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No, you really want them to board first.

For the last year, up until last month, I was barely able to walk. I still had to fly for work. I boarded flights with the kids and anyone else that needed help.

The parent doesn't just stow their stuff and sit down. They stow the kids bags, get the kids to sit down, shut up, buckles on, no you can't go to the bathroom, blah, blah, blah.

For me, it took me about 4x as long just to get down the airway. A guy barely walking down the ramp with passengers walking normal speed definitely held up the flow, no matter how much room I tried to leave. I still got held up by the parents with kids, and I didn't care. I'd just sit on the nearest armrest until they were done.

You don't want me, or the parents with kids slowing you down. People are assholes enough boarding planes.

If you wait for them to board last, now you'll have parents trying to stow bags in the last few spots (if there are any), trying to get the kids in their seats at the same time, and having the kid(s) climbing over other passengers.

For me, barely able to walk, if I had to take the window seat, that would mean everyone in the other seat(s) would have to move. Walking on a cane, I wasn't able to just squeeze by anyone, especially if there were no good seats available. It was still hard just to get *to* the window seat.

And before any of you complain, since surgery I can walk fine. The cane is retired at least for another 30 years.

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by sumdumass (#47527521) Attached to: Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

And I said how people eat beans and rice in the US.

I know exactly what he meant. It's just not likely to happen that way as I already said. "I just don't seem to think it would happen in practice often. Americans like flavor"

As for the rest of your comment, I agree except with the birth control thing. Granted, people shouldn't be having kids they cannot afford but it is not our place to tell people they can or cannot have kids. And I'm not about to let a kid suffer because their parents are imbeciles so I guess it is a catch 22. Make it available, but it's their choice.

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That's interesting, but irrelevant. You don't fix disgruntled paying customers by humiliating them in front of a crowd. He tweeted about his initial experience; you think he'll meekly shut up about the follow on treatment?

He might've been acting like a pompous, entitled ass. If your job is serving the public, you have to get used to dealing with pompous, entitled asses in ways that don't make your entire organization look bad.

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Evidently, people who are willing to log in and put their reputation on it are buying into that. You on the other hand, well..

Carbon taxes are bad ideas in the first place. They are simply convoluted and will not achieve anything substantial. There are better ways if results is what we are really after.

Comment: 100% sure there's more to it than this one sided (Score 0, Flamebait) 279

story. Don't all of you sheep realize that stories like this are posted in this fashion just to get your panties in a bunch so that you'll post irate comments and then keep coming back for more? You're being manipulated here and you're oh so willing to take it because you just enjoy being outraged/offended.

Here's a quote from that very thin story:

"Our decision was not based solely on a customer's tweet," it said, adding it offered the customer vouchers as a gesture of goodwill.

So do you think perhaps there's more to it than this self-serving outrage-inducing article is letting on?

Comment: Is there an SWA Twitter police? (Score 5, Insightful) 279

How did Southwest find out about this tweet?

Do they have a team of people sitting around watching a Twitter feed, so that if anyone mentions Southwest they can pounce?

If so, good job guys! You really saved the day here. SWA stock is going to go up tomorrow for sure! :^)

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by sumdumass (#47527151) Attached to: Dutch Court Says Government Can Receive Bulk Data from NSA

Ignored is likely right.

I didn't see anything that made spying on either side legal, only that the dutch could acquire the information gathered from it legally. It's likely illegal in both places to do the spying but the government would ignore it as long as they had a benefit to gain.

There is a difference between something being legal and something not being prosecuted and ignored instead.

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by sumdumass (#47527075) Attached to: Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

National Debt as a percentage of GDP went from ~35% to 55% under Reagan. About a 60% increase relative to itself (35/55)

Has nothing to do with the population getting poor. Does not even denote any disaster either.

The minimum wage for the same period went up about 20%. Viewing national debt vs minimum wage, the 99% of people who make less than 10x minimum wage, saw their real wealth and purchasing power vanish relative to the previous generation.

And this was happening long before Reagan got into office. Inflation was a bitch under Carter and there were more unemployed.

Whatever faults you may, rightly or wrongly, saddle Carter with, he got F-ed by OPEC and the malaise from Vietnam, neither of which were his fault. The pattern is that Repubs break stuff, the Dems clean it up and then The Repubs campaign on "stop cleaning! Things are clean enough? Let's party!"

Stop sugar coating it. Carter couldn't even get a democrat controlled congress to pass his crap most of the time. The rest of your rubbish is just that- likely formed from your lack of or inability to see the world for what it is. Now note, I am not saying republicans are any better or worse. I'm not even going to tread into those waters. I'm just saying Carter screwed the pooch so much worse than Reagan ever did.

As for Mr. Bean below, genuinely poor urbanites often don't have access to an oven or full size refridgerator, much less a store that sells 25# bags of rice or beans for less than a buck a pound. I do, but every place I can reasonably walk home from without milk spoiling on a hot day confines itself to 4 serving portions. The closet don't even carry gallons of milk, just quarts or maybe half gallons at times. For $7 a half gallon. Not everyone has access to direct bus routes, much less a car and Amex for Costco runs. Your reality is not the same as theirs.

Something I completely agree with. Sometimes a bus isn't even an option because there are no regular bus lanes in the area.

I'm lucky in that where I live now, you can get a gallon of milk for $3.50 to $5 in a gas station convenience store. You can also find 1 pound bags of beans and sometimes rice in them too. But I have been in those spots you describe and if it isn't a candy bar, some sort of prepared sandwich, or a boxed meal item with an expiration date a year past, it likely isn't in the store as far as food goes for several miles of highway walking.

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by sumdumass (#47526973) Attached to: Western US States Using Up Ground Water At an Alarming Rate

Have you ever seen a recipe for bean soup in the US? half pound of bacon, ham, or smoke jowl, boil the shit out of it, put 2 pounds of soaked navy beans in and boil until tender adding salt and butter to taste at the end. The good tasting recipes will have at least an inch of lard coagulating on the top when the left overs are put into the fridge. But if that didn't sound bad enough, it's usually eaten with fried potatoes and buttered corn bread. (god I'm getting

as for rice, the only rice dishes I am familiar with that have any flavor are drenched with something else like General Tso's chicken or sausage of some sorts with peppers, onions, and mushrooms sauteed in butter first..

Again, poor food choices. But yes, in theory, I would agree with you. I just don't seem to think it would happen in practice often. Americans like flavor.

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