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Comment campaign (Score 1) 162

I swear, the first presidential candidate to jump on this issue, publicize the hell out of it, and then propose meaningful legislation and/or tax policy designed to discourage it will win the friggin' 2016 election. I'm just afraid one of the dimwit Republican will discover this secret first.

Bernie Sanders, isn't this right up your alley? Why aren't you talking about this more?

I hate to break it to you conservatives & libertarians, free markets are NOT solving this problem. This is one area where government needs to step in.

Comment Re:Where is the full article? (Score 1) 474

Remember that one the biggest enemies of a feminist is a member of a different wave of feminism. If we get a truly random mix of feminists together I'd expect it to take about half an hour before the bulb gets shoved into somebody's eye socket.

Which might count as screwing it in, I guess, so the answer should probably be "one radfem and one libfem".

Comment Re:Fusion energy is impractical (Score 1) 98

You can't control where the neutrons go since they aren't contained by the magnetic fields the way the plasma is. Some of the neutrons will stay within the reactor and propagate the reaction and others will exit the containment vessel. And my understanding is that the neutrons leaving containment are necessary too, since they contain energy which can be collected and turned into electricity.

Comment Re:Lightning Strikes Twice with Entitled Customer (Score 4, Insightful) 339

You've probably seen signs in stores that say "We reserve the right to refuse service to any one". Guys like Alsop are why those signs exist. Companies can choose not to do business with you every bit as much as you can choose not to do business with them.

Comment Re:Licensing? (Score 1) 182

Road signage should be standardized either at the state or the federal level, depending on who makes the traffic laws. As such, either the state or the federal government should pay 800 Dollars to make the font available to all government entities for government purposes and then everone would be happy. If the new font offers clear enough advantages to switch to it, it should be licensed and mandated for all new signage from then on.

I don't see how anyone would consider it a good idea to have entities small enough to even notice an 800 Dollar dent in their budget license the font individually. Does that mean that municipalities can use whichever font they want for their signage? Why would that ever be considered a good idea? Traffic signage is a clear example of an area where shared standards are better for everyone. Why let people put up whatever they feel like?

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