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How can you tell when you receive a lot of death threats whether any of them are credible? Some people are very angry about what she has been saying, probably most of them don't think it would be a god idea to kill her, but in this case most is the operative word, especially when the people giving them know where you live....

The fact that you're receiving a lot of death threats tells you that none of them are credible.
When you receive one death threat, it's worth looking into. The police will investigate, offer protection, and determine if it's credible.

Also, if you're getting death threats over the internet in response to some stupid shit you said, then it's not a credible death threat.

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by sexconker (#47786065) Attached to: Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court

Only you normally don't need to be online, as Steam has an offline mode?

Steam's offline mode does not work. It has never worked. It will never work.
The entire premise is fucking retarded - you have to be ONLINE in order to enable OFFLINE MODE. You have to KNOW that you're going to go offline in advance,
If you're not in offline mode and you have no internet connection and you launch Steam, it will simply fail to connect and you can't do anything with the Steam client.

If you are in offline mode and you do have an internet connection Steam will revert to online mode when it feels like it and start to do all the things you don't want it to do. And if a game has an update available, Steam will refuse to let you launch the game while in offline mode. Steam can learn of updates while in offline mode if you do have an internet connection, and lock you out of games.

If you are in offline mode it's just a matter of time before Steam decides you need to reauthenticate. Time, connection to a network (with or without internet connectivity), fucking connected bluetooth devices, etc. can all trip Steam's alarms and cause it to shut you out of your games until you reauthenticate.

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by TiggertheMad (#47778893) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?
Don't over think this, the question is fishing for cool games that are worth investigating further. Just drops some names for people to go look up.

As a kid, had played all the good video / rpg games, and could talk about them in depth with others. Nowadays, I don't think I could even name all the game genres...

Comment: HEY LOOK, I FOUND AN ASSHOLE ON THE INTERNET! (Score 1, Insightful) 1146

I have yet to hear a SINGLE rational objection to her critique of video game genres. Lets's play a game, called 'spot the hate-mongering'. Which is it:

1) "Women are often portrayed as helpless and passive in common video game tropes."

2) "Jews are filthy money grubbers, who are out to take over the world."

Now, one of theses statements is ignorant, racist hate-mongering. The other is a neutral observation of a fact. I don't expect you to correctly identify the one that is actual hate-mongering because of your prior posting, but for the sake of the game, give it a try.

Calling what she is saying 'hate-mongering', illustrates that you are TOO FUCKING STUPID TO BE ALLOWED TO SPEAK EVER AGAIN. So, please for the general quality of life on the planet earth, run your balls through a meat grinder and french kiss a wood chipper.

Comment: I AM MAD, MALE, AND I HAVE A COMPUTER, GRRRRR! (Score 2, Insightful) 1146

But when some teenage boy is acidic towards women, it's "Damn, gamer culture is to blame, and we need to re-engineer the thoughts and feelings of gamers everywhere, using social bullying."

Well that's the problem, if it only were just A boy you would be correct. There is widespread racism, homophobia, and misogynous behavior in the gaming community, and yeah, there needs to be a change.

Comment: Stupid is as stupid does (Score 4, Interesting) 1146

Overall, it's a fairly safe group to criticize.

I'm sure the FBI agent that is right now being assigned to investigate the death threats she received will agree with you completely.

My hobby does not hate women; The vast majority of people who play video games do not hate women. Please, Sarkeesian's of the world, turn your attentions to the people who do.

The vast majority of gamer's don't hate women, but they do love escaping into their power fantasies, where they are tough, strong and desirable and where females (you know, the other 50% of the planet) are treated as objects and she has called you out for it. If this isn't the absolute stark truth, then why is it even a story? There are plenty of nut jobs on the Internet that are ignored by everyone because they are crazy and nobody cares what they say. The fact that she is getting all this negative attention from misogynistic bullies shows just how utterly correct she is. She is telling the truth and that scares people.

If gaming is so squeaky clean and there isn't any truth in what she has to say, why wouldn't you welcome shining a bright light on the industry and behavior of gamers? She is 100% correct in all her analysis, and I'll even go farther and say what she hasn't said, that the hobby is crawling with shit bag women haters who can only have some self-esteem because they are bullying others.

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There are a number of titles on NES that I can think of such as Empire Strikes Back which only look correct on CRT or anything that does proper NTSC color artifact emulation. (and actually sonic games on genesis too!) I've written a game editor for Apple // graphics which uses NTSC artifacts as part of the editing experience -- and also part of the image dithering/conversion algorithms -- and believe me: It makes a huge difference when you are designing graphics with a 6-color palette where you actually get an extra handful of extra "fringe" colors when using some combinations. If you are still unsure, use an emulator with NTSC emulation (Blargg's is great) and then switch over to plain RGB. There is a huge difference.

Also, a final note on this (Caveat: I am an emulation author and this information is in a very well written wikipedia article on Y'UV if you want to fact check me...) You will NOT EVER get the same colors from RGB than you get from a CRT. The color spaces are different. Emulators can simulate (and in some cases very well) what an analog display does, but it only goes so far. In the NTSC-to-RGB conversion process you wind up having to transform from one color system (Y'UV) to another (RGB) using some rather simple math but then you also have to alias the results to fit the values (which are often outside the 0-255 range). There are colors in the Y'UV spectrum (I'm talking about the Apple colors but there are some on Atari and NES too) that are so saturated that they look completely neon, and those colors actually don't exist in the RGB spectrum at all so you wind up with a rather muted look compared to the real thing.

A scan doubler is okay I suppose for this, but really if you want it to look old school nothing beats the real warm glow of a CRT. If you want to play retro games on an RGB screen, just use an emulator. They're cheaper, and if done correctly you're lucky to ever really notice a difference. :-) I think that you can take a Raspberry Pi and make a dedicated emulator solution for 20% the cost of this scan doubler solution and be just as happy if not happier.

You can't say YUV has colors that RGB doesn't and expect that to apply to reality. You have to compare the actual output of a CRT to the actual output of something displaying an RGB signal. Monitors and TVs have such wildly different physical mappings for given color spaces that you simply can't make such a blanket statement.

Comment: Packet Jam Ahead, Use Alternate Route.... (Score 4, Funny) 256

by TiggertheMad (#47769623) Attached to: DoT Proposes Mandating Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications
I'm sure that the intent is to allow vehicles to pass around packets of info about heading and velocity. I immediately thought about proposing adding a packet type to the specification that contained the message: "Get off the road, asshole!".

in retrospect, it is probably for the best that I am not a DoT engineer....

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You joke, but two(ish) decades ago we had an ISP tell my father that their "Unlimited Internet" referred to unlimited access (eg: 24/7/365) and not unlimited bandwidth. When he asked what the monthly data allowance was, he was told that there wasn't one... but it wasn't unlimited. It was just that our household was using more bandwidth than usual (entirely my fault, being a tech-crazed teenager at the time) and it would be really nice if we would cut that out - for the good of the network. So my father explained that he had a better solution for the good of the network, and canceled our cable TV and internet on the spot. We signed up with their competition (who assured my father that their unlimited internet really was unlimited) the next day.

Of course, now no one in my area offers an unlimited bandwidth internet package for anything shy of $130/mo.

Comment: Skynet off switch. (Score 1) 501

by TiggertheMad (#47759179) Attached to: California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels
It will have to be more of a kills switch than a break pedal...I would think that you would want a braking system installed in the car that if the CPU signals were ever interrupted, it would automatically engage an manual break system. The 'break pedal' would then be a kill switch that turned off the computer controls, and activated hazard lights. This would give you an out in case the car CPU failed for any reason, or the passengers panic.

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by sexconker (#47724137) Attached to: At Home with Tim O'Reilly (Videos 5 and 6 of 6)

Nope, just blank empty space as usual.

That's actually better than what I'm getting (two working videos). Dear Shitdot - stop trying to GENERATE news. You're a fucking aggregator, nothing more. The people who are still on this site are:

A: Too cynical (for good reason) to trust anything originating from the usual circus of Shitdot admins who post manufactured crap at the behest of your Dice masters,
B: Too smart to fall for the bullshit, soft news, and non news.
C: Both A and B.

Normally I'd use this space to troll and shit on the subject for no reason (O'Reilly in this case, whom I have nothing against but would otherwise not hesitate to troll), but in this case I'd rather let my pertinent point stand on its own: Shitdot needs to stop trying to make its own content, from "Ask Shitdot" "articles", to these video "articles", to that hilariously bad "ask me anything" ripoff a few weeks back. This site will never be profitable in the way you want it to be, so please stop trying. By the way - how much money was wasted on the beta revamp?

And if you think I'm trolling now, please note that I did not troll (or post at all) in other of the other "articles" in this series. Anyone who legitimately cares about this content (ha!) or is sufficiently bored to read/watch it will only see my ravings on the matter once. I'm crass, vulgar, and rude, but I'm not trolling. Shitdot needs to stop gaming their own system and just let users submit and frontpage stories as intended. The backdoor moderation, censorship, and promotion/demotion of articles to/from the front page isn't just annoying and dishonest, it delegitimizes the site as a whole.

How many hardware guys does it take to change a light bulb? "Well the diagnostics say it's fine buddy, so it's a software problem."