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Comment Re:Google phones cause death (Score 1) 155

how many does it take to flood the system?. I would expect in a relatively small volume to be extremely problematic tying up a considerable number of staff, after all they can't just hang up on the person immediately as it could be someone injured struggling to speak or someone in trouble silently dialing in the hope of someone listening in and providing assistance.

Comment It might be windows? (Score 1) 208

It might be windows! or it might be some farted while typing the price in at the factory! or more likely it might be that we are mid migration to DDR4 or that there is a lot of competition with no recent natural disasters impacting production or it might be that memory requirements simply haven't escalated much in the past decade beyond around 4GB for most users or it might be that PC's purchased in the last 5 or so years are still more than powerful enough for anything a user does or more likely a combination of all of the above. What a fucking retarded article correlation DOES NOT equal causation

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 924

I lived for some years in Oz, and I can confirm that Aussies often show that they like you by having a dig at you. The correct response is to have a dig back at them.

In American terms, Aussies like to tease each other quite a lot, and it's considered entirely normal there.

exactly! we see a lot of the same trouble with americans (not all) but definitely a group that has trouble culturally adjusting. My wife had a hell of a time adjusting too when she moved to Australia. For the first year she was constantly offended when I had a dig at her or when someone else did, thankfully I finally got her over that and now she just fires right back at the person with a smile.

Comment Re:OEM are peeing in their pants about Surface (Score 1) 87

Microsoft has chosen this hill to die on; so be it!

die on? so far their surface offerings are performing massively well, so well that google and apple have been copying what they are doing. the sp4 looks like an exceptionally well built high specced machine, most of the execs where I work have replaced their ipads for surfaces and while the phones I think are still dead the surfaces are doing gang busters in enterprises as they are light, powerful and allow people to actually do real work rather than just consume media.

Comment Re:OEM are peeing in their pants about Surface (Score 1) 87

Of course this is a *problem* for MS, this is causing their partners to be at least somewhat concerned. I think getting dug in too hard into hardware is a mistake for MS. They overwhelmed Apple with partners to win in the past, trying to beat apple at their own game seems perilous.

It was a necessary thing. The oem's had shown complete unwillingness to compete on the high end with Apple and instead were ceding that market in exchange for fighting for the basement low cost high volume offerings. The high end offerings they were coming up with were while quite often performant were uninspiring.

Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 58

it won't be 10's of thousands, it will be in the hundreds of thousands or more likely a million+ kilometres of cable needed if you actually expect to hook up houses. remember the northern territory alone is around 1.5 million square kilometres and that is not even half of the area you need to cover. There are people in NT where there driveway alone can be 100km, you could be averaging close to a million dollars a house to hook them up to fibre in a lot of areas.

Comment Re:No mention of price points? (Score 1) 58

while I don't agree with much that is being done with the NBN (under this or the previous government). It would be a FUCK load cheaper for the satellite solution than running fibre. I don't think you have any concept of just how sparsely populated most of Australia is, especially in the outback it can be a 100+ km to your neighbour, you have tiny communities of just a handful of people. running fibre to all these places would cost exponentially more than these very overpriced satellites.

Comment Re: wtf (Score 1) 471

Can we not take each situation on it's merits, rather than throwing around sheep of various types? I feel ambiguous about Uber, I understand that government regulations are supposed to be for my protection. And yet Uber offers a better service. I think the regulations probably need an overhaul. I can't help but think that the furore is mostly sour grapes from a taxi industry that doesn't want to be challenged.

No I don't believe we can. Companies don't get to make decisions on what laws to obey, I don't believe their is any fuzzy or grey area here. Not saying I agree with all the various laws and regulations but the way for a company is to go to the courts, go to the politicians or appeal to the public to partition the politicians for them to change the laws/regulations or decide to obey the laws or don't do business in that country.

Comment Re:An argument (Score 5, Insightful) 471

that is a fallacious argument. You have incorrectly associated an individuals right to civil disobedience with the rights of a company. A company is not a citizen and as such it cannot commit civil disobedience. The world would be a very bad place if companies got to decide on laws, companies don't have the individual consequences associated with civil disobedience.

Comment Re:wtf (Score 4, Insightful) 471

because people tend to be sheep when it comes to corporate welfare & protection laws. everyone likes to drag out the image of the poor uneducated taxi driver trying to make ends meet, not the corporation that actually owns his license and rents it to him.

They certainly are, the amount of sheep running out to protect Uber is absurd. They need to remember this next time a company they don't like decides the law shouldn't apply to them, you can bet they will be bleeting like sheep for the government to step in.

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