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Comment Re:I would hardly call R obscure. (Score 1) 197

True... I had a Pascal class in high school... it used to be fairly common to teach with once upon.

I still remember my teacher talking about a "Waloop" and I couldn't figure out what the heck that was. (I should note that I wasn't alone with this confusion in class.) Then it hit me that she was talking about a "WHILE LOOP"! D'oh! lol She had a wacky accent.

Comment Re:IoT (Score 2) 43

Agree. The Vic-20 was underpowered (5K RAM and only 3.5K was usable), but it was a great bargain at the time. I had the 16K RAMpack expansion, so that definitely made the computer a lot more usable and fun to use. :-) I eventually got a C-64, but the Vic-20 was my first computer and I would never call it a toy... it taught me too much. I even still own it to this day and it still works.

Comment Re:Preach it brother (Score 1) 57

most people will elect to play something from the past 15 years rather than something from 40 years ago.

If you only look at the last 15 years, you will miss some great games, like "El Grande", and of course the classic, "Settlers of Catan" which was released in 1995.

Jeez, time passes quickly.

Oh, I know... but it does seem true that most modern board gamers I see are very "cult of the new" and only want to play the new hotness. heh Most of the gamers in my board gaming group are like this. Meanwhile, I'm the wacko in the group with ancient-ass wargames and whatnot. heh My collection spans from (I think) the 40s until today. heh :-) If you include something like Chess or Go, it goes even further back. ;-)

Comment Re:Preach it brother (Score 1) 57

Testify! lol Yeah, I also have been gaming for about the same amount of time, so I can definitely agree. When I was a kid, we played Risk like something was wrong with us. lol We played it daily. Then Axis & Allies came out and we left Risk in the dust. I still have huge nostalgic love for A&A. heh Played a ton of the old Avalon Hill games like Dune, Up Front, Kremlin, Britannia, Diplomacy, 1830, Merchant of Venus, Acquire, Origins of World War II, etc... Loved them! Some still are fun and playable today (basically the ones I listed), but many show their age if you crack them out today after playing modern board games for a while. While some old games, like Cosmic Encounter, still are awesome to this day, they are the exceptions and most people will elect to play something from the past 15 years rather than something from 40 years ago. heh

P.S. I'm not actually a "brother", though. heh I'm the rare female gamer from back in the day. Hard to know that online, so I completely understand. ;-)

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