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Comment Re:Not a big deal (Score 1) 222

It's not about whether people are bastards or not, obvious pricks exist everywhere. But a game is supposed to be entertainment, Why bother playing a game if you are not actually playing the game? perhaps the A/C's reply is right they do it not to play but to troll and piss others off.

Comment like attacking smoke (Score 2) 172

If it is anything like a normal patent troll then this lawsuit is pointless, it will be a shell company that will just trade the patents to a new shell and evaporate leaving newegg with extra legal bills for no purpose. The whole business model of a patent troll is to have no real assets or employees to risk, just lawyers in a shell company.

Comment Re:Paper doesn't account for successful theories (Score 1) 303

So, if we start from an adjusted definition of conspiracy that means "conspiracies that managed to be kept hidden", the study makes a lot more sense.

My whole point is these are NOT conspiracies that they managed to keep hidden, they were eventually revealed, even if 25 years or more later. He has no data or knowledge of how many remained secret indefinitely nor is there any way to obtain that information. So at best he is working from a flawed data set that has to make a load of assumptions and guesses.

Comment Re:Paper doesn't account for successful theories (Score 4, Insightful) 303

I don't think it accounts for those at all as it CAN'T. The fact is 99% of conspiracies could be wildly successful, but because they are successful we won't know or it could be every one of them has eventually failed, he is working from incomplete data, worse he is working from a heavily biased section of the data (i.e. data that leant towards failure). we don't know the data behind what leads to a successful conspiracy only what leads to failed ones. It also doesn't take into account that most people don't tend to believe people that come out about conspiracies. For a conspiracy to fail not only must it be leaked but it needs to be believed by the public. Someone could come out today and say he was the man on the grassy knoll and fired the fatal bullet (and be telling the truth), unless he had concrete proof all it would take is one agency saying he is disturbed or making it up and the conspiracy continues.

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