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Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 462

In reality, we don't fight wars over oil, either - we get the vast majority of our oil from ourselves, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria. The Middle East is a very small supplier of oil for the US. Most of the ME oil goes to our allies in the EU; if we're "going to war" for oil, it's so our allies can have a source of oil.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 364

Thanks for the link. It explicitly states that it's not just racehorses, that it's already expired, it was $500,000 on an asset above $2,000,000 value - and it's not just thoroughbreds. Thanks for playing, buh bye!

Oh, and still wondering about that whole "the rich pay less than 15% taxes" you claimed way back when to be either substantiated - or for you to admit your error...

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 364

Wrong as usual... The depreciation is $500,000 and only on assets above $2 million - and must be for business purposes. It also covers expenses by teachers, mortgages, and other assets which can be depreciated if used in a business venture. Like a racing team - car or horse - would consider their "transportation" a needed component of the business. So a bit different than what you're trying to paint (yet again) Ratzo.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 364

Hey, the program manager on my current project races horses. Not at an oval, but "cowboy" racing around barrels and the like. He's an ordinary Joe. And most of the charters in the Ventura and Oxnard harbors are under 30 feet, owned by working Joes. I know, I go fishing quite a bit - and the crew is inevitably the owner and his buddy or son. But you go right on pushing that class warfare! Yep, you didn't get what you wanted so everyone else must be bad. Somehow they don't pay the taxes they do. You keep your anger at the classes boiling!

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 364

Wow, didn't realize that middle class people don't own horses or boats! Guess what - plenty of middle class people own both! Several of my coworkers here in the Ventura, CA area have horses (the hills around here are great for riding), and both of my neighbors own boats (20 to 30 foot boats). But go ahead and run away, you've been exposed as a class warfare soldier. Facts obviously don't matter, you have an agenda to push!

Comment This really, really upsets me (Score 1) 488

I think I'm going to have to plan a stealth take-down of Dice, one office/person at a time. I'll announce my involvement after each attack, and I'll promise more in the future. And I'll scare them so much they will drop this ridiculous meme. That will show them that we engineers are NOT more likely to be terrorists!

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 364

Explain, please, how a flat 7.62% tax rate will make up a ~15% tax rate differential. Top 1% pay about a 23% income tax rate; the middle/working class pay around a 7% income tax rate. Add in the payroll tax and you're still WELL short of 23%. Simple math, Ratzo, should be quite obvious that "payroll taxes" are simply a red herring...

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 364

Hmmm, payroll taxes cap out at about $110,000. Who pays the full amount every time? The rich. Now, should they keep paying more, eliminate the cap?

The question was about the relative percentages paid in taxes.

Uh, nice goal post move Ratzo! You stated that the rich would hate a 15% tax rate because that would be an increase for them. I've shown, conclusively, otherwise (in fact, they tend to pay at least 22.8% on average in income tax;adding in payroll taxes - at the average of $434K - would be another ~2% for an average income-and-payroll tax load of about 25%). Now you want to change the subject. I wonder why? Perhaps because you're wrong?

The rich do not pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the middle and working class.

Wrong again. Assume middle class is the 26-50% income range. They average about a 7.2% income tax rate. Add in FULL payroll taxes of 7.62% and you're short of 15%. WELL below what the rich pay. Payroll taxes are a flat 7.62% up to ~$110,000. Really easy to calculate - and well below that of the rich. Even if the rich paid ZERO payroll taxes they'd still pay well beyond, percentagewise, than the middle class. You're shooting blanks, Ratzo.

If you evaluate total incomes instead of adjusted incomes (since the wealthy are able to make far better use of the tax code, which after all, was written for them), then you see that the rich pay a far lower percentage of their incomes - their true incomes - in taxes.

Do we do the same for the other groups as well?

The Tax Foundation is an advocacy group for energy and pharma corporations that don't want to pay taxes. Period.

Do you want to pay taxes? Do you take your legal deductions? If so - how are you any different than what you decry? Hypocrisy - thy name is Ratzo...

Money is the root of all evil, and man needs roots.