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Comment: Re:Self-fulfilling statement (Score 5, Interesting) 49 49

Read the details of the exploit. Even a successful exploitation of this yields Sweet fuck All for the attacker. You need to be running on 32 bit, have some sort of software that publishes cookies on localhost like a local website and all you get is the cookie. The vulnerability would be applicable to a fraction of a percent of machines and even then it isn't exactly giving up the crown jewels.

Comment: Re:What is the purpose of regulation? (Score 1) 666 666

But why should it be regulated? It isn't going to do harm, other than perhaps
someone not getting real medical treatment

you answered your own question. It should be regulated or listed as fraud simply because many falsely believe it to work and may use homeopathy as apposed to seeking real medical treatment. This has knockon ramifications for healthcare costs as by the time the person realises they are were conned they may be far sicker (sometimes terminally so), the knockon effects go to family costs, social services and many others. homeopathy is simply fraud, it has both financial and medical consequences for people and society in general.

Comment: Re:Monster Cables (Score 1) 666 666

Monster Cables at least actually work for the basic purpose. yes they are massively, hideously overpriced and prey on the gullible that believe you can make 1's and 0's more crisp, but they still perform the basic role. Homeopathy does not do anything, the only possible benefit is as a placebo, it does not actually work as a medical treatment.

Comment: Re:What does "banned" mean? (Score 3, Informative) 136 136

nope, it means the game was refused classification and it is illegal to sell it or import. Even after they opened up the classification laws we still have a range of games that will never be legal to be sold here, anything that shows illegal drug use, violence on woman etc etc. The summary makes it sound like the bans have gotten worse, in actual fact the laws have become far more relaxed here in the last few years with the introduction of an R classification, just the proliferation of people trying to cash in on cheap gimmick apps to attract immature buyers has increased 100 fold.

Comment: Re:HBM is a game changer (Score 2) 76 76

I abandoned Nvidia about 5 years ago after their support and drivers made me want to throw my $500 card against a wall. I sold it and switched to AMD (which hasn't been trouble free either, but definitely better). I was just considering switching back to Nvidia for the lower TDP, but the HBM info that was released earlier this month stopped my purchase. I will wait to see some benchmarks from reputable sites before I decide whether to stay AMD or jump ship.

Comment: Re:Microsoft said it was hard, not impossible (Score 1) 193 193

Actually it IS emulation. there are plenty of better articles around the web on, including some posted in the various discussions here. It can't play the disks, but it really is the original binaries being emulated, games don't need to be ported. however the emulator seems to need a lot of tweaking for each title hence the restricted library set to start with, the various dev houses also must agree to allow their game to run in the emulator.

Comment: Re:Why now and not at release time. (Score 1) 193 193

not likely. When Xbox One (and Ps4 for that matter) were release they were both missing massive amounts of basic features, backward compatibility has always been a nice to have feature but it doesn't sell a lot of consoles so I would think it would be way down on the list of features to implement.

Comment: Re:Slow learners (Score 1) 107 107

these types of people always believe they are smarter than everyone else and can't possibly be caught, it is usually that same attitude that gets them caught as the belief makes them make moronic mistakes (like boasting about being untouchable). They will keep believing that right up until people with badges and guns kick down their doors and then scream how they have been unjustly framed.

Comment: Re:Unpossible (Score 1) 107 107

no it won't, at some stage the money gets spent, whether it is on a packet of chips or a book. Unless you only hoard the money and never spend it then eventually it is traceable. The simple fact is people have real physical presences and require real physical items to live, those interactions are tracable, amusingly crypto currencies actually make those interactions far far easier to trace than cash.

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