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Submission + - All Your Face Are Belong To Us !!!

LeadSongDog writes: It seems the backlash to Facebook's use of facial recognition is growing. It seems the EFF is lined up against big business for what may turn out to be the last bastion of our collective delusion of privacy.

Submission + - More supermassive black holes than we thought!->

LeadSongDog writes: The Royal Astronomical Society advises that, the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) has confirmet the long suspected: many SMBHs are obscured by a surrounding cloud. Observing nine known black holes at X-ray energies not previously visible, they found that five of the nine were emitting much more energetic X-rays than had been known. They so conclude that the SMBHs are much more common than had been known.
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Submission + - What is the sound of one bouncing electron?

LeadSongDog writes: Last week the neutrino hunters at "Project 8" announced a tabletop single-electron detector:
Now comes news that they've seen an electron's cyclotron chirp, changing pitch upwards as it bounces from atom to atom in a cloud of Kr-83:
Full details in PhysRevLtrs at
Next on the agenda: do the same thing in a tritium cloud while getting resolution below 1eV. Sounds like a fun place to work!

Submission + - "Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine" gets Air Force nod->

LeadSongDog writes: The US Air Force Research Lab has been looking at the SABRE concept from the UK maker Reaction Engines, which has already been endorsed by the European Space Agency. The hybrid runs as a jet from stationary to Mach 5.5, then it becomes a rocket for all the way up to Mach 25. The magic is all in keeping the heat exchanger from icing up. This now clears the way for funding the next step: build and test demonstrator engines.
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Submission + - First new optical gyro in a generation

LeadSongDog writes: Work at Yale and CCNY has produced a fundamentally new type of optical gyro, based on whispering gallery modes within optical disks, less than 10 microns across. Unlike existing gyros, these do not require kilometers of fiber.
The blurb:
The abstract:
The paper:

Submission + - Google claims 100% facial recognition->

LeadSongDog writes: In "FaceNet: A Unified Embedding for Face Recognition and Clustering" a team at google are claiming that "On the widely used Labeled Faces in the Wild (LFW) dataset, our system achieves a new record accuracy of 99.63%. On YouTube Faces DB it achieves 95.12%."

It's official. You now have no place to hide.

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Submission + - Berkeley builds a heart simulator

LeadSongDog writes: A bioengineering group has put human heart cells on a silicon wafer to test the action of different drugs. Within a day, they started beating on their own. This isn't a functional heart replacement, but it falls somewhere between in-vivo and in-vitro testing, so it should help speed new drugs to market.

Press release: https://newscenter.berkeley.ed...

Submission + - Time to "get knotted"->

LeadSongDog writes: In a long-sought analysis in Phys Lett B, Itzhak Bars and Dmitry Rychkov have shown that the basic assumptions that underly Quantum Mechanics can actually be derived from M-theoretic explanations of string interactions. It all comes down to some rules on how strings are joined and split.
For those who just want the simple version:

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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Carbyne Suited For Space Elevator Cable?->

LeadSongDog writes: Somebody check my numbers, this sounds too good to be true... A new ACS paper on the theoretical structure of carbyne gives its breaking strength at 10nN for a single atomic chain of carbon. A single C12 atom weighs (at 1g) 2e-25 N, so the chain could support 5e24 atoms at that acceleration. If the atoms repeat 17 times for every 2.2 nm along the chain, the self-supporting chain could be 6e14 m long. This seems to be way longer than the space elevator would need, so I'm inclined to think I've missed something basic. What am I overlooking?
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Submission + - DC Light Now Available->

LeadSongDog writes: The headline writers at PhysOrg report "New material gives visible light an infinite wavelength". Of course the details within are rather less spectacular: "Researchers from the FOM Institute AMOLF and the University of Pennsylvania have fabricated a material which gives visible light a nearly infinite wavelength". The original work uses language that makes clear they are speaking of the phase velocity of visible light, under the title "Experimental realization of an epsilon-near-zero metamaterial at visible wavelengths". Still, it's an interesting read.
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