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Comment Re:Translationconpl (Score 1) 220

The question is, what's "modernity"?

Don't forget that Javascript has been called archaic and pronounced dead countless times as well. But it refuses to die either.

Wait until we're all supposed to re-tool for the next great scripting / multimedia platform. How many websites will cling to javascript?

Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

Stealth was always idiotic. Always. From day one, every single technologist admitted that the advantages of stealth could only ever be short-term. It was a brief technological advantage that was certain to disappear as next gen tracking systems caught up. And they have. In fact, they did some time ago.

The problem the military has is that they are operating on long production cycles when countermeasure innovation is operating on far shorter cycles. This isn't just a major financial blunder -- this is a major strategic blunder and the military hasn't yet had that truth forced upon them: But they will as soon as the F35 sees combat. Reliance on stealth is patently stupid and any student of military history knows what happens when militaries rest on last-gen technology and pretend it's still good enough.

The only path to recover from this strategic blunder is to man-up and accept losses. Accept the reality that manned air combat is already primitive, and to spend 5000% on development of unmanned air combat which can counter Russian and Chinese 5th gen aircraft. And for god sakes MIC, air-gap your fucking computers -- please. You suck at data security.

Comment Re: The oceans have radically changed before ... (Score 0) 417

B..b...but our species built trillions of dollars of condominiums on the world's beachfronts. Never mind that the climate has never not been changing. What we've got here now is a global, environmental emergency. We're going to need to tax you to make up for our inane lack of urban planning. Y'know, protecting the status quo, and all that.

Comment Re:Missing link... (Score 2) 141

But this does raise the issue which the "Internet money-machine" loves to ignore: That many (if not most) social networks are basically highly efficient copyright-violation engines.

The notion that posting copyrighted material falls under "personal use" is highly questionable when giant, multi-billion dollar corporations run the underlying platforms and are directly profiting from the "personal" retransmission and republication of hundreds of millions of pieces of copyrighted works,

Comment Re:So what are the terms? (Score 0) 99

I honestly don't understand this post. Welcome to the modern world, intellectual property rights are not all that abstract. There part of your development process. Spend 10 minutes doing a TESS search to make sure your name isn't infringing on copyright. Saying you "don't have time because you're too busy developing" is like saying you don't have time for security or cross-platform testing. Trademarks are a real issue that needs addressing.

Comment Re:And 4) (Score 4, Insightful) 639

Exactly this.

Earth's climate will absolutely change because it has never not been changing. That's why the whole "climate change is real" argument is so asinine. Of course it's real. The only question at all is anthropogenesis. But even without anthropogenesis, the climate is guaranteed to change adversely for humans -- because that's what Earth's climate does.

In one hundred thousand years, the climate will absolutely 100% be different -- with or without humans, industry or fossil fuels.

And the chances of Earth remaining in a human-friendly, temperate zone indefinitely are zero.

What humanity needs to come to grips with is that our planet was not designed for us. The opposite is true: We were designed for a brief, fleeting set of climatic conditions that with 100% certitude will not persist indefinitely.

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