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Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 177

He doesn't have to suggest an alternative - he was just making an observation.

His argument — or the "observation" — implied a need for some force to come in and fix the "problem". Because his "observation" applies equally to our entire political system, the same argument would advocate the overthrow of our representative government. Therefore, inquiring, what he would like to replace it with is perfectly legitimate.

But if he is not prepared to dispense with the democracy — same way you aren't — maybe, he ought to keep his hands off the free market as well.

the western world has a problem with obesity, but the #1 leader is the US.

Because the US is the wealthiest and has the most food to both overeat and waste...

If one doesn't understand the market they might assume all phones are built to the same standards

Yeah, and he may also not know, how to put shoes on. Ridiculous. Phone-makers advertise their models all the time — outlining, the differences between them and the competition.

Either way, if the manufacturers aren't seeing much of a backlash over the practices, then it is not a big deal. A self-solving problem — mind your own business.

Comment Re:Wait, they shipped the private key? (Score 1) 65

you generate a new cert based on the content of the one you got and sign it with the private key

If that's, what it is, why would you permanently store the private key on the machine? You can generate a new one at will — because the browser is configured to trust your CA...

Neah, I tend to go with the Hanlon's Razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.

Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 177

these are not rational actors

That's an argument against representative government too, you know. Which alternative do you prefer?

They can't even manage their own waistline.

No one can. The problem is the sudden abundance of food in the Western World — our bodies have evolved in a completely different environment. These days we can afford to eat everyday, what would've qualified as a feast only a few generations ago.

You think they can understand a market?

One does not need to understand the market to be annoyed with a particular manufacturer. And if not enough people get annoyed over unfixable electronics, then it must not be a big enough problem. Case closed.

Comment Re:Is Windows10 a thing? (Score 1) 190

I'd have thought that all the FOSSies are already in Linux

That's fine so long as you can find a PC that is compatible with GNU/Linux and meets your other requirements. This should be easy for desktops, but for laptops, I can think of four routes, all with problems:

Buy a laptop that ships with GNU/Linux
System76's offerings are relatively expensive compared to a low-end Windows PC, and at the moment, none are smaller than the 14" Lemur. It used to be easy to find small, affordable, GNU/Linux-compatible laptops before the category was discontinued at the end of 2012.
Buy a laptop that ships with Android
Android uses the same kernel as GNU/Linux. But Android uses a drastically different userland that has the "full screen calculator" problem, and is there a good alternative to the functionality of the build-essential package of Debian?
Buy a laptop that ships with Windows, wipe Windows, and install GNU/Linux
These are warranted for compatibility with Windows, not GNU/Linux. I've found several where basic things fail on Linux, such as X205TA and T100TA.
Buy a used laptop
These aren't even warranted at all.

Comment How many people actually root? (Score 1) 87

As chihowa points out, you need root on your phone to use a hosts file. What percentage of Android users have root on their phones? As I understand it, the farthest a "typical" Android user will go is turn on the "Unknown sources" to install an APK file. But because of Android's security model, an APK file can't affect DNS resolution, despite the name, unless it's a full-on VPN client.

Comment Re:Just what I want (Something like it) (Score 1) 210

My sister's new Acer laptop came with a slew of bloatware. I want a program that will remove it all with a couple of clicks

Some Acer factory restore CDs come in two parts and if you skip the second one they don't install the bloatware. I have no idea if yours is one of those. But if you didn't make at least two copies of the factory restore image before doing anything else, fail fail

Note that I have made this mistake before and paid (literally) for it

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