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Comment Re:Missing link... (Score 2) 141

But this does raise the issue which the "Internet money-machine" loves to ignore: That many (if not most) social networks are basically highly efficient copyright-violation engines.

The notion that posting copyrighted material falls under "personal use" is highly questionable when giant, multi-billion dollar corporations run the underlying platforms and are directly profiting from the "personal" retransmission and republication of hundreds of millions of pieces of copyrighted works,

Comment Re:So what are the terms? (Score 0) 99

I honestly don't understand this post. Welcome to the modern world, intellectual property rights are not all that abstract. There part of your development process. Spend 10 minutes doing a TESS search to make sure your name isn't infringing on copyright. Saying you "don't have time because you're too busy developing" is like saying you don't have time for security or cross-platform testing. Trademarks are a real issue that needs addressing.

Comment Re:And 4) (Score 4, Insightful) 639

Exactly this.

Earth's climate will absolutely change because it has never not been changing. That's why the whole "climate change is real" argument is so asinine. Of course it's real. The only question at all is anthropogenesis. But even without anthropogenesis, the climate is guaranteed to change adversely for humans -- because that's what Earth's climate does.

In one hundred thousand years, the climate will absolutely 100% be different -- with or without humans, industry or fossil fuels.

And the chances of Earth remaining in a human-friendly, temperate zone indefinitely are zero.

What humanity needs to come to grips with is that our planet was not designed for us. The opposite is true: We were designed for a brief, fleeting set of climatic conditions that with 100% certitude will not persist indefinitely.

Comment Different genders, different choices (Score 2, Interesting) 295

Should women be given free choice or not? One wonders exactly what the social-justice crowd had in mind.

The vast majority of women choose to study social sciences. Men don't.

Should their freedom of choice be curtailed? Should we 'force' women to study something they're not interested in? Because if such inhibition of personal freedoms is not acceptable then perhaps we should stop treating these obvious gender-aligned differences in preference as "flaws", and start treating them as "features" of our species.

The social justice crowd would of course insist that it's all "nurture" and not "nature". But how many times must this absurd belief system be obliterated with logic for it to finally disappear? --->

Comment The issue isn't worth fighting over (Score 4, Insightful) 293

One must note that the ice sheet has **ONLY** existed for 10,000 years.

It's very important to stress this point, as those who do not understand geologic time are at risk of thinking that 10,000 years is a long time.

It's a nanosecond on the geologic clock.

This is a very young icesheet. It's loss is noteworthy, but does not have significance when viewed on macro timeframes.

Comment Yeah, but I've got the killer app (Score 4, Funny) 93

I'm building an iPhone app that tells you (on your iPhone screen) what time it is on your Apple Watch.

It's a way to use your phone, so that you don't have to glance at your watch.

It's going to be awesome. Next I'm going to make a way to show you the iPhone alerts on your Apple Watch, on your iPhone.

Comment Re: A conspiracy of academics? (Score 1) 525

See? See what you just did?

You completely re-framed the debate on to terms which are easier to defend.

The debate is not over warming. It's over "man made" warming.

The earth has historically been far, far colder and far, far warmer than it is now. Even if the earth was in the middle of a major warming trend (which is questionable from the micro-second of geologic time that we have been paying attention) the issue is important because current *policy* initiatives assume man-made causality.

  *That* is what needs to be clearly established. Stop re-framing the debate around our the easy to establish truth that our climate changes. Our climate has always and forever been changing.

Comment Re:To save the internet from fake ads (Score 1) 91

Keep in mind that Google themselves promotes AdBlockPlus pretty heavily within their Chrome store, and that Google is whitelisted in ABP.

If this is indeed an ulterior motive, then it would seem to indicate that Google has become concerned about other ad blockers that fall outside their control.

Comment Facebook is the new Microsoft (Score 1) 51

I think Microsoft is a better analogy.

Like Microsoft, Facebook is monopolistic to the point that every major business decision is made with the goal of expanding and cementing exclusive control. And like Microsoft, Facebook rarely 'sells' these decisions to its users. Rarely, it seems is the question of "Why would users want this?" placed at a higher priority than "How can we achieve absolute control?"

An interesting manifestation of their "power over popularity" focus is that both Microsoft (historically) and Facebook are notably design-challenged companies, with aesthetics that seem dated and "secondary" to their self-centered mission.

Comment Wouldn't it make more sense... (Score 2) 34

To film an entire "sphere" of video simultaneously, and then have the Oculus (client) display a subset of that data depending on where the user was looking?

That system would not only involve fewer moving parts, but less movement-related lag. It would also allow multiple simultaneous users to access the vantage point.

"In the face of entropy and nothingness, you kind of have to pretend it's not there if you want to keep writing good code." -- Karl Lehenbauer