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Comment: Only two options (Score 1) 486

by m0s3m8n (#42086701) Attached to: Legislators Call On Twitter To Ban Hamas
First off, while I seldom agree with the left, we are not at war with the Palestinians, so we should not be censoring anything. With that said, the world only has two options; keep the status quo and prevent a hot war in the Middle East (maybe) or leave the combatants alone, which will inevitably lead to nuclear war. Hamas and radical Islam (I am looking at you Iran) are bent on the destruction of Israel, and Israel will defend itself to the end. When Islamic clerics begin to preach peace with Israel, I will eat these words. Of course there is the possibility that the Israelis will simply give up and move away - sure they will.

Comment: Enlighten me (Score 0) 217

by m0s3m8n (#41942501) Attached to: UK Court Sanctions Apple For Non-Compliance
I admit I am ignorant in this case beyond the headlines. Did the judge order the exact wording of the apology? Did the judge order the exact location on a web site that the apology must appear? Did the judge order the exact page of newspapers the apology must appear? Also, we're the quotes attributed to the judge not accurate?

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