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Comment: Re:intentional (Score 1) 416

by Meski (#49661999) Attached to: No, NASA Did Not Accidentally Invent Warp Drive
Irritating, I've got a time travel story I can't recall title of too, where it's a fixed rift with one end being near a wreck of a cloth mill, the other end near it where its up and working, with some weird conditions like a beggar that they throw a coin to ... If I could do a content search on my kindle, I'd find it.

Comment: Re: Not quite comparable (Score 1) 215

by Meski (#49062339) Attached to: Japan Now Has More Car Charging Points Than Gas Stations
Not ubiquitous, but I can see a charge lasting me a week. The nuisance is I'm in an apartment with basement parking: if many people do this there's going to need to be some new wiring system there so we get charged (dollars, not electrons) appropriately. Otherwise I'd buy (lease) one tomorrow.

Comment: Re:Open Auto (Score 1) 128

by Meski (#48919917) Attached to: Local Motors Looks To Disrupt the Auto Industry With 3D-Printed Car Bodies
The answer to that would be to let the 'local automakers' leave your country rather than prop them up. (like happened here, Australia) Short term pain, but probably long term gain. Carmakers like Elon Musk/Tesla with very different car making models aren't likely to oppose this.

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