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Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 1) 578

Maybe, but currently Turkey is claiming this was far more than a short-term border violation, but that it was actively bombing targets in Eastern Turkey.

citation please? everything I have read, including the Turkish statements all say it was an incursion of just a few seconds where they crossed piece of Turkish land that protrudes into Syria, the jet was then shot down while it was in Syria, i.e. the jets were not even heading into turkey let alone on an active bombing run on turkey.

Comment Re:This is why ISIS wins (Score 1) 578

It is not so clear on the turkey side. Where do you think ISIS sells their oil? where do you think they import most of their weapons, vehicles etc from? Turkey's only real enemy is Assad and the kurds. ISIS they have a love hate relationship with and seem to actively be in business with them.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 361

It is an unfortunate reality that relocating to somewhere like Ireland does cost significant money. This means unless your company is sufficiently sized you will actually lose more money than you save in doing so. The larger the organisation and the less dependent on local facilities the bigger the incentive to do this.

Comment Re:One huge problem still (Score 1) 173

most of the types of tech required for this would have just as many benefits on earth, technology wise it is a win win. The time, money and commitment costs with a uncertain return make it a difficult thing for any government to commit too though. It is a bit like war, they are horrible and expensive but when challenged sufficiently humans are capable of coming up with some pretty amazing shit, for all the pain of the 2 world wars they brought about a shit ton of innovation.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 424

It's a made up story. Isn't there any other universe that one could tell a story in? The only advantage of doing more stories in the Star Wars universe is if there is a connection to the earlier characters.

bullshit, Star Wars has a huge array of species, lore, factions, organisations etc that make it a piece of cake to completely disregard ANY link to the orginal characters, hanging onto the original characters is just a way to play it safe and appeal to their popularity.

Comment Re:PS4 (Score 1) 373

And the PS4 can't do 1080p/60fps a lot of cases either. in the end choose the one with the controller you prefer and the exclusives you prefer. Either console is excellent for graphics wise. choosing based purely on specs or power is moronic when it comes to consoles, if graphics and power was the primary concern you should not be looking at a console in the first place.

Comment Re:Shame Australia (Score 1) 91

So your jealous of a home connection speed that is pointless for any home in the next decade at a minimum (probably a lot longer). The vast majority of homes and users don't even come close to utilising a 100Mbps connection. I have a 50Mbps connection for my relatively heavy usage house, we only consume around 1TB of traffic a month so we don't come close to stressing our connection. In Aus the average is under 100GB a month (last I saw it was around 30-40GB).

Comment Re:2095 with Luck (Score 1) 285

The thing that amazes me is those that picked before 2035. Even if the decision was taken today to have someone walking on mars only a short term suicide mission could be achieved by 2035, something I doubt any government would commit 10's of billions of dollars too.

Comment Re:Priorities, people! (Score 1) 85

The worst terrorist attack in French history happened a few days ago. Over a hundred are dead in Paris, and the war against ISIS is escalating.Why the fuck are you wasting time reading and posting completely irrelevant shit on Slashdot when supposedly you have better priorities? For the rest of us the world goes on.

Comment Re:Dear Anonymous... (Score 1) 488

Anonymous are completely incapable of such subtlety, really there is little to nothing effective Anonymous can do except boast about taking action. It would be nice to think they could impact them but really it will be similar to their actions with Charlie Hebdo which will amount to diddly squat and if anything just provides more publicity for them.

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