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Comment: Re:Lol (Score 1) 247

by LynnwoodRooster (#49783261) Attached to: A Text Message Can Crash An iPhone and Force It To Reboot
Because writing in Chinese or Arabic is something to be sanitized? According to the summary (no, I didn't RTFA - this is /. after all), having a long enough message so that the ellipsis happens between those ISO-extended characters causes the problem. Sucks to be a user who writes/communicates in other languages!

Comment: Heat wave? It's a regular occurence (Score 1) 155

by LynnwoodRooster (#49783211) Attached to: Heat Wave Kills More Than 1,100 In India
Heat waves have been killing hundreds to thousands annually in India for the last 3 decades - and most likely much longer (but reporting simply wasn't well done much further in the past). This isn't anything new, other than we finally hear about it. Living in extreme conditions, with poor sanitation and polluted and minimal water will kill.

Comment: Re:What is the difference of these 2 positions? (Score 2) 147

by LynnwoodRooster (#49775373) Attached to: Apple Design Guru Jony Ive Named Chief Design Officer
Then ask for more. When I first hit 3 weeks, I asked for that at my next position. Did the same thing when I reached 4 weeks. Companies who want you will often give you that extra week, since they know going back in any part of the compensation package can be a killer.

Comment: Re:Affirmative Action (Score 1) 529

by LynnwoodRooster (#49712017) Attached to: Harvard Hit With Racial Bias Complaint
Someone needs to learn of how the coolies were treated for most of the 19th and early 20th centuries. HINT: slavery (or as it was dressed up as "indentured servitude") wasn't just limited to those of African descent. Additionally, many of those whose families made it through the coolie period ended up having everything stripped from them - including homes, businesses, possessions, savings accounts, respect, reputations - during WWII when Roosevelt interned hundreds of thousands of Americans of Japanese and Asian descent. Slavery isn't just an East-coast/black thing, you know...

Comment: Re:Mac/Linux support removed... mildly surprised (Score 1) 227

OK, so what OSX package would you use to design something like a Macbook Air? Why does Apple choose to use Creo and Altium - both Windows based tools? Because they like to spend money on Windows licenses instead of using their own in-house OS?

Comment: Re:Mac/Linux support removed... mildly surprised (Score 1) 227

And what would these programs be that are suitable for designing something as complex as a laptop or desktop? I know, you'll point to FreeCAD - doesn't even come close. Something like NX, or Creo, or Solidworks or even Geomagic would be needed. I'm not aware of a single parametric 3D CAD package for OSX. Please enlighten me!

Comment: Re:Yeah.... (Score 1) 193

State Farm - personal liability added on to my home and auto insurance. Covers me for professional and personal actions. No restrictions based upon my profession. I might have to change to commercial auto insurance in the first place - but that would be needed anyway, if I was an Uber driver. Uber's insurance is only active when I have someone in my car; going to pick them up (or returning after dropping them off) is still "on the job" and would be considered part of my commercial activity.

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