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Comment: Re:Because there's no need to change (Score 1) 397 397

by Logical Zebra (#34175606) Attached to: Bethesda Criticized Over Buggy Releases

You know, I was so disappointed with Fallout 3, that I said I would never buy another Bethesda game immediately after release; I would wait until it had been patched. But when I heard that New Vegas used the Fallout 3 engine, I figured I'd buy the game at release. Surely, they would have fixed the bugs in this new release!

That's what I get for having faith in humanity.

Comment: No Graphing Calculators, etc. (Score 1) 870 870

by Logical Zebra (#33572670) Attached to: Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?

I didn't require graphing calculator functionality for any of my college physics classes--I only needed a basic scientific calculator with trigonometric functions.

Outlaw all electronic devices except (non-graphing) scientific calculators. If a student needs a dictionary, tell him/her/it to get an old-school paper dictionary. The test is open book to begin with, so what's another book?

Comment: Re:How about gratuities? (Score 1) 156 156

by Logical Zebra (#33572400) Attached to: Letting Customers Decide Pricing On Game DLC
I always look at poor service in a restaurant as saving me money--because I only leave a single dollar for the tip. (I leave a single dollar, because leaving no tip might make them think I simply forgot. No, I didn't forget; you simply suck at being a server.) OTOH, I have been known to leave 30% tips for absolutely stellar service.

Comment: Re:The thing is... (Score 1) 479 479

by Logical Zebra (#32901054) Attached to: iPhone 4 Reception Recall Ruckus Roundup

... It's a public relations disaster, brought only by people who don't have an iPhone 4 and who seem to have a vendetta against Apple for not making a phone that they want...

So you're saying that this is all a conspiracy?, that this is some sort of bullying on the school playground?

"Stop picking on poor, defenseless Apple! Can't you see you're hurting Steve Jobs' feelings?!"

Comment: Re:It is just an update to an existing toolbar (Score 1) 285 285

by Logical Zebra (#32523538) Attached to: Microsoft Hides Firefox Extension In Toolbar Update

According to TFA, a Microsoft spokeshuman didn't even know about the toolbar being forcefully installed:

"The worst part of this issue is that Microsoft does not seem to be aware of it: a Microsoft spokesperson simply pointed us to the aforementioned Microsoft Support page that inaccurately describes the update. We asked the company for an explanation of why the extension was installed and what it does, but have yet to receive a reply."

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