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Comment Re:There's already incompatibility (Score 1) 327

Most of this is in the MFi manufacturing (Made For iPhone) program, and you can only get details if you're an audited and accepted factory to build MFi products (I've done several MFi products in the last few years, I've been through the Apple approval grinder more than once). But Apple doesn't let you build products that play with non-iOS or even obsolete iOS devices and still get the MFi (and thus, Lightning) licensing. Does it run afoul of anti-trust laws? Only if someone was to take it to court and push it through - which would be a very long, very expensive process. And there a few manufacturers out there making MFi-like cables for Android.

Comment Re:There's already incompatibility (Score 1) 327

You can thank Apple for that. If you want the "made for iPhone" logo on your box, then you have to include an IAP2 chip and CANNOT include functionality to support other devices (part of the deal). So a company can do a universal iPhone AND Android controller (it's trivial), but Apple will not license you the IAP2 chip, and thus you cannot claim it is "made for iPhone". It's their way - or no way.

Comment Re:Real bad news (Score 1) 327

Well, the IAP2 chip and license is about a buck, and then you'd need a DAC and amp. It's around $4-$5 minimum to do Lightning to powered analog for the electrical. Add the packaging required (either an on-cable box, or a separate box) and battery and you're up to close to $10 for the Lightning-to-highend headphone adapter. So figure $40-$50 MSRP. Not an insignificant amount!

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 327

The data rate of BLE is WAY too low for any real audio experience. You can get about a 64 kbps MP3 stream and that's it. I guess if you like listening to highly compressed music it would work, but for anything else (like anything you can get from any of the online music streaming/selling services) - you'll have to use "full" Bluetooth, and the power consumption associated.

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