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Comment: Re: Don't blame me. (Score 1) 121

by bloodhawk (#49352441) Attached to: Australia Passes Mandatory Data Retention Law

You do know the greens today are pretty much labor a couple decades ago?

yep and I think even that is a polite way of saying how bad the greens are today. I think the biggest indictment of them is the fact even my highly pro environmental friends refuse to vote for them as they see them as only a destructive force towards environmental sustainability and see either coalition or labor as a better choice for the environment.

Comment: Re:Tipping point? (Score 1) 90

64GB and 128GB ram is already available. You just don't see them at the consumer levels as their is no need or demand for them. a consumer benefits more from persistent storage, the advantages of ram drives is really non existent for all but a very small niche of users. Server side we have had this for a long time. The two servers I am currently playing with have 4TB of ram.

Comment: Re:Good points, bad points (Score 1) 282

by bloodhawk (#49333963) Attached to: Ford's New Car Tech Prevents You From Accidentally Speeding

I would add a few bad points. generally you should not be watching your speed anyway, if you have trouble estimating and maintaining your speed then you probably lack driving experience, you should be staying at a safe consistent speed as the rest of the traffic, significantly slower or faster regardless of the actual limit is dangerous. I also absolutely hate the idea of not having speed when it is required, shit does happen where you need to be able to react quickly and any system that may limit my ability to do that with artificial limits is something I am not keen on.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 131

by bloodhawk (#49325395) Attached to: Microsoft Releases Windows 10 SDK

desktop Linux had a far smaller share of the market when everyone on Slashdot was screaming that developers should be supporting it. MS are targeting write for a single platform for them. they may only be 3% of phone market and 5-10% of tablet but they are still 90%+ of the desktop market. An app that with little or no effort runs on all 3 is a win win for developers.

Comment: why does this take creative thinking? (Score 1) 415

by bloodhawk (#49315585) Attached to: How 'Virtual Water' Can Help Ease California's Drought

Why does this take creative thinking? this is something other countries have been doing for years. In Australia my parents quite often sell some or all of their water license to others downstream or upstream in the river when they are rotating crops or using crops with lower water requirements. I am somewhat stunned this doesn't already happen in the US?

Comment: Re:With Uber at least there is tracking and identi (Score 1) 82

by bloodhawk (#49298719) Attached to: Taxi Companies Sue Uber For False Advertising On Safety

maybe for you, personally I nearly always book my taxi through a dispatcher or online use a PC or a mobile app. tracking is the same, but on top of that I get insurance coverage and a reasonable certainty that the driver is actually licensed and his vehicle is regularly inspected (pretty important in an accident).

Comment: Re:It's win-win. (Score 1) 111

Tag prices actually are one of the more reasonable in the quality brands. having said that I still can't understand why the fuck people are racing to create smart watches. how many times does this segment have to fail before they realize this is a case of them searching for a problem that doesn't exist.

Comment: overdue (Score 1) 366

by bloodhawk (#49289675) Attached to: Uber Shut Down In Multiple Countries Following Raids

Well many of us predicted this day was coming rapidly. You can't just ignore a countries laws because you don't like them and expect them to just sit idly by, especially after receiving so many warnings. I predict many more shutdowns and potentially arrests to come yet! and thoroughly deserved. No company should ever be permitted to make decisions on what laws to obey, It can be excusable for individuals out of protest etc, but companies get away with enough shit without allowing them to dictate which laws they need to obey.

Comment: Re:Fail (Score 3, Insightful) 29

by bloodhawk (#49287863) Attached to: Microsoft Blacklists Fake Finnish Certificate

To accept a request just because the email address "looks" like it could be legitimate is worse than moronic. 10 combinations?, you could easily come up with 100's if not 1000's of subtle versions, misspellings etc. The fact all the register does is say, "well that address looks legit lets trust it" is fucking scary. People laugh at users for falling for phishing attacks and that is against people that know no better.

I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them. -- Isaac Asimov