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Submission On-Chip Liquid Cooling Permits Smaller Devices With No Heatsinks Or Fans->

An anonymous reader writes: DARPA-funded research into on-chip liquid cooling has resulted in a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) liquid-cooled device that can operate at 24 degrees Celsius, versus 60 degrees Celsius for an equivalent air-cooled device. The cooling fluid resides only nanometers from the heat it must address, and operates so efficiently as to offer potential to stack CPUs and GPUs using copper columns, as well as dispensing with heat-sinks and fan systems. With those components removed, the system can facilitate far more compact designs than are currently feasible.
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Submission Nuclear Power Plants Woefully Insecure in the Face of Cyber-Attacks->

An anonymous reader writes: Nuclear power plants are deploying modern systems into their architecture but are still run by managers with an outdated view on cyber-security. This is the conclusion a recent Chatham House report came to, after interviewing 30 nuclear power experts from countries that deploy such systems in their national grid. The study has found out that, even if nuclear power plants are supposed to be "air gapped" systems, in recent years, technology and the Internet have caught up with them, and most of the time these facilities have VPN connections deployed, and in some cases, sensitive equipment can be found online with tech search tools like Shodan.
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Submission The First Oculus Rift Has Rolled off the Production Line->

An anonymous reader writes: Oculus doesn't plan to launch their Rift VR headset until Q1 2016 but the company seems well on their way to making it a major rollout, rather than the trickle seen by many other companies bringing consumer products to the market for the first time. At Oculus' developer conference last week, key members of the Rift's design and manufacturing teams talked about the manufacturing process, going so far as to say that they'd already rolled the first unit off of the production line that will eventually be pumping the headsets out en masse. "On this first [manufacturing] build we actually outperformed many major companies out there," said Caitlin Kalinowski, Head of Product Design Engineering at Oculus.
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Submission Ancient volcanic collapse likely triggered 800-foot-high tsunami->

sciencehabit writes: An ancient landslide on an island volcano is providing a worrisome lesson about tsunamis, thanks to some geologic sleuthing. According to a new study in the Cape Verde archipelago, a landslide triggered a tsunami more than 800 feet high--powerful enough to push massive boulders on a neighboring island onto a high plateau. The scientists warn that although such events are extremely rare, they could also be devastating if they hit a populated coastal area.
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Submission Increasingly, U.S. IT workers are alleging discrimination->

An anonymous reader writes: Some U.S. IT workers who have been replaced with H-1B contractors are alleging discrimination and are going to court. They are doing so in increasing numbers. There are at least seven IT workers at Disney who are pursuing, or plan to pursue, federal and state discrimination administrative complaints over their layoffs. Separately, there are ongoing court cases alleging discrimination against two of the largest India-based IT services firms, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services. There may also be federal interest in examining the issue.
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Submission IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors->

MarcAuslander writes: In the semiconductor business, it is called the “red brick wall” — the limit of the industry’s ability to shrink transistors beyond a certain size.

On Thursday, however, IBM scientists reported that they now believe they see a path around the wall. Writing in the journal Science, a team at the company’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center said it has found a new way to make transistors from parallel rows of carbon nanotubes.

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Submission Jim carrey's Scientologist girlfriend on 'SRD' when she killed herself: friends->

An anonymous reader writes: two of her friends tell the Underground Bunker what the rest of the media hasn’t reported: That Cathriona (pronounced “Katrina”) was a Scientologist who took classes at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre, and was currently working on her “objectives” in the “Survival Rundown.”
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