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Comment: Re:Yay for government!!! (Score 3, Insightful) 137

by popo (#46775715) Attached to: Industry-Wide Smartphone "Kill Switch" Closer To Reality

It would be foolish to think that the government "wants" this for out benefit. One thing has become abundantly clear over the past decade and that is that our government(s) want power, however illicit, and they are prepared to override personal and constitutional rights at literally every turn in order to achieve that power.

While this new power may be useful in the event of a "stolen phone" one also can't help notice that it can also be used to instantly disrupt communications between entire groups of people, for whatever reason the government should deem necessary.

Comment: Re: Yeah, that's just what the world needs (Score 1) 625

by popo (#44596625) Attached to: Aging Is a Disease; Treat It Like One

Well... Shorter lifespans does equate to faster evolution. So if one starts with the (admittedly questionable) premise that we are evolving into something better adapted to future environments then increasing our lifespan may result in humans which are less adapted to their contemporary environments.

Just sayin'. Live longer, adapt slower.

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