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Comment Re:Before anyone bangs on about bedallions and so (Score 1) 207

Most roads around here (Ventura County, USA) do NOT have real-time traffic information or any information about constructions, closures, etc. Just the main highways. Likewise in Los Angeles. Get off the freeways and major highways and you'll get a map - and that's it.

Comment Re:Government monopolies are not fair competition (Score 1) 207

Fact is two people should be able to enter into their own contract without a jealous third party getting shitty that the buyer isn't forced to buy from their shitty overpriced monopoly. You want to go classic taxi? You are free to do so. The rest of us should be able to do as we wish.

Uber rides are NOT two people entering their own contract. Uber contracts with drivers. You contract with Uber. Uber pairs a rider and driver. The rider pays Uber. Uber pays the driver. It's as much a "two person contract" as when I buy milk at the grocery store and the checkout lady rings up the price.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

Hey, it's a great ride! Up the 101, back down much of the PCH... I've gone that far on a Saturday just for fun. To me, it's not a "commute" it's a chance to get on my motorcycle and get out of town and just spend 5 hours alone. To me, it's great. Now, traveling into LA with the gridlock down there (where it takes over 2 hours to cover 10 miles) would be hell. But 5 hours at 70 MPH on a bike? Heaven for me...

Comment Re:So when are they making something we can AFFORD (Score 2) 322

Lots of homes at that price point in San Bernardino, Barstow, Palmdale, and other places East of LA... Same in Eastern Ventura County in Santa Paula. Or central Ventura County in places like Ojai and Oxnard and even Ventura (the city). All within about an hour drive of Los Angeles.

Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

I did that very thing last Friday. Ventura to Mountain View and back. Almost 660 miles round trip. Single day. I do it every month or so, for work. Of course, I ride a motorcycle and it was a beautiful ride, and I filled up twice each direction - but each stop only took 5 minutes.

Comment Re:Not the server (Score 2) 348

Umm, no. This entire thread is about NEW e-mails that were uncovered that she did NOT turn over - but were clearly sent to a Government address, related to her work, and should have been archived. Ms. Clinton was the sole arbiter over what was relevant - and now we have proof that she did not do that appropriately. Were there other e-mails that were betwen herself and her aides that were completely contained on her server - and deleted illegally? We only have "her word" - and she's proven (multiple times) that she will lie about that.

Comment Re:Not the server (Score 2) 348

CFR 1222 covering archival of Government communications was in effect from 2002, and State Department 12 FAM 541 to 12 FAM 545 covers sensitive but unclassified information (which includes things like meetings, schedules, promotions, personnel discussions) was in effect from 2005. She broke both of those, and they were in place for years before she was appointed SoS.

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