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Comment Re:clipboards? (Score 3, Informative) 49 49

What was so bad about clipboards again?

Clipboards have a bunch of known deficiencies. They're effectively write-only, especially if no one else can read the doc's handwriting.

Then, they're hard to duplicate. Should you end up in the hospital (heaven forbid), hopefully you're conscious enough to explain your drug allergies to the EMT, because it'll take a while to find out which clinic you normally see and get a copy of their clipboard. Then the copy of the clinic clipboard ends up in the hospital's clipboard, but the stuff in the hospital clipboard probably won't make it back to the clinic clipboard.

There's also only one copy of the hospital clipboard, so the cardiologist treating your heart attack can't put notes in your clipboard if the hospitalist took it to figure out what meds you were (or should be) on. If they do make copies, someone has to make sure the cardiologist's annotations make it into all of them without error. Those charts then have to be stored in a giant bunker somewhere, forever.

Clipboards are also bad at medication safety. When you're giving millions of med administrations to millions of patients, eventually you end up giving the wrong drug to the wrong one. Clipboards can't verify that you nabbed the right patient or the right drug, which kills people once you scale up the mistakes that would have happened to a national level.

Even before the nurse gives the meds, a clipboard can't tell the doctor that one of the medications he's ordering will interact with the medications someone else ordered. That also kills people. If one lot of those medications was tainted and recalled, it's also really, really hard to find out who was affected if all your administrations are documented on paper.

Finally, it's really hard to bill correctly if all of your documentation is on paper. If the coder going over the clipboard misses a charge, the hospital loses out on money. If the coder invents a charge, you lose out on money. If the coder can't find whatever documentation a kafkaesque insurance company demands to justify a procedure, you both lose out on money. Also harder to reject a claim for not being written in blue pen with block caps when the claim is electronic.

There's a bunch of other ways clipboards suck, and a bunch of ways the clipboard-replacements suck, but the former tends to suck a lot more than the latter.

Comment not specially an iphone (Score 1) 202 202

Even without counting non-smart phones (you know, these funny things you put a simcard in and then use to place phone calls), you get for instance Jolla phones, based on Sailfish OS, Blackberry phones, even the (somehow fossil) Openmoko device...

The main issue I feel here is most people want things to be solved, but without losing any comfort, nor even changing OS.
In such a case you are doomed. But not me.

Those around calling for class action etc. are near ridiculous -the answer will simply list the devices above, to dismiss the case...

Comment What about market adoption aspects (Score 1) 119 119

I wanted to run my own social networking site just for me and my friends using a FOSS project, so I was excited about Diaspora, then I saw that it requires Node.js. I have no interest in setting my server up for that. I imagine this selection was made because developers think Ruby is cool and PHP is boring and lame. Unfortunately, whatever the justification was, to make Diaspora work you need to have, you know, Diasporas, but if the only people using the project are those that manage their own Node.js server, then the already puny market size of available Diasporas has just shrunk by several orders of magnitude. It really needed to be a project that could be installed on any generic LAMP server, but the developers are so rarely interested in this boring aspect (this is actually the case across many engineering fields, it's why companies hire marketers) that left to manage their own projects they fail to achieve their stated goals.

So I took a look at GNU Social, which is written in PHP. Unfortunately, they also fail the marketing test. The project seemed to revolve around making a 'federated' social networking system. However, the actual features of the social networking seemed to be trumped by trying to make the federated system work. From a marketing perspective, they put the cart before the horse. How many users want a circa 2009 facebook clone? I bet a fairly high number, but GNU Social doesn't even offer that level of functionality. The 'federation' of the system should be viewed more as a distribution element, so, you know, before going to distribution, you should have a product that people want to distribute, and GNU Social is not that.

Comment Re:I hate it already! (Score 1) 118 118

I have been a mac user from day one up to when Apple evolved into a closed ecosystem (through their central store), which means some 25 years anyway.
I still *perfectly* remember the main horror when my company forced windows onto us was indeed the need to "carefully aim" the cursor at a window border, rather than ramming it onto the screen ege.
Because, mind you, contrary to your hand when rammed the cursor doesn't hurt itself. "Look at it this way".

Comment Re: ... and the hype for Windows 10 begins.... (Score 1) 405 405

TBH, I would've liked Yosemite better if it had Snow Leopard's UI with the more disruptive skeuomorphisms taken out. I'm not a fan of completely flat UIs and the subtle shading Snow Leopard had was just right in my opinion. Plus, Yosemite is too bright in some places.

As for Win 10: That's what a hacked uxtheme.dll is for. I found every version of Windows kinda ugly (with Win 7 being the sole exception) but it's not like you can't fix that... once you've convinced your system that all themes are genuine Microsoft themes.

(Honesly, I'd love it if the uxtheme unlock could be something that's in there by default, hidden behind a policy or something. Something easy to lock down in a corporate setting but accessible to advanced home users without having to patch a system file.)

Comment Re:Boolean filters are wrong (Score 1) 136 136

As a follow-up, I just found a message refused by Gmail (sent via Mailgun through public list alias):

"message": "552 5.7.0 This message was blocked because its content presents a potential\n5.7.0 security issue. Please visit\n5.7.0 to review our message\n5.7.0 content and attachment content guidelines. k3si2092734igx.18 - gsmtp",

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