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Comment: Re:she will be able to use her mom's smartphone (Score 1) 156

by Octorian (#49063939) Attached to: Bill Gates On Educating the World

And people who get nit-picky about all these gender terms in English, especially when their gender-of-choice appears favored, should be grateful that they speak a language that offers the luxury of gender-neutral words. Many other languages assign gender to everything and have no such luxury.

Comment: Re:It was the best Windows (Score 4, Insightful) 640

by Octorian (#48802565) Attached to: Microsoft Ends Mainstream Support For Windows 7

Don't kid yourself. XP was just as bad as Vista at first, but everyone forgets that. It didn't become the "Windows to stand the ultimate test of time" until XP SP2.

Windows 2000 was also one of the best versions, IMHO. It just often gets left out, because it wasn't marketed to "the average home user." (But I wish it had been, instead of that trash called ME.)

Comment: Re:Nothing wrong with Blackberries (Score 1) 252

by Octorian (#48730535) Attached to: US CTO Tries To Wean the White House Off Floppy Disks

Remember that many places are still running older devices (e.g. Bold 9900) with their old operating system (OS 7.x or below). This old OS is what everyone continues to point to and make an example of when complaining about the company and their products. Often this is done in an atmosphere of complete denial at the very existence of their newer OS and products.

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Whitehouse has not yet upgraded their devices and infrastructure from BB7 to BB10.

Some comparable jumps in the computer world would be Mac OS 9 to 10, or Windows 3.x to NT/2000. Yes, its that big a change. No, it doesn't happen quickly. In the interim, there's a lot of overlap and strong opinions that are dismissive of the newer product.

Comment: LitterRobot FTW! (Score 5, Informative) 190

by Octorian (#48656949) Attached to: An Automated Cat Litter Box With DRM

There are other options in this market, not all of which require proprietary consumables. We've been using the LitterRobot which, while more expensive (~$300), requires no further financial commitment to the manufacturer. You just need to buy normal cat litter and periodically replace a normal garbage bag in the base.

Comment: Re:Simple... (Score 2, Interesting) 376

by Octorian (#48491435) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35?

I ended up at a startup run by adults, actually in Silicon Valley. Contrary to the usual stereotypes, we do value experience and actually have a lot of engineers who are over 40. We have hardly anyone in a "management" role, so many of them had to make the transition from management back to actual development when coming to us. In fact, its only been very recently that we've hired any notable number of engineers who didn't already have some post-college work experience under their belt.

Of course we function by having a relatively small number of good people, rather than a large number of mediocre people, so all that experience really does benefit our environment.

Comment: Re:1994 (Score 1) 523

by Octorian (#48488675) Attached to: Finland Dumps Handwriting In Favor of Typing

That reminds me of some research paper I once had to do during high school. It was an involved project with multiple deliverables over the course of several weeks. Typed was fine for the final submission, but they wanted us to turn in a hand-written rough draft first.

I typed up my rough draft reasonably quickly, then spent the next several hours painstakingly transcribing it to that "hand written" form.

Comment: Re:And you get to live in Florida!!! (Score 2) 161

by Octorian (#48338893) Attached to: Florida-Based Magic Leap Builds Its Team With Bay Area Hires

A regular silicon valley salary would be an insanely good income in Florida, at least for someone in the tech industry. I left Florida to move to silicon valley, and got a very nice bump (which exceeded the living expense difference) in the process.

Of course having left Florida, I'm not sure I'd want to move back there.

Comment: Re:Not gonna make it (Score 4, Insightful) 720

I actually do really like it, for exactly that use case. Considering that the process of settling the bill at a restaurant consists of:
1. Get the server to pay attention to you, and ask for the check
2. Have them deliver the check, and (as if by policy) say "take as much time as you like" and vanish
3. Have them notice that you've put down a card, and take it
4. Have them return with the receipt, you sign, and leave.

Usually steps 3-4 are near instance. However, steps 1-3 can take way too long sometimes.
(I wish doing 2 and 3 within the same minute was possible, but that's rare.)

Comment: Re:Lacking developers. (Score 1) 189

by Octorian (#47989055) Attached to: BlackBerry Launches Square-Screened Passport Phone

The new BlackBerry 10 platform doesn't have any Java shit to get fucked up.

One of BlackBerry's biggest marketing problems with BlackBerry 10 is that they're not getting the message across that BB10 is *not* the same platform as BB7. The only thing they really have in common is the brand name associated with them.

Comment: Re:Lacking developers. (Score 1) 189

by Octorian (#47988977) Attached to: BlackBerry Launches Square-Screened Passport Phone

I still wonder what platform(s) those numbers lump into the "Java ME" bucket, since that's not really a platform as much as a category. A category that the older BlackBerry OS "technically" was compatible with, but is rarely counted as part of.
I'm also suspicious of any mobile marketshare stats, since they vary from hour to hour and always seem to support the point being made in whatever blog post or presentation they're cited in.

Comment: Re:Nothing to see here, move along... (Score 1) 135

I did feel the earthquake on the south side of San Jose, but it didn't get me out of bed. Felt like the house was shaking for a bit, but nothing got knocked over. (And yes, we have plenty of things in the house that could get knocked over quite easily.)

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