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Comment The Newspaper of Record (Score 1) 259

Kudos to the NYT for pulling the article. Shame they published it in the first place.

You got it half-right. They deserve no "kudos" for hiding a mistake. Once upon a time, this was supposed to be "the newspaper of record", now they regularly let the text of stories morph for inscrutable reasons, without so much as a "Correction" notice appended to it.

Comment Re:WSJ is incorrect in title, implication (Score 3, Informative) 434

You can't expect to have a clue about what's going on in the United States if you don't follow the British press. (Here in the Land of the Free, we've got the best media that money can buy.):

Hillary Clinton email inquiry not linked to criminal wrongdoing, official says
Despite reports to the contrary earlier on Friday, investigation isnâ(TM)t criminal Campaign spokesman Nick Merrill criticizes New York Timesâ(TM) âfalseâ(TM) claim

Comment Re:Entrepreneurs are not business people (Score 2) 151

Many entrepreneurs wait too long before calling in a business person to watch over the financial aspects and business goals of the company.

There are many companies that are killed by the opposite process: they bring in Responsible Management that's supposed to tell the techies how to do biz stuff right, and in turns out that the Responsible Management essentially looks at the start-up as a stock scam, they want a flashy IPO so they can turn it and burn it and cash out fast.

Venture Capital often seems like a really lousy deal, they're never interested in slow steady growth, or long term prospects, or anything like that.

Comment Watch Leonard Susskind in action (Score 1) 148

If you'd like to actually know something about string theory, I suggest watching some of Leonard Susskind's lectures:
You will then be in the position of being able to intelligently criticize the theory, instead of quoting other people's jibes.
Susskind is not interested in bullshitting anyone, by the way... quoting from memory: "This is why a lot of us found string theory to be so promising. And it keeps promising and promising."

Comment Re:Long time... (Score 2) 240

The real question is why Windows 8. Okay, some dorky website run by twenty-somethings is bound to leap on trendy, flashy technology, because the kids look on "backwards compatibility" as some outmoded, fuddy-duddy infringement on their creative freedom, but you'd think a company like Microsoft would run a complete UI revamp through a testing phase, and not just listen to some bullshit like "oh, people are always resistant to change, they may hate this at first, but when they get used to it, they'll love it!".

Comment Re:OK, but... (Score 1) 89

X11 is doing all things bad.

But that is the price of Freedom!

Note that I did not close by saying "what are you, some kind of Nazi?" (going for the true meta-Godwin).

Comment Re:Software is the wrong villian here. (Score 1) 307

Private debt drives the economy. And yet economists have convinced themselves and us that we can safely ignore the role of banks debt and money. This situation is absolutely insane.

You appear to have convinced yourself you can completely ignore those "economists" and figure out what they think via telepathy.

Personal opinon: on economics, you're better off reading Krugman than slashdot.

"The most important thing in a man is not what he knows, but what he is." -- Narciso Yepes