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Comment: Re:My next car will be an e-Golf. (Score 1) 565 565

There are fewer than 20 fast chargers in America? In the Bay Area, I see about 40 of them (looking at my cell phone app). The local Whole Foods has one, so does the local mall.

Was your family run over by a Golf? I see you making a few other extremely pointed anti-Golf comments, that have no basis in fact. What's the motivation? There are legitimate complaints to make about electric cars, why imagine things?

That said, the idea behind electric charging is more like, you charge it overnight, rather than on the road. Even a fast charge simply isn't fast enough.

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 4, Informative) 565 565

Well, more like $280 a month, with $80 subsidized by the government.

So it's true that if everybody was getting electric cars, the subsidy would be untenable. However, if everybody was getting electric cars, the unit price would go down as well (which is a big part of the motivation behind the subsidies).

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 1) 565 565

Yeah, I went from a gas guzzler to the egolf, but even with a decent gas mileage like 30mpg I'd pay $100/month fuel (and that's with gas prices pretty low right now).

I don't do extended trips often. It happens rarely enough that the prices of gas for her car are kind of a non-factor.

So yeah, range is an issue. On the other hand, I do have a fairly long commute, I go out hiking, I have friends all around the Bay Area, and range hasn't been an issue. In an emergency, charging stations are all over. So it's bad, but not as bad as you might think.

Comment: Turns out (Score 1) 565 565

No, t turns out most people don't want an EV to be FUNCTIONALLY DIFFERENT than the cars they know. Plugging it in every night is fine- until the night you forget, or the kids knock the plug out. Then you have no car the next day.

A car, for most people, is not something that you can realistically be only one day away from not having the use of, which there is some risk of with an EV, much greater at any rate than a normal car. That's why hybrids sell OK while real EV cars generally have not.

I'll put a side chiding in for super funky dash boards of some EV cars I've been in that are vastly too large for the space the car has.

Comment: Re:pretty simple really (Score 1, Redundant) 565 565

I leased an egolf, it's like $23k to purchase and just looks like a normal golf, if it didn't say "egolf" you wouldn't know. Fiat 500e is same as a 500. Nissan Leafs don't really look any weirder than other Nissans.

Chademo charging stations aren't free (L2 stations often are, but take longer to charge. Tesla stations are as well).

Bay Area has a million charging stations.

Everything single thing in your post was wrong, why are you talking about something you clearly know nothing about?

Comment: Re:The reason is more simple (Score 3, Informative) 565 565

Electric vehicles are very cheap, if only because the federal government subsidizes $7,500, and the CA state government subsidizes $2500. Additionally, some local governments fund home charging stations.

I leased an egolf for $200/month, versus my old car where I was spending $150/month on fuel. Googling that, leasing a standard golf is the same price, but with the higher fuel/maintenance costs.

There are good reasons not to get an electric car, which basically boil down to range issues - my wife has a normal fuel car, or I wouldn't have even considered an electric car. It's great/cheap as a commuter car, but the (very common) L2 chargers take four hours to fully charge, and even the (uncommon) L3 chargers take an hour. Imagine going on a road trip where every hour and a half you stopped for an hour to charge your car.

+ - Rumblefish claims it owns "America the Beautiful" by United States Navy Band->

ptorrone writes: Adafruit is now shipping the USA made open-source Arduinos, in celebration Ladyada the engineer posted a Arduino rotating in front of an American flag with the public domain “America the Beautiful” by United States Navy Band as the music. Adafruit immediately received notice from from YouTube stating that the song is owned by Rumblefish. Rumblefish previously claimed to own copyright to ambient birdsongs too.
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Comment: Re: Privacy? So what (Score 1) 296 296

Apple's got you covered. According to their Plan For World Domination you are supposed to replace your Apple hardware every time a they come up with a new product or model.

Security through consumerism. Then you have to buy new connectors and cases and a new desk or outfit to go with your new shiny. Thus, it helps with the local and global economy and even generates more traffic on the Internet (all of those rantings on various support boards and all of those lovely adverts). Given Apple's push towards recyclable packaging products, it helps those companies as well.

What's not to like?

Comment: Re:And you all thought that Bill Gates was bad... (Score 1) 253 253

As you pointed out, OS X has a single digit market share in most places. So who in the hell are you talking to all of the time? Besides, if you are exposed to this weirdo OS all the time and you have an IQ higher than my Labrador Retriever, you should have been able to figure most of this stuff out.

It's for the 'rest of us' after all.


The computer is to the information industry roughly what the central power station is to the electrical industry. -- Peter Drucker