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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Six

Journal by mcgrew

I woke up about quarter after seven, and Destiny was already up and had coffee started. "Hungry?" She asked.
"Yeah, I am. Did we even eat dinner last night? Did you tell the robots to start breakfast?"
"No, I wanted to try something new for breakfast and wanted to see what you wanted to eat first. You know I'm a history buff, well, I found a really old recipe in the computer called a

Comment: Re:Coal is vegetation, i.e. Trees (Score 1) 509

by AaronW (#47769691) Attached to: Climate Damage 'Irreversible' According Leaked Climate Report

There also was a long period of time where fungus and bacteria were unable to digest lignin so dead plant material would just accumulate. This is what formed most of our coal. Only later were fungus and bacteria able to evolve mechanisms to break down and use the lignin.

While it is possible to sequester plant based carbon, it would require heating it to charcoal and burying it in order to prevent it from being recycled back into the atmosphere.


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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Five

Journal by mcgrew

We both woke up around seven, still cuddled up on the couch. We'd been asleep for fifteen hours on that thing. We cuddled a little while more, then Destiny started coffee while I took care of the ship's air and corrected the course, since I was sleeping when the generator came back online.
We took another shower together after drinking a little coffee and she told the cook to make pancakes and sausage, and we watche

Comment: Re:Seriously, we're not rapists.... (Score 0) 584

by crypticedge (#47750033) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

Oh to have mod points right about now. This is exactly right. I know a lot of the MRA anti women sociopaths don't want to hear it, but it remains true that there are some savage men out there and sometimes they act on that savagery. People thinking this is an attack on men are the exact same men who use date rape drugs to get a girl to bed.

I was dating a woman who got hit with a date rape drug right around 2 years into our relationship. We would frequently go out drinking then go to a hotel and sleep/fuck it off. One night we were on our typical drink and fuck nights at a local bar and some guy was chatting her up when I went to the restroom. She was only on her second drink and she didn't catch it. Thankfully he left after I came back but she didn't catch that he slipped her something, and neither of us noticed until after the second drink was gone. We got her back to the room safe but never went back to that bar again.

Comment: Somewhat prepared (Score 3, Interesting) 191

by AaronW (#47743585) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Prepared Are You For an Earthquake?

All of my bookshelves are strapped to the wall. My hot water heater has three straps (only 2 are required). Emergency rations are available plus I have my camping equipment and propane for my stove. Next to my bed I have an emergency radio that charges via USB, solar or a hand crank. I'm not terribly concerned about water though I keep several gallons of bottled water. I have a water purification system for camping but the main water supply is literally two blocks away from me though it's on the other side of the Hayward Fault. They just retrofitted the water pipes crossing the fault a few months ago right near my house. In an emergency there's always 50 gallons in my hot water tank. I also have a wrench handy for turning off the water and gas. I'm more worried about gas, especially given that we're supplied by PG&E. It took many years of complaining by my parents until they fixed a rather sizeable gas leak under their property. The only thing I'm missing is a generator.

I imagine I'll have a lot of stuff falling off of my shelves making a huge mess.

My house is only a few hundred feet from the Hayward fault. The fault goes right through one of the nearby apartment buildings. Many years ago the developers would conveniently relocate the fault to suit them. Our old city hall which was built on stilts was built on top of a mound that was pushed up between two traces of the Hayward Fault.

My house is bolted to its foundation and is only a single story so it will probably be OK though I might have some damage from my chimney. I also have earthquake insurance though it's quite expensive (around $4K/year).

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Four

Journal by mcgrew

I pulled out my fone and called the fleet commander who I was amazingly boss of and told him about our little power problem, then asked the computer what the robots were doing about repairs. Or tried to, anyway.
"Computer, what is the, uh... status of..." and the God damned machine interrupted me, of course. Who programs this junk anyway?
"All cargo unconscious except specimen in com

Comment: Re:Feh (Score 1) 10

by mcgrew (#47729669) Attached to: Funny? Racist, dishonest hypocrisy.

It IS about race, you stupid fucking racist. Brown wasn't a thug, he had never been in trouble with the law and was enrolled in college to learn engineering.

The protests started peaceful, and only turned into rioting when the idiotic, racist Ferguson police acted like the racist morons they are.

People (and I use that word grudgingly) like you are the problem. I'm a white man who grew up in the St Louis area, and can tell you from experience that Missouri is indeed the most racist state in the union.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Three

Journal by mcgrew

"Hold on, Destiny," Tammy said, "we're still in trouble."
I got it. Finally, even being so tired that my brain wasn't working right. God, what a dumbass I was! I really needed some sleep, but I wasn't going to get any for a while. "Computer, lock all doors," I said. "She's right, Destiny, We're in trouble. I finally get it. She left them short of drops and told them the pirates stole them. They're not even human a

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty Two

Journal by mcgrew

Me and Bill hauled ass out of there towards Mars as fast as his crippled boat would take him. I did another inspection because first, I hadn't done a full inspection yet that day, second because I'd pushed her pretty hard, and third because I sure didn’t need any new surprises. We were at a third gravity because of Bill, and he was having a hard time keeping up. A third gravity? On batteries? I need to have him teach me some of that nerd

Comment: Re:Meh. the time limit is still there (Score 1) 174

by AaronW (#47685485) Attached to: Tesla Removes Mileage Limits On Drive Unit Warranty Program

The superchargers are not subsidized in any way by taxes. The cost of the electricity used is factored in to the price of the car itself for the 85KWh battery or is a $2000 option for the 60KWh battery car. The actual cost of the electricity is not much. If Tesla is paying $0.10/KWh then a full charge is $8.50. $2000 would cover a lot of charges. Since most charging is done at home overnight it ends up not costing Tesla much money at all. As they build out their solar the cost of the electricity drops even further. Tesla also paid back, with interest, their government loan. The $80K cars are being used to fund their development of $30K cars.

Tesla has agreements with the property owners for installing their superchargers in their parking lots and it's often in the property owner's interest since that means that someone with an expensive car will be stopping by there for half an hour or so to charge and will likely want to use the amenities in the area. Public funds are not used in any way.

Comment: Re:Meh. the time limit is still there (Score 1) 174

by AaronW (#47685453) Attached to: Tesla Removes Mileage Limits On Drive Unit Warranty Program

Currently there are far more superchargers than hydrogen filling stations and they are expanding very rapidly. On top of that, there are tens of thousands of public charging stations at shopping centers, parking garages and elsewhere. Electricity is everywhere. A supercharger is estimated to cost under $200K. A hydrogen filling station cost a minimum of between 2 to 4 million to build and the cost of hydrogen will never be competitive with gasoline, especially if made from cracking water water.

The cost of a battery swapping station is still far less than the cost of a hydrogen filling station. Most of the time the only thing that is needed for the battery swap is electricity and periodic restocking of batteries, which may not be all that often since the cost of swapping includes swapping again for your original battery. For one thing, the hydrogen filling station will need to be manned when it's open for safety, the battery swap does not need that since it is fully automated. Second of all, the cost of a hydrogen filling station will be far higher. If hydrogen is not made on site then a LOT of trucks will be needed to transport the hydrogen since a truck can typically only carry enough hydrogen to fill around 200 vehicles due to the heavy high pressure tanks involved. Regular pipelines cannot transport hydrogen due to embrittlement and leaks. High pressure pumps are also required. The equipment to make hydrogen on-site is also very expensive, and if it is made from water then a tremendous amount of electricity is required. Most likely it would be made from natural gas through steam reforming which also releases CO2. It takes several times as much electricity to make hydrogen to power a single hydrogen fuel cell car as it does to power an EV. In fact, 20% of hydrogen's energy content is used just to compress it.

Furthermore, you will need far more filling stations since EVs typically do most of their charging at home. With hydrogen this is not really possible. The only time I need to use a supercharger is during long trips. I have no need for most of my driving which is within the range of the battery. I spend 5 seconds plugging in at night and 5 seconds unplugging in the morning. Superchargers are typically needed along long distance routes, not in every town like gas stations or hydrogen filling stations.

Comment: Sad. (Score 1) 14

by mcgrew (#47684267) Attached to: ONION: Tips For Being An Unarmed Black Teen

Three anonymous racists trolls in one JE. Brown probably had a slashdot account, the kid was a nerd. He'd just graduated high school and was enrolled in college to study engineering. He'd never been in any trouble with the police, and those who knew him said he was a peaceful young man with a good sense of humor.

Now heartless racists, like the Ferguson police chief, are trying to demonize him.

This hits close to home for me, I have family and friends in the St Louis area and grew up in Cahokia. And yes, there are a lot of racists there. Idiots, if you ask me. The Ferguson government was the stupidest of all, they were begging for riots and still are.

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Journal: Mars, Ho! Chapter Forty One

Journal by mcgrew

I had the computer wake me up at six so I'd be ready for the pirates. Of course, when the alarm went off I thought "damned whores" until I looked and was reminded that I'd set the alarm myself. I started coffee, took my shower, and ate a quick breakfast. Huh? Steak, egg, and cheese wrap. A small one.
Then I went downstairs to do a quick inspection of the engines and generators. Thankfully, nothing was broken o

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