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Comment: Re:Iran is not trying to save money (Score 1) 397 397

Math is FTA, detailing the costs of the program ...

CANDU runs on unenriched fuel, if you want it to. Or the 'waste' from other reactors. Advanced (meaning Gen 3+) CANDU runs on slightly enriched fuel. If you are starting fresh with no legacy reactors to fuel, there is zero need for a massively expensive and overdone enrichment program. Take that into account along with the history here so far (enrichment levels, posturing, Russia's offers, etc.). To me, anyways, that strongly suggests that there is an ulterior motive to this particular enrichment program.

Comment: Re:That's right. (Score 1) 224 224

More just a comment to illustrate that, once they got the locking heavy cockpit doors in place, the rest of the 'preventing a hijacking' problem was mostly taken care of. It is, however, a REALLY good reason to stay buckled in (tight) at all times unless you're up for the bathroom.

Comment: Re:Politicians will be stupid but scientists/techn (Score 1) 356 356

Why invest in short term solutions?

Yes, why do anything ever if there is something better eventually behind it? You are starting to skirt the edge of stupidly fanatical. If we have a technology NOW that allows us to effectively halt our contribution to climate change, we do that. While we are doing the thing that we know how to do, we're also researching how to do the thing that we'd like to be doing - solar in the near term (100 years), fusion out past that.

My point about coal & natural gas is made to illustrate the huge gains to be made in divorcing ourselves from coal as rapidly as possible. Almost anything is better. "Better" is what we're all supposed to be working towards - my better is a drastic reduction in dispersed pollutants from energy production (mercury, ash, atmospheric uranium, CO2, etc.). What's yours? Solar isn't worth doing just for solar's sake, there needs to be a reason.

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