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by bloodhawk (#46777195) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
excuse me but the liberals are aweful too, currently we have NO VIABLE PARTIES. They all play the popularity game or push their own personal agendas rather than that of the people and it is a result of a completely broken system that we have now. Yes I despise the previous government more than any I can think of in the past 40 odd years I have been on this planet, but the liberals currently would run a close second on my most hated list.

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by bloodhawk (#46777181) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
The multi party system does not work really well at all, the last 2 governments are the clearest demonstration of that that we have had in a long long time. It is a hotbed of corruption, pork barrelling and pollies playing to popularity rather than doing what is best for the people. They don't care what damage they cause as the system encourages them to make deals for the here and now in order to get their way and secure their popularity. the system combined with mass media has made it a joke which is little more than a popularity contest.

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excuse me but the greens are NOT a credible threat. The way the minor parties manage to get wins in government is a true indictment on the system where the minority are actually holding the majority to ransom in order to get other legislation passed, the system in Australia is as fucked if not more so than the American one. the Greens are a bunch of arsehats that would bankrupt the country faster than even Rudd could manage. The only reason the greens get much of a showing is because of how truly aweful our current two main parties. The only other real contending party self exploded a few years ago whose catch phrase was "keep the bastards honest", sadly the days of a viable alternative party seem to have gone.

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by bloodhawk (#46762119) Attached to: How Amazon Keeps Cutting AWS Prices: Cheapskate Culture
I have worked for several of the largest IT companies over the past 30 years, I think only once have I ever travelled business class out of the companies pocket, and even then it was because I was travelling with government clients who get Business Class for overseas trips. economy or more likely DISCOUNT economy is standard for just about all companies, Business class is a luxury very few companies provide, So I would have been far more amazed if the article said they allowed it.

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by bloodhawk (#46754695) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support
The same issues exist in open source and can take weeks, months or sometimes never to get fixed depending on whether you can find someone that wants to spend time and has the information to investigate such problems. Any significant upgrade brings with it a small fraction of a percent of people that have strange configs, customisations and/or drivers and hardware that simply were not thought of or encountered during testing. invariably those issues take a lot longer to resolve than failures that affect everyone.

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Or just someone that doesn't use their smartphone beyond the basic apps. Myself included, I use mail, calendaring, the included camera apps and a couple of apps from companies whose services I utilise, never bought an app and don't use all of the ad sponsored apps. I have a phone mainly to use as a phone.

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The only difference the decision on whether they invest in those stocks or not is who ends up getting the profits. I am sure others that will happily use the profits for far worse causes than Harvard ever would will be happy to take the shares off their hands. The amusing thing here is the divestment of such interests is more than likely to the detriment of the planet rather than to its good. who owns the shares doesn't change fosil fuel usage, it only changes who gets the money.

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people and companies get sued all the time over things that they are supposedly protected from in the EULA/license. EULA's and licenses can't override laws and there are many laws around liability especially with negligence. Really it would come down to the court to decide if someone decided to sue over it and the outcome is far from guaranteed.

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