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Comment Re:Trump just says stuff (Score 1) 875

And they'd need to take more to cover the losers you are going to end up covering anyway.

SS is the safest way to do this because it removes agency of idiocy (and savvy investors such as yourself) and invests in the safest investment on earth: US Tbills to ensure that you pay the least, and everyone gets the most at scale.

Comment Re:Root cause analysis (Score 1) 118

Someone once told me I would be an excellent candidate for "root cause analysis" expert at RIM/Blackberry. I never looked after that career path and I'm sure glad I didn't. Now that I have 15 years more experience, I've come to realize that must've continue to be boring job ever.

Hmm, which off the shelf answer applies to this scenario? I have like 2 to choose from.

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