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Comment: Re:OSS vs Reality (Score 1) 113

by bloodhawk (#46830891) Attached to: OpenSSL: the New Face of Technology Monoculture
The reality is the pool of people competent and knowledgeable enough to review such code from a security perspective is very small, increasing the user base does little or nothing to increase how many people are reviewing the code. This particular bug could have been caught by anyone with even a passing knowledge of security, but most developers wouldn't even know where to start with how to review such code.

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by bloodhawk (#46830243) Attached to: WhatsApp Is Well On Its Way To A Billion Users
My trips to the US is actually what started me using Whatsapp, sms prices and prepaid was simply way to expensive. Whereas a prepaid card with minimal data (think I was paying $2 a day last time I was there in jan) and then using whatsapp saved me a fortune, the US is incredibly expensive compared to most countries I travel to.

Comment: copying the apple incompatibility model? (Score 1) 159

by bloodhawk (#46818567) Attached to: Next-Gen Thunderbolt: Twice as Fast, But a Different Connector
The adoption rate has been lukewarm at best and yet they come up with a replacement that is incompatible with the existing version and still incredibly expensive. Way to kill before it is even born intel. Hint if you want to copy apple lock in money grabbing model you first must make the product a success before squeezing the punters balls for more juice.

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by bloodhawk (#46814885) Attached to: The Science Behind Powdered Alcohol

That's is what all vodkas are, they are triple or quadrupled distilled and filtered then water is added at the end to get it to the correct proof. Poland, the birthplace of vodka, grades vodka based on purity. Any vodkas with flavor are infused by putting the flavor agent in after the distillation and filtering are complete.

They are graded on purity, however if you have filtered out all the flavour from the crop it was produced from the vodka maker has failed. Even polish vodka makers pride themselves on NOT filtering out all the tastes and aromas of the crop.

Comment: Re: But is it cheaper? (Score 1) 172

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much of the vodka on the market today, especially the cheap crap, is little more than what you describe. but a good vodka DOES have taste, the taste varies from vodka to vodka based on the distillation process and filtration (if any). The crap that is passed off as vodka in most of the cheaper brands isn't even fit as a mixer.

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I can get 1.75L of decent vodka for about $13/US. That gives me approximately 39 drinks at $0.33 per drink. How much does this stuff cost?

Because, you know, that's all that matters when you're trying to be wasted every day.

Decent Vodka??? please tell me which brand sells decent vodka at that price? (genuinely interested as a vodka lover) and by decent I mean you should be able to tell the difference between it and metho!

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I think the idea is to get this passed while it is still "only" 500 people. They would get a lot more push back if it was 5,000 or 50,000 at which point it would start to be a significant factor pushing up costs for others. NOTE: I think they need to evolve with the times, not try to charge more to sustain their model but I do understand why they are doing it.

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by bloodhawk (#46777195) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy
excuse me but the liberals are aweful too, currently we have NO VIABLE PARTIES. They all play the popularity game or push their own personal agendas rather than that of the people and it is a result of a completely broken system that we have now. Yes I despise the previous government more than any I can think of in the past 40 odd years I have been on this planet, but the liberals currently would run a close second on my most hated list.

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The multi party system does not work really well at all, the last 2 governments are the clearest demonstration of that that we have had in a long long time. It is a hotbed of corruption, pork barrelling and pollies playing to popularity rather than doing what is best for the people. They don't care what damage they cause as the system encourages them to make deals for the here and now in order to get their way and secure their popularity. the system combined with mass media has made it a joke which is little more than a popularity contest.

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