I wanted to spy on sunbathing teenagers. A drone ain't the way to go.

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