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Comment: Re:There is one major entity - Apple (Score 1) 99

by SuperKendall (#49144677) Attached to: Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them

And Siri only does offline voice recognition and never send sound clips to the Apple for data mining?

"It's not exactly true of all data"

I said that explicitly thinking of Siri. They absolutely send that raw voice data to Siri but in theory the server could only be doing processing, to convert the speech to text and then return you a result.

The question is what is remember from that transaction. Do they use that data to improve further conversions? I would image so. But what I DON'T think Apple does is remember that you personally asked Siri to look for Ice Cream stores at 7pm. All the processing being done on the server though, there's no way to say for sure, except to say that Apple does not benefit from keeping data like that since they don't sell it to anyone or use it themselves .

HealthKit is much more sure - all of the data is from local sensors, locally stored. You don't HAVE to back up anything to iCloud and I'm not even sure it does get backed up there anyway (in fact the more I think about it the more I am pretty sure that does not happen). You can easily monitor, if you wish, what data leaves your device for a while to be sure it's not transmitting anything.

Comment: Re:GNUradio? (Score 1) 129

Test equipment is allowed to transmit and receive on those frequencies. If it looks like a radio, it can't. I have a number of cellular testers hanging around here that can act like base stations, mostly because I buy them used as spectrum analyzers and never use the (obsolete) cellular facilities. Government has different rules regarding what it can and can't do in the name of law enforcement, although FCC has been very reluctant to allow them to use cellular jammers.

If you can afford it, something from Ettus would better suit your application.

Comment: Re:Lots of corporations wanted this badly (Score 1) 539

by SuperKendall (#49142183) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

No, it's several pages of regulations, and then hundreds of pages of "forebearances", describing how the ways the FCC is closing not to enforce some rules - at this time. That way if anyone gets uppity they can bring down the hammer.

Read the FCC commissioner interview for more information.

Comment: Re:"Proprietary So I Get Paid", from Bruce Perens? (Score 1) 129

Hi AC,

Matt Ettus has a story about a Chinese cloner of the USRP. The guy tells Chinese customers that it is illegal for them to buy from Ettus, they must buy from the cloner instead. Then, when they have problems and require serivce, he tells them to get it from Ettus. Who of course made nothing from their device sales and can not afford to service them.

This is not following the rules of Open anything. It's counterfeiting.

So, sometimes it is necessary to change the license a little so that you will not be a chump. I discussed the fact that the hardware is fully disclosed but not Open Hardware licensed with RMS, the software is 100% Free Software, and there is a regulatory chip you can't write. We can go for Respects Your Freedom certification that way..

I've paid my dues as far as "Open" is concerned, and Chris has too. This is all we can give you this time.

Comment: Lots of corporations wanted this badly (Score 2) 539

by SuperKendall (#49140595) Attached to: FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules

it's what the populace wants, what the corporations didn't

All sorts of corporations wanted this passed.

It's 300 pages. Does what *you* wanted take 300 pages to express? No? HMM.

Good luck with that, as the saying goes. I am really looking forward to you all finding out what has really happened today.

Comment: Re:Why custom punched end panels ? (Score 1) 129

The case selection was so that we'd have at least one case that would work. We did not take much time on it. We'd be happy to have other people designing and selling cases.

The version after this one requires cases that look like real radios. That is going to be a bigger problem. We don't yet have a mold-design partner, etc.

Comment: Re:Not all companies (Score 1) 99

by ColdWetDog (#49140483) Attached to: Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them

This IS really annoying by Apple, even if you believe nobody (or nothing) actually looks at the data. Spotlight is always wanting to send this or that out and I've spent a lot of time moderating it's bad behavior using Little Snitch.

Apple *really* should mellow out and at least shut down the conduit. Even if you opt out of web searching with Spotlight, it STILL sends stuff back to Apple.

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