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Comment Downtime is a factor (Score 1) 155 155

Oh... I also left out that Cosmic Encounter is a game with basically zero downtime, since everyone is usually involved in everyone else's turn. That can be something that keeps people happy in games when they HATE waiting for their turn. I am far more patient than some players, since I can handle old-school wargames that take all day to play, but I am easily in the minority. ;-)

~Kat ^_^

Comment Games with Negotiation and Variety (Score 1) 155 155

Games where there is a lot of variety and games with negotiation are golden in my book. This is why I adore Cosmic Encounter and Dune. Both games are made by the same guys and they were far ahead of their time. You will never play two same games of Cosmic Encounter or Dune. Such great games. Cosmic Encounter is definitely far easier to get to the table because Dune basically is best with exactly six players... and Dune can be too long for some players. I should also add that Dune was reprinted as Rex (rethemed sci-fi game in the Twilight Imperium universe) because the Herbert estate wouldn't give rights to use the theme again, so if you want to play a proper copy of Dune, it can be pricey. The Dune theme is also a big fun-factor for me, so I will always prefer to play Dune over Rex. Theme is usually a huge factor in me liking a game or not. Games with light theme tend to be lower on my list.

I also really love cooperative games, but I know that some people HATE those types of games. Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island is a 10/10 for me. Dripping with theme and so fun to play. It also plays amazingly well solo, so that is always a plus for a game. :-)

~Kat ^_^

Comment Contractually Obligated (Score 1) 176 176

Sony is likely contractually obligated to give it a theatrical release. A lot of actors have it in their contract that the movie will have some sort of theatrical release, so even having it open in one single theater in Texas would count, for instance.

~Kat ^_^

Submission + - Apple Deleted Users' Non-iTunes Music->

KatchooNJ writes: Engadget is reporting that Apple deleted users' non-iTunes music and didn't tell them about it. From the article:

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You grabbed Lady Gaga's The Fame Monster from Amazon MP3 in 2009, threw it in your iTunes library, went to sync your 160GB iPod classic and got an error message saying you needed to restore the device's factory settings. According to The Wall Street Journal, upon restoring, non-iTunes music would disappear. In the courtroom for the anti-trust case, prosecuting attorney Patrick Coughlin said that Apple directed the software to not tell users about their now-missing songs, too. Cupertino countered by saying that its actions were to thwart any attempts at hacking into iTunes and that users were kept in the dark for a reason. As security director Augustin Farrugia testified:

"We don't need to give users too much information... We don't want to confuse users."

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Comment One thing... sugar tastes better than HFCS (Score 1) 422 422

I know one thing for sure... HFCS doesn't taste exactly the same as regular cane sugar. It was the mid-80s when most of the major sodas converted to using HFCS and those of us who lived through that remember that it tasted different. In fact, I have recently discovered Mexican Coca-Cola (in glass bottles!) made with cane sugar instead of HFCS and it has totally won me over. I feel like I am drinking a soda again from 1984. Unless there is more going on in that formula in Mexico, it shows me that sugar tastes better than HFCS... no doubt about it.

Comment Kitty Thyroid medicine (Score 1) 279 279

Thankfully, I am 100% confident that my kitty's thyroid medicine does work; she has hyperthyroidism from a benign tumor on her thyroid. It was VERY obvious that it was having a positive effect when the vet put her on it and I saw her plump up and feel tons better. Vomiting was another symptom... and that ceased. Another symptom was that she was dropping weight, which was scary because she was always hungry despite getting skinnier and skinnier. In fact, once she was on the medicine, she got a bit chubby and we ended up having to lower her dosage. She then trimmed down to normal weight and we keep her on a managed dose; she needs to be on it forever. No doubt at all that this particular med works. Forget the name offhand, though.

Comment Re:Collecovision (Score 1) 178 178

You are right about the C-64 power supplies. I went through a few of them, myself. I remember ultimately getting a 3rd party model that was advertised in Compute or Compute's Gazette back in the day. They touted that it was far more reliable. I think it was pricey... I have a weird memory of it costing $35 back in the 80s. (My grandmother was kind enough to spring for it.) I still have it to this day and it still works like a charm, so I guess it was worth the money. :-) Solid and sturdy... unlike the stock ones that came with the system.

On the other hand, you won't get me to easily praise much about the ADAM. heh I remember the commercials for it made it look great, though. Dragon's Lair looked quite good on it for the time! And it did play Colecovision game cartridges, so that was always a good thing. :-)

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