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Comment Re:When the fuck will Mozilla wake up?! (Score 1) 134

I reported a bug recently where animated favicons visible in a tab or loaded and cached in your bookmarks toolbar tank scrolling performance in Firefox. This includes things like the spinning tab loading animation. Doesn't look like it will be fixed until after Firefox 44 as they still haven't figured out why the animated favicon causes so many redraw problems.

If this is your issue, you can sort of fix it by turning off all the gfx.vsync.* settings and restarting Firefox.

Comment Works Great (Score 2) 105

I tried it out with my American Express card. I used it against a normal magnetic card reader and it detected my card as being swiped. For once Samsung made something that actually works as intended.

A neat little bonus is that I now get push notifications whenever my credit card is charged. If anybody steals my credit card, I will know the instant they try to charge something to it.

Comment The Breeze theme needs some improvement (Score 2) 84

I've been using the Kubuntu plasma 5 test recently and I have to say that the translucent app launcher background is one of the worst design decisions I have ever seen. If you have any text behind that window it will be extremely difficult to make out the names of the programs. So far I have been unable to figure out how to change the translucency of that window. I'm beginning to think it is not possible.

Comment Re:Graphics are the LEAST of BF3's problems (Score 1) 77

I think I see what he was trying to say now, it just confused me that he was ranting about BF3 in an article about BF4.

Anyway, here are some sources for my claims:

Comment Re:Graphics are the LEAST of BF3's problems (Score 5, Informative) 77

Did you mean this to be a reply to somebody else? This article is about BF4, and at least half of those complaints are fixed in the new game. Commander mode is back, squads are larger, there is in-game voice chat, you get a LOT more points for completing objectives, and air vehicles can easily be murdered via teamwork and RPGs.

Comment Summary bad, article very good (Score 1) 189

The summary for this is inaccurate, but the article is one of the best articles I have seen thus far explaining the issues. But even then, the article has a few mistakes (albeit minor ones). When ghost heat was first introduced, nobody knew what it was supposed to solve. It didn't affect the dominate meta at the time at all (2 PPC 1 gauss) and only screwed over gimmick builds, canon builds, and legit builds. It was only much later that we got confirmation that it was designed to "fix" boating, which was never even a problem. #savemwo was started around this time because the sniping meta had existed for over 6 months by this time. Everybody thought ghost heat was the attempted fix, so when it turned out to not do anything at all, many of the competitive groups started doing letter writing campaigns to the publisher. A group of players didn't think that writing the publisher would be effective, so #savemwo was started. By the way, PGI finally came up with a game plan to solve the sniping meta. It is called ghost delay and doesn't solve anything

Submission + - Major Vista performance patches made official

Brentwood writes: It only took them 6 months, but Ars reports that Microsoft has officially released the long-awaited performance and compatability updates that have been quietly tested the last few weeks. According to Ars, the updates fix some major flaws with Vista, including the notorious slow copy bug. Hibernation fixes and big updates for nVidia cards are included, too. They won't hit Windows Update for another week, but you can grab them from Microsoft directly: the compatibility and reliability update, the performance and reliability update.

Submission + - Vista, wireless don't make the Olympic IT roster (

narramissic writes: "Deemed too risky, Vista has been sidelined for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. All the Olympic Games' vital PC-related tasks, including games management systems, the results systems, commentator information systems, and the staff and scheduling systems, are running on XP.

Wireless networking will also be sitting this one out. There will be no wireless used among the core systems of the Olympic Games, said Leon Xie, director of Olympic Technology and Sponsorship at Lenovo (the official computing sponsor of the games). All networking will take place over wirelines, including the backup system."

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