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Comment: Re:Amazon riding rough over industry? One recourse (Score 1) 106

by Khyber (#47789827) Attached to: Japanese Publishers Lash Out At Amazon's Policies

"You can also read it on any Apple computer."

I can most certainly guarantee your ass my Motorola-powered OS7 Apple laptop can not and will not read those files.

Also, now days there is no such thing as "an Apple computer" because it's an x86 piece of shit like every other computer out there.

Comment: Re:Broadwell (Score 1) 140

by Khyber (#47789791) Attached to: Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory

"If it's for gaming, then the CPU isn't really a bottleneck like it's made out to be and there is no gain in going i7 over an i5 unless you are going to be streaming."

Man you're so full of shit I can smell you through the internet. First, the i7 has more PCI-E lanes, which translates over to "I can drop in more GPUs if desired."

Streaming shit is all dependent upon the framebuffer access now days - GPU. Not CPU.

It's like people don't understand how hardware acceleration works.

Comment: Re: Detroit: Don't think you can do in a day... (Score 1) 89

Detroit failed because of those policies that drove the tax base away. Yes, that is entirely the city's fault. No one has any moral obligation whatsoever to live in any given place. Quite the reverse: it's the city leadership's job to make the city inviting. But Detroit chose a different path.

Tax laws are a big part of what makes both people and businesses want to come or go, balanced by the degree to which those tax dollars actually make the city a better place (the absence of corruption). A city seeking prosperity needs to remember that. You can tax all the things, and give all the money to your friends - but not forever.

Comment: Re:As wikipedia likes to say (Score 1) 140

by Khyber (#47789739) Attached to: Intel's Haswell-E Desktop CPU Debuts With Eight Cores, DDR4 Memory

"RAM prices are so high that you'd have to spend $700 to hit 64GB RAM (the max the board supports). That is just outrageous."

Except I'm finding 8GB RAM sticks of DDR3 for 40 bucks, So you obviously have no fucking clue how to price-shop.

Oh, you use /g/ recommended sourcing. No fucking wonder, you retard. Go to
You're probably the same idiot that shills for logicalincrements.

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