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Comment Re:Can a Hillary supporter step up and explain? (Score 1) 634

Right now, a group of avowed Clinton haters is still trawling through Clinton's emails trying to find some case where she might have accidentally mislabeled an email or sent it to the wrong person. That's how pathetic this is.

You are ignoring the emails where HRC specifically tells her staff to remove the "classified/secret" labels from an email before resending it over an insecure fax machine. Claiming it was an accident is not believable when you admit to violating the law.

Comment It will fail (Score 3, Insightful) 474

Since they admit to not having the people to manage a system where you have to do something in return for the money, you are going to just give it away? No questions asked? And is there a system that requires you to be a resident for a minimum time before you are eligible? If not, you will attract a lot of people who want free money. That can not be sustained. You will run out of "other people's money". Either because people move away because they don't want to keep paying for a perpetual welfare machine, or because you've raised taxes to pay for it to a point that it destroys your local economy. Or a combination of the two.

Comment Re:SIgh (Score 1) 490

It's awful because the vast majority of the citizens are not much more than slaves, have no actual say in the government operations, their news is censored, and they are punished severely if they bypass the news restrictions. As for that better standard of living. Not by much. Being forced to work long hours for little pay, no days off or vacations, horrid working conditions, and little or no options to change jobs does not sound like a good thing. I'm leaving out lots of other reasons why the Chinese government is awful. Here's a suggestion, try to breath in Bejing.

Comment Re:Refresh my memory (Score 1) 127

Do I have to explain why Sony is bad? Here of all places you retarded piece of shit?

Yes, you do need to explain why Sony is bad. Sony BMG? Different company with no real association with Playstation. OtherOS? An "extra" that was never advertised and was not officially supported. So, yes, please explain you retarded piece of shit.

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