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Comment: Re:That's not what happened at all (Score 4, Informative) 222

by popo (#48633979) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

Well... aside from the vitriol..

We do know the following:

1) She actually did fire all of the senior management and replace them with puppets.
2) She did hire legions of publicists to promote Marissa.
3) She did spend quite a bit on acquisitions which were questionable.
4) It's not working out so well for Yahoo.

So I'm not sure what citations you're looking for. It's not exactly hearsay.

Comment: Announcing the Yune. (Score 2) 222

by popo (#48632271) Attached to: Marissa Mayer's Reinvention of Yahoo! Stumbles

Yes, Yahoo! has officially announced their music playing device called the "Yune".

It's going to come in 7 different shades of purple, and offer an interface based on Yahoo!'s homepage design -- squeezing over 270 links onto the device's homescreen.

Yahoo's CEO, Marissa Mayer apparently designed the Yune at home herself over the weekend using purple Play-Doh, and it will be officially unveiled by her in an upcoming Vogue photoshoot -- where she will be personally modeling the device along with this year's spring collection.

Most of the underlying technology for the Yune was purchased from now-defunct Palm, Inc. in a purchase rumored to be north of $720 Billion -- approved entirely by Mayer. Mayer has refused to comment on the purchase price, but promised that the investment would yield positive results sometime after her salary review with the board of directors.

The Yune will be in stores by next Christmas and as a special promotional offer to increase sales, the Yune is expected to come bundled with an iPhone.

Comment: Whats with this hype for Skype (Score 2) 67

by mishehu (#48630073) Attached to: Ars Reviews Skype Translator
This is something we've been able to do for ages now in FreeSWITCH. I'm pretty sure that the more complex the speech input, the less accurate the system gets as human language is very difficult to decode as a machine. If this wasn't the case, we wouldn't be yelling at those IVR systems that ask us to say X to speak to Nina in corporate accounts payable and we always end up getting transferred to Milton instead...

Comment: Re:Silly me (Score 3, Insightful) 49

by popo (#48580087) Attached to: "Lax" Crossdomain Policy Puts Yahoo Mail At Risk

Nearly dead? You're talking about the most popular multimedia platform in the world. Yes, Flash sucks. I'll be the first to agree. And as much as anyone, I'd like to see HTML5 kick ass. But it's still lacking in several departments which prevent it from being widely adopted by online game developers. (Good clock / framerate control, a stellar IDE and code protection not being the least of them).

I've used several HTML5 IDE's and they blow. Coding is still fraught with browser issues and quirks. Speed is iffy at best for many important libraries. 3D transforms for example ... Don't get me started.

Relatively few developers are writing hit games in HTML5 yet. (Please note the term "relatively") Not that writing great HTML5 games can't be done. It absolutely can be done. (Save yourself the effort of cherry-picking the latest demo of what HTML5 can do. I know. I've written a few). But "potential" is not the issue. Kingdom Rush, for example is written in Flash. Not HTML5. The devs at Ironhide aren't clueless. They chose Flash for a reason, Kongregate also has Unity games and HTML5 games -- but what percent are those? Why? Because they're all dumb? No. It's because AS3 is standard across platforms, extensible and blazing fast.

HTML5 fans are absolutely on the right track (I count myself as an HTML5 fan), but IMHO most are wholly delusional about how close they are to victory, and about just how "dead" Flash really is. Slashdotters and other people "in the know" know that Flash's days are numbered. But out there in Internet-land, *hundreds of millions* of users use Flash every day. That doesn't count as "dead" by any definition. And the Flash development community is still growing,

Comment: Re:Sadly,... (Score 4, Interesting) 180

by popo (#48546855) Attached to: Uber Banned In Delhi After Taxi Driver Accused of Rape

Having spent many years living in Asia, I can tell you confidently how to solve *much* of the rape problem in India: Legalize and institutionalize prostitution.

Unlike every nation in Asia, India has a tiny sex-trade per capita. Smaller even than in the United States. Couple poverty with truly intense social mores, highly limited pre-marital sex and a defacto caste system (despite the propaganda) and you have a recipe for pent up male sexuality. The standard modern response mechanism is to demonize said sexuality and hope to preach morality and respect to a seething mass of adolescent male anger and hormones. To say this policy of condemnation has failed is an understatement. When policy fails, pursuing more of it is insane.

Prostitution is a rational free-market solution which carries many additional economic benefits besides reduced sexual violence.

Now cue scores of sexist, white-knight "do-gooders" who will say things like "sex-work endangers women" and other sexist statements that treat women like children. (If you're going to insist, show me the stats please, and then cross reference against miners, fishermen, industrial labor, law enforcement and the military).

Male sexuality is male sexuality. And in societies where it is deprived to hundreds of millions of men (for decades) until said men prove themselves worthy of marriage is an exercise in social disaster.

Comment: Re:Yeesh (Score 5, Funny) 584

by popo (#48523105) Attached to: Programmer Father Asks: What Gets Little Girls Interested In Science?

The women in the world chess league don't feel "safe" around male players. Those muscle-bound grandmasters are so prone to roid-rage and aggression these days that women need a "safe space" where they can play chess in a separate but equal arena with no patriarchy -- and one where women are guaranteed to win. ...Also, losing in chess may constitute rape in some states, so it's important to separate them.

/ more sarc

Comment: Re:Simple... (Score 2, Interesting) 376

by Octorian (#48491435) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

I ended up at a startup run by adults, actually in Silicon Valley. Contrary to the usual stereotypes, we do value experience and actually have a lot of engineers who are over 40. We have hardly anyone in a "management" role, so many of them had to make the transition from management back to actual development when coming to us. In fact, its only been very recently that we've hired any notable number of engineers who didn't already have some post-college work experience under their belt.

Of course we function by having a relatively small number of good people, rather than a large number of mediocre people, so all that experience really does benefit our environment.

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