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Comment: Re:Morse Code (Score 1) 142

Pressing a key is faster than pressing nothing. Sorta like when people set their double click time to large values so its not accidental, and then wonder why it takes over a second to recognize a single click. A button saying done is better than waiting.

Doing nothing is always faster than doing something, unless you've discovered tachyons and enjoy breaking causality.
There is no "word break" in morse code. The proposed button would do NOTHING but insert a delay of nothing. That's how morse code works.
A "word break" key would ONLY be "useful" if you were entering morse code into a non-live system to be sent later. If you have this luxury, why not use a regular keyboard and have the system translate the keys into morse? because the system is already translating the fucking "word break" key into morse.

Comment: Oh Fuck Off (Score -1, Flamebait) 91

So: how would you go about making a Chromebook-like laptop? Yes, I could just install any Linux distro, and then restrain myself from installing most apps other than a browser and a few utilities, but that's not quite the same; ChromeOS is nicely polished, and very pared down;

It's not the same, it's better.

it also seems to do well with low-memory systems (lots of the current models have just 2GB, which brings many Linux distros to a disk-swapping crawl), and starts up nicely quick.

Oh fuck off. I'm no Linux fanoboi, but I dare you to list the distros (and installed packages) that you based your "disk-swapping crawl" on.

Starting up quickly has a lot more to do with the BIOS/UEFI/firmware than the OS, especially on solid state media. Further, how is startup time a comparison point when you previously stated you only "might" include some "cheap" SSDs? And if you do intend to shell out some money, why would you not also consider upgrading the RAM?

It seems like you know the answer - use stripped down Linux and do whatever the fuck you want - but you just wanted an excuse to jerk off about ChromeOS.

Comment: Re:Battery life non-issue (Score -1, Troll) 111

The RDF is just that strong. Morons will spout shit like "18 hours? Apple's just being conservative because of the trolls! MY watch lasts a week straight with heavy usage." while their battery is empty after only 12 hours. These customers are zealous cultists.

Comment: Re:Capitalism does not create freedom (Score 2) 48

In the 80's and 90's there was a common wisdom that introducing capitalism into a country would create liberty and democracy. But China is proof that it does not work that way. Other data are Imperial Rome (Eastern and Western branches as well), Nazi Germany, Imperial China, The British Empire, Fascist Italy, and the Ottoman Empire. All of them had market economies at times in some cases very wealthy and vibrant. But none of them could be considered democracies either due to central autocratic rule, or through restriction in franchise based on wealth e.g. land ownership) or gender.

You forgot the biggest example of all - the US of A.

Comment: Re:Just Like the "Liberal Media" (Score -1, Flamebait) 345

They think they're so smart because they studied climate systems for years, can make a model of the entire Earth's climate system, and can compare its predictions against past and current data points.

And anyone with a brain thinks they're so fucking retarded because their models are shit and their predictions are wrong and their data collection methodologies are a fucking joke.

Comment: Re:i don't understand the premise of the post (Score 1) 251

No he fucking isn't, shitwipe. ALL speech is protected. Fucking all of it.
IF your speech has DIRECT consequences you can be held liable for those consequences. You can NEVER be legally punished for the content of your speech, nor can you be legally prevented from saying whatever the hell you want.

Comment: Re:Poster sounds sympathetic, but sounds like thre (Score 1) 251

am I going to be arrested for saying that? No.

If my family was hunted down and raped 8 years ago, and you write a note saying "AC's family is going to get raped again on the 8th anniversary of their first rape," then yes, you might be communicating a threat and thus subject to arrest.

You see, we rely on courts to make these findings of fact - and unless they arrest and try the person who made the statement to determine whether or not it was a credible and legitimate threat, then we'll never *know* if it was indeed a threat or a joke.

Seriously - do you even due process? He posted a threatening message; authorities felt it was threatening enough to ask police to look into it; they found out who posted it, and are now they've arrested him, are charging him with what they believe was a crime, and his trial will determine whether or not he's in violation of the law. This is "the world functioning as it ought to."

It's not a threat if there is no method or means behind it. If it had been a threat they would have found evidence of his planned attack.
There's a reason he was arrested for some 1st-amendment fucking bullshit about "harassment" and not an actual crime.

"Oh what wouldn't I give to be spat at in the face..." -- a prisoner in "Life of Brian"