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Comment Re:Story title is nonsense (Score 1) 156

The article does incorrectly push this into far worse light. It wasn't secret money. It was a PR contract. PR contracts are not unusual or secret, the underhanded bit is the illegal behaviour on Machinima's part, don't know for sure whether MS new about that, but I doubt it. companies like MS hire 100's of PR companies, they can't monitor them all and usually they have strict conditions in the contracts stating they will not act illegally or unethically, places like MS can't afford to be found to have intentionally done something like this.

Comment Re:TV channels are not what people want (Score 1) 293

Because that's what BitTorrent is, and it's free.

I call bullshit. I regularly try to get older content on bit torrent, I have all but given up for a lot of stuff. While finding the torrent is easy, it is pot luck as to whether there are any seeders, the older the content the less likely to be a seeder. basically I find it at best a 50-50 chance of finding it, usually much lower for anything not mainstream.

Comment hmmmm (Score 4, Insightful) 491

sounds like a comparison that the F-35 can't win. It is more expensive to fly, can't hang around for long period's like the A-10 and is relatively fragile by comparison. The only way I see the F-35 coming out on top is with some very carefully crafted scenarios to favour it and some creative weightings on victory conditions.

Comment Re:$92 billion in cash parked offshore (Score 1) 64

It isn't "your" money. As others have commented. It gets parked offshore due to the fact is was earned and generated in other countries and the moronic tax laws in the US that deem income earned anywhere in the world by a US Citizen/Company to be taxable in US if you bring the money back to the US. The US is one of the only countries on the planet with such insane outlook in how taxation should work and they deservedly suffer the penalty for not changing it (companies keep money OUT of the country and they invest elsewhere instead of the US).

Comment Re:Anyone know what to block? (Score 1) 394

some commenters believe Obama is an alien, the moon landings were faked and that the government is personally out to get them. seriously thousands of organisations run the OS where the desktop can't even access the internet at all, they work fine, including the ones where I work. conspiracy theorists are amazing in the shit they will make up, isn't there already enough REAL issues where we don't have to make up shit like that and look like tinfoil hat wearers.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 85

personally I buy what I want to play at the time not wait 5 years to try and hopefully save $50. that may be a $5 game or a $60 game just released. $60 isn't a lot to pay for something I will spend many many hours on. cheaper than going to the movies and most other forms of entertainment I engage in. I find gaming saves me money as I would be spending far more on other activities.

Comment Re:Overkill for MOBAs (Score 1) 85

If this is targeted at MOBA players, then it is probably overkill. I've got a 2011 Mac Pro with a Radeon 5870 (850Mhz GPU, 1GB VRAM). Playing League of Legends at 1920x1200, 60fps is no problem for this setup. These games are not graphically intensive, nor do they require much CPU horsepower. If you are going to drop money on hardware for MOBA gaming, spend it on a nice keyboard/mouse and the lowest latency ISP you can find. If your machine is less than 5 years old, whatever came stock is more than enough to play the game.

^this. it is not something you should buy as an upgrade, you should only get this sort of card if you are buying a new machine and that is your target gaming area. upgrading from a 650ti as the summary/article suggests to this would be brain dead moronic.

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