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Comment Re:Time's arrow (Score 2, Informative) 462

You are not going to hold the attention of a ninth grader with tech that they will never see in use outside your classroom.

Then this person should not work in IT.
And won't need the training the OP is talking about.

If they don't work in IT, they only need to learn how to use a mouse and keyboard.

Comment Re: Barking Dog (Score 3, Interesting) 825

Came to say this ---^

Lived in Miami and had many things stolen from my fenced in yard and many "false alarms" on my alarm system whenever I was out of the house after dark.

Got 2 puppies from the local animal shelter and voila, problems stopped...

Barking PUPPIES stopped it all...And when they got bigger and their barks were deeper, it was just a bonus that kept solicitors away as well...

Now, they're both 15 years old and sleep all the time and they deserve it.

Be a mensch. Rescue a puppy and save yourself a lot of hassle and get a buddy to hang out with as well...

One of the best decisions I ever made.

Comment Actually, you don't want another computer geek... (Score 1) 1354

IMHO, don't chase only COMPUTER geek chicks...

I was married to a total babe who was not a geek, but turned out to be not a fantastic match in the long run
  and another who was not a babe, but was a wonderful person and a Fabric/Knitting geek. We were together for 7 years until she unfortunately fell to Colon cancer last year...

Learn some real world social skills...Wash your clothes once in awhile...Read a non-computer, non-sci-fi book now and then...

Oh, and stop using "meatspace" to describe the real world...It sounds condescending and stupid.

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. -- F. Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month"