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Comment Re:Scrapping Away all the Bullshit (Score 1) 442

Vigilant works for the 25% mark up

Yeah. And just how is it that their cost of doing business is proportional to the fine collected?

people who made the police look

Those people are called "legislators". Make your own guess who they work for.

camera on a police car, with the right backend, could almost completely replace police officers

This can be prevented by mounting the cameras on the police officers.

Comment Re:I love it (Score 1) 442

Or, Texas could add the judgement to an individual's license renewal fees. If you don't pay them, you can't drive.

Some places already do this for unpaid traffic tickets, or even red light camera tickets. I've never before heard of it for civil debts, as it only works against drivers. It is useless for those "scofflaws" who take transit, or Uber, or limo service.

Comment Re:Lets see ... (Score 1) 104

i bet however that they'll probably find that the scientists secretly installed bitcoin mining on them already...

Makes sense. Liquid xenon would be a great coolant, so you can overclock the crap out of the rigs. They'll be able to convert bitcoin into the toys they really wanted to buy, when they could only get funding for this "dark matter" grailquest. Face it, if you couldn't find a nail with your hammer, a bigger hammer is not likely to be the most effective way to proceed.

Comment Re:What do you use the penny for? (Score 1) 702

It really is stunning how bad the technology used in the US payment processing industry. It is still routine to have mag stripe only terminals and gas pumps, backed up with Zipcode entry as a "security" measure. Chip and PIN is regarded as a novelty. NFC is almost never seen in the wild. Visitors from the civilized world (locally called "aliens") either laugh or rage at these things. Being told one needs to leave a credit card at the counter in order to pump gas is rightly seen as insulting to the customer while threatening their security. Nothing stops the counter clerk from cloning the card while the customer pumps. Then they charge exhorbitant "service fees" for Interac processing, several times what is charged elsewhere. No wonder tourists hate the place.

Comment Re:Scam (Score 1) 702

The CA nickel is actually made of nickel, so it is ferromagnetic, unlike the US 5 cent piece, which is not. Coin detectors have a magnet to distinguish them in the US. This was done to preclude steel slugs being passed off as coins.

Comment Re:At My Door (Score 1) 302

"On the beach" is the key to the problem. All of Florida is built on sand, so as sea level rises dikes won't be enough to keep the water out, it will simply go under them. You'd need a waterproof basement floor, plus pumps to deal with the inevitable leaks and breaches. You need to turn the whole place into a ship. It is just not going to happen. Florida is doomed, but they're still in denial.

Comment Re:Aeroelastic flutter (Score 1) 168

Resonance requires a driving force with the same frequency as the system that's vibrating

Close. If some part of the driving force is at that same frequency, you still get resonance. Feed enough noise into a hi-Q bandpass filter and you get resonant tone at the centre frequency. Apply positive feedback and the tone gets louder. With loop gain greater than unity it grows until limited either by the available power (saturation and clipping) or by physical damage that changes the system (either shifting its centre frequency, e.g. due to a broken window in the room changing its echo delay, or else reducing the loop gain, e.g. due to a torn speaker cone). This is true whether the system loop is speaker/airpressure/mike/amplifier/repeat or attack angle/normal airpressure/lift/torque/repeat.

Submission + - La Fiorina wants all your data (

LeadSongDog writes: If El Reg is to be believed, Republican also-ran Carly Fiorina wants Google and Apple to turn over all your data to the FBI. But then, perhaps she just wants to drive Apple and Google out of the US market....

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