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Comment Re:Hope they do not abandon BB10 (Score 1) 61

Unfortunately, they've discontinued enough forward-looking development and laid off enough people that it would probably be very difficult to get BB10 going again. Also, their ability to have a useful Android runtime (a necessary compatibility crutch) continues to become more and more difficult as Google (necessarily) retakes control of Android from the AOSP.

Comment Re:Blackberry OS.. (Score 1) 61

BlackBerry OS basically did die when BlackBerry 10 was launched (though it was only 3 years ago).
However, they made a lot of marketing mistakes during the launch of BB10. One of these was not trying hard enough (or at all) to actually tell people that BB10 was not BBOS. As a result, many of the valid criticisms against ancient BBOS were frequently flung like poo into any discussion of modern BB10.

Comment Re:Hmpf. Probably 90% of the problems also apply . (Score 1) 349

If "Configurable via GUI" in Windows means you "add some arcane registry key via the registry editor", then *maybe*.

Yes, that case actually counts.
In Windows, you actually can do all sorts of user-unfriendly configuration-tweaking without having to open a command prompt or hand-edit a text file.
This is a big part of why Windows is far more accessible to a certain level of "power user" who isn't quite comfortable with hacking their way across configuration files, but can manage the rest of it.

I keep saying the Linux community focuses far too much on two extreme user stereotypes:
A notional "grandparent" who is afraid of any options and can use a simplistic already-configured-for-her system
The uber-geek who isn't scared of compiling their own kernel.

They keep forgetting about the notional "grandchild" who is "good with computers" but not to our level. This under-served segment is who actually acts as tech support for the notional "grandparent," and who probably makes the majority of the actual tech decisions.

Comment Re:And yet..... (Score 2) 349

The way they seem to treat those water bottles at the checkpoint, is proof positive that they didn't even consider them dangerous for a millisecond. Seriously, they just toss them in a bin next to the X-Ray machine.
Oh, and with the shoes, its also obvious they don't consider those potentially dangerous either. If they did, then why do they exempt anyone under or over certain ages from the rule?

Basically, they make the process as annoying as possible, with specific exceptions for anything that's resulted in an incident the media has made a big deal about.

I'm also not even sure what those millimeter wave scanner machines actually look for. The last time I flew, it detected something on my back that turned out to just be a patch of sweat from the backpack I was wearing.

Comment Re:Anything to disrupt Quest Diagnostics (Score 4, Insightful) 174

And yet, whenever the healthcare reform debate comes up in the US, it seems as if *both* sides of the political isle managed to *completely* ignore everything you just said when formulating their respective outrages and talking points. If only this problem was actually dealt with (and the situation would likely be illegal in any other industry), people wouldn't be so financially dependent on health insurance providers in the first place.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 398

Actually, the Tesla does not have a transmission. Its a simple reduction gear on the motors, and that's it. They did experiment with a 2-speed transmission in the early days of the Roadster, but gave up on it. Transmissions in cars are mostly do deal with the speed/torque curve of internal combustion engines, which isn't really a problem with electric motors.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 398

Only if you can recharge at least 50% in about the same amount of time as it takes to refill a car with gas.

This is one place where everyone seems to miss the point.
For every day use, as everyone has already said, you charge overnight. The car has enough range for any reasonable day trip. (To all of you who insist that you need to drive round-trip 400 miles every day, uphill to the mountains, while towing a boat... Shut the hell up and stick with your pickup truck. You are not most people.)

For road trips, you don't "wait at a charger for the car to recharge." Everyone, please stop assuming this. Its wrong. Rather, you park your car at a supercharger when making the *normal* rest stops you'd make on a road trip anyway.

Think of it this way...
With a gas car: Drive for a while, stop somewhere to use the bathroom, perhaps get something to eat, spend 5 minutes at a gas station, get back on the road.
With a Tesla: Drive for a while, stop at a supercharger (and plug in), go use the bathroom, perhaps grab something to eat, and get back on the road.
The total length of time you spend at one of these stops really isn't all that different.

Comment Re:Instead of trying to create a unique set of sym (Score 2) 264

In other words, the "eXtensible Emoji Protocol" (or XEP) that I keep joking about around the office :-)

The problem with emoji is that there are so many, but not enough to cover every possible symbol someone might want to send. As such, people see the gaps a bit too easily, and are constantly demanding "just one my symbol." (Not to mention that most people don't realize they're part of a universal standard, and not something each individual IM service decided to include/exclude.)

Eventually, you'll either wind up with an unmanageable bazillion emoji (rather than just hundreds), or there will be a backlash where we reduce to a minimum set necessary to represent all possible concepts. (Hey, isn't that called an alphabet?)

Comment Re:Key is included snap-ons (Score 2) 76

Except that I'm not sure people want to have to keep a drawer of "snap-on templates" for all their configurations. Its just yet another thing to lose, and inevitably have a hard time replacing. This will become especially true when the next product revision breaks compatibility with the older snap-ons.

Now when/if they can make the configuration software-controlled, it may have real potential. That's much harder, of course.

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