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Comment: Re:Buy Surge Protectors (Score 3, Interesting) 31

99% of the surge suppressors you can buy at stores are useless crap that simply use a $0.29 MOV to shunt a voltage spike. they will do NOTHING to stop most real problems that come in on data lines and NOT power. Those things are designed to stop surges from your vacuum cleaner, your furnace and AC, and the industrial building down the street.

We have customers whine every thunderstorm asking why did their $9.95 surge suppressor not stop lightning damage... It cant, in fact you can not buy anything on this planet that can stop a close or direct lightning hit.

I have seen lightning blow up electronics that were unplugged and sitting in the cardboard box. getting a hard strike 8 feet from the south wall where all the gear was going to be installed. Every single device was fried when we opened the boxes and hooked it up.

Comment: Industry being destroyed! (Score 1) 31

"they calculate that the economic impact of geomagnetic damage must amount to several billion dollars per year."

We can not tolerate this economic disaster hitting the very low profit insurance industry! WE shoud act and demand congress solve this issue by blowing up the SUN to eliminate these solar geomagnetic storms.

Comment: Re:2-year CFLs (Score 1) 185

by operagost (#47431329) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

"equivalent to 100W" really means "almost equivalent to 50W" thanks to the usual practice of industry-written standards and regulations.

Agreed-- I'm not sure why companies think it's OK to claim a 600 lumen bulb is "60W equivalent". That's why you look for the lumens on the packaging. No lumen rating? Don't buy. No government intervention needed.

Comment: She didnt relapse, it came back (Score 1) 65

by Gothmolly (#47431193) Attached to: Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

There's a difference. Given that the human body sucks at fighting HIV, its not as if she did something and 'relapsed', the virus merely came back out of hiding from wherever it lurks (marrow, lymph, spleen, etc).

It's like how animals don't "evolve", rather then ones who DONT change simply die. No animal DECIDES to suddenly grow fins or stripes.

Comment: Re:because: Republicans (Score 1) 66

Sure, let's ignore the two years when the Ds controlled both houses and the Presidency, yet nothing changed.

Sure, let's ignore the fact that the Senate is still controlled by Ds.

Sure, let's ignore the fact that the White House is still occupied by a D, who has executive power on the regulatory department capable of making some of the changes.

I'm sure it's all because of one party, and if we just eliminate that party, the Democrats will fix everything. Don't think of it as one-party rule, think of it as one fewer party.

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by operagost (#47430843) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...
My experience is that GE makes, or at least MADE as of two years ago, the worst CFLs. They die within a year, especially if installed upside-down. I had a Sylvania that I bought 7 years ago that went through two moves and three light fixtures finally die after about three years in an open can fixture. The GE that replaced it died in six months. Well, sometimes it works if you fiddle with it.

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by operagost (#47430761) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

A side story on unintended consequences...

The meddlers in Congress wanted to stop the serfs from using inefficient incandescent lights. So they passed (and W signed) a bill in 2007 that, besides the phaseout we all enjoyed, required that all CEILING FANS, of all things, include an energy-saving bulb. However, they included an exemption for ones with candelabra sockets. Naturally, to save the $1-2 per unit, the manufacturers started putting candelabra sockets in every ceiling fan, even when there was plenty of room in the design for a standard socket. So now, where I would have easily swapped out the bulb for a medium-base CFL or LED myself, now instead I use the inefficient cheap incandescent they included, or I pay 2-3 times as much for an LED that actually fits the socket, or I have to buy a replacement socket and wire it in myself. Socialism FAIL.

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