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Comment: Counterexample, plenty of private power (Score 1) 251

by SuperKendall (#49602841) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

Private power companies don't work because they don't add value.

That is kind of a ridiculous statement. If nothing else they can add value simply by producing power cheaper than other companies, or provide power where public utilities will not.

There are private power companies in the U.S. you know... if they "do not work" how do they exist?

Comment: Hillary is the quantum candidate (Score -1, Troll) 251

by SuperKendall (#49602811) Attached to: Bernie Sanders, Presidential Candidate and H-1B Skeptic

He may compel Hillary to take positions that will make it harder for her to win the general election.

That is really irrelevant since Hillary has already taken all possible positions - including no position.

There is literally nothing Hillary can say or do that will affect the election at this point.

Royalty has its privileges!

Comment: Re:How I manage these calls (Score 2) 204

by ewhac (#49598375) Attached to: Want 30 Job Offers a Month? It's Not As Great As You Think
Sounds like my algorithm.

Very very occasionally, if the description sounds interesting, I'll paste the description/requirements into Google. Most of these spamming third-party recruiters just copy-paste from public job postings, so Google can usually find the original posting on the employer's Web site.

Comment: Same for Mechanical Eng Too (Score 1) 204

I deleted my Linked In after getting endless recruiters and head hunters that didn't even read my resume and just blindly sent out requests.

I have 10 years in industry in a very niche market and I'll get jobs in manufacturing or other random area that just require a Mechanical Engineering degree.

It got to the point where I'd have boilerplate nastygram about actually reading my resume and getting back to me.

Comment: Wrong Bet (Score 1) 499

by SuperKendall (#49594443) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

The bet is not just on arbitrage, but that within 10 years you will install solar power of some kind, because this battery makes solar collection far more useful to most people.

That seems like a good bet, especially for someone who buys the battery... and you ignore the utility of whole house power backup/conditioning.

Comment: More so even than you think (Score 2) 499

by SuperKendall (#49594397) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

That helps someone with solar panels, but more exciting is that it helps everyone - just just people with their own energy sources.

These shift load on the system - they don't just make solar energy viable, they smooth out load on the power network, and make alternative energy sources that may not be reliable much more viable.

Not to mention suddenly everyone is much less dependent on reliable power, so it can eventually bring the possibility of reducing the extreme availably requirements of power - you could get a note saying power would be shut down ro an hour over the weekend, so they could do infrastructure changes.

At $3k it is a no-brainer to buy one of these.

Comment: Re:Haskell? (Score 1) 128

by TheRaven64 (#49591845) Attached to: Paul Hudak, Co-creator of Haskell, Has Died

Python brought a unique mixture of functional and imperative syntax and semantics

Various ML dialects had that before Python. The thing Python brought was a poor performance implementation of a language from the C++ school of language design: keep adding features without regard to how they interact and expect programmers to know all of them (if they ever work with anyone else) but only use a subset if they don't want totally unmaintainable code.

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