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Comment Re:Windows 8 and metered Internet connections (Score 1) 344 344

Then you should let Windows know that a particular SSID is "a low connectivity area

Having to jump through hoops to try to trick the OS into not running updates when you dont want them to run is asinine. The OS should simply allow you to disable automatic updates. It can even be an opt out thing, but the option should be there. Taking control away from the owners of the hardware is garaunteed to piss off said owners, and at the end of the day, they have the ultimate veto power...

Comment Re:Really? (Score 3, Insightful) 344 344

How many bugs did you actually find? How many did you report? That part is not so "fun".

Which is exactly why Microsofts million-person testing scheme did them almost exactly no good. Most of their "testers" played with it until it failed and then silently stopped using it, giving MS no value at all for the exercise. Worse, it may have given them a false sense of security. They desperately need people with obscure hardware to test the new OS, but this is the last kind of system that anyone is likely to use to test a new OS from Microsoft unless they are explicitly being paid to do so.

Comment Re:Only in a VM (Score 1) 255 255

What I already would like to know is how to XP-ify Win10 ?

I have found that many games I used to run under XP and before, no longer function at all under 7,8,8.1,... The only recourse I had for many of them is wine under ubuntu. I expect this may be your best bet for continued happiness with your old software. Failing that, you might have to give up the old software altogether.

Comment Scarcity (Score 4, Insightful) 503 503

Post scarcity is a fictitious concept. The wants, needs and desires of the human race will expand to use up all available resources until scarcity is achieved. There will always be some material wealth that will be scarce relative to demand. This will be the limiting factor on human expansion. When the scarce resources are necessary to our survival, then people die off and growth is limited. When the scarce resources are not necessary to survival, then the poverty level rises. Simple as that.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 249 249

Going with Windows Phone turned out to be a bad choice, but the other choices they could have gone with may have also turned out to be bad.

True, but the other choices didn't come with a small army of bloggers, analysts and pimply faced teenagers all telling Nokia that the other choices were doomed to failure. There are lots of examples of brilliant thinkers going against the conventional wisdom and being successful, but there are orders of magnitude more examples of that same process ending in failure.

Comment Re:Good for greece (Score 1) 1307 1307

The profligate wastes of government are nothing new, but - especially in the US - citizens in general seem to feel almost completely disenfranchised. They can vote, but almost every single conversation I see indicates that they feel that their vote is worthless and that it won't change anything.

They are absolutely right, their vote doesn't matter The reality that has to be faced it that democracy has been owned as wholly as socialism was. It just took the powerful a little longer to rig the system is all. I forget who originally stated: "You may cast as many votes as you like as long as I get to choose the candidates". The candidates in *every* democracy are effectively chosen by the wealthy and powerful. They can guarantee that only candidates that support their policies ever get enough money to reach a larger audience than the candidates living room. As long as there exists the possibility of money in politics, there exists the ability of the rich and powerful gaming the system to perform their bidding.

Greece is a prime example of this process taken to its logical conclusion. The rich and powerful have stolen 300 Billion Euros from the greek people, and there is no easy way to even figure out who took the money, never mind getting any of it back. To be certain the Greek people deserve a little of the blame, as they voted for those in power, but to even suggest that the other parties would have been any different in the ways that matter is flying in the face of reason. After all, even a fringe party like Syriza has not lifted a finger to address the corruption and graft that is at the root of the Greek problem. At the end of the day, *ALL* of the candidates support the status quo of robbing the Greek treasury. If they didn't, they would never have accumulated enough money for you to have ever heard of them.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307 1307

You *must* be taking the piss, right? You can't honestly be saying with a straight face that the Syriza government, which has been in power for all of six months, was responsible for the wholesale destruction of the Greek economy, can you?

No, I am saying that the Greek People, who have consistently elected bad governments, most recently with Syriza, are responsible for the failure. They have consistently made bad choices, and its time for them to reap the consequences of those bad judgements. To do anything else simply absolves the Greek people of the responsibilities that comes with Democracy, and would encourage future problems in every other democracy on earth. Greece cannot be allowed to come out of this without an extreme amount of pain for the same reasons that a government can never be seen to negotiate with terrorists. The moment you ignore that rule, you're up to your ass in terrorists...

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 1307 1307

We, as humans, will have a moral obligation to do something about what will happen to the people of Greece.

Our moral responsibility to Greece ended the moment they voted No on the referendum. They collectively stated in no uncertain terms, they don’t want anyone’s help.

Comment Re: Internet without evangelicals = Win (Score 2) 293 293

Not really. Excluding someone from a restaurant they go by every day because of that person's race is a significant inconvenience for that person, yet serving black people isn't against anyone's reasonable interpretation of religious commandments. On the other hand, a baker who refuses to make a cake especially for a gay marriage causes a once-in-a-lifetime minor inconvenience for two people, yet participating in a gay wedding ceremony is very much against many people's reasonable interpretation of religious commandments.

The problem is that bigotry is enshrined in the religious belief. If ever there was an indication that religion is evil, that's it. A persons religious belief does not entitle them to engage in discrimination as part of their interactions with the world. Those that believe this to be acceptable behaviour need to be corrected. Failure to do so leads to two mutually incompatible religions squaring off and killing millions (That should sound familiar). One of the most fundamental tenets of many religions is exclusion and persecution. This is not always a direct facet of the religion itself, but is a fundamental aspect of human nature, and so many religious leaders use it to keep their flocks in line. The necessary consequence of this is bigotry, exclusion and ultimately war. Religion, as practiced, by the majority of the worlds population is an unconscionable excuse to exclude and discriminate, and should not be tolerated. I don’t give a damn what is written in any book or preached in any school, it doesn't give anyone the authority to deny me my rights.

Comment Re:Citizen of Belgium here (Score 5, Informative) 1307 1307

Central banks are not funded by taxpayers. The IMF for example was funded by the US in a budget-neutral manner, as an exchange of assets. Translation: the IMF's money is created out of thin air. That the IMF won't give Greece any of their created money is shameful, sociopathic, criminal, and utterly unnecessary.

That is just plain asinine. Money doesn't come from nothing. Even wall street isn't that far out of touch with reality. If there is value there, it came from something. Consequently it is funded by something. Even if the money was printed and then given to the IMF, the moment the money was printed, the value it has came from devaluing all of the other money in circulation. In the case of the IMF, it is funded by the countries that are its members

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