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Comment Re:Netflix is a transition light bulb (Score 1) 282

My typical incandescent bulbs last 5 or more years. I have several in my house that have gone over a decade (of regular use) without being replaced.
I don't use tube fluorescents at home. Fuck that noise and fuck that color and fuck that flicker.
My typical CFL bulbs lasted 6-18 months. Terrible flicker, color, and response time. These are pretty much the worst thing ever.
I haven't had LED bulbs die out yet, but it'll be a decade or more before they win on total cost, assuming 0% on that initial savings. The color is better than CFL, but absolutely not as good as a decent incandescent. And I've used everything from no-name crap to Cree, Hue, and Hue Lux.

All that is ignoring the limitations of LED bulbs with regards to the housings you can put them in without baking them to death, the lack of traditional dimming controls, and the materials / disposal issue.

Comment billionaire is a hard set of shoes to fill (Score 1) 797

No, he doesn't. When you are a billionaire, you are not free to do whatever you want to. You cannot travel freely, you need an armed security detail EVERYWHERE you go. You need to live in a secured house/building/whatever. You are very limited in who you can meet and hang out with as most people will freak out and start acting differently when they find out who you are. Your prospects for love and dating are very limited unless you just want a gold digging trophy wife.

Also, there is a real question about your life motivation, when you are a coder with a lot of money. Presumably, he enjoys coding, but why would he do it now that he can hire 100 better coders to do anything he can think of? It makes it hard to want to get out of bed in the morning when you simply don't have any reason to.

Notch, if you are listening, figure out what give you joy in life, and then use the money you have to create and influence things in a good direction. Also, go talk to Bill and Warren about joining their charity or found your own to do some real good for people who have nothing. There are a lot of them in the world.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 0) 122

Uh, a dumb switch on a single IP won't work for shit in that scenario.
What fucking IP will your modem give you?
What fucking IP will things on the switch get?
What fucking IP will things on the router connected to the switch get?
How will traffic to and from these IPs be routed outside of your network?

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