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Comment There are already handheld units over 5 joules (Score 1, Insightful) 276

This thing is less powerful than other youtube handheld rail guns... and the design while funny is not especially practical. Obviously the capacitors need to be mounted on your back or something to distribute the weight more effectively on the user.

*drops mic and walks*

Comment The questions were oddly techincal (Score 5, Insightful) 223

They should have stuck to very very simple questions if they were talking to a low information survey pool.

Questions like:
Do you want the government reading everyone's email?
Do you mind if corporations know your every activity on the internet?

Avoid the technical crap. Just keep it very very simple.

*drops mic and walks*

Comment We need technology like this... that works. (Score 1) 174

DYI medical diagnosis is the future and it is something we need.

Before someone says "home users should never use such things because only doctors are qualified"... what about home pregnancy and blood sugar and blood pressure tests and blood alcohol tests? So saying that only doctors can give tests is asinine.

Here is what I see people doing... they take the tests to know whether they should see a doctor or not.

*drops mic and walks*

Comment Re:More crap to turn off (Score 0) 578

Every response was relevant to what it commented upon.

Your inability to understand what "relevance" means argues against either your own personal intelligence or your own integrity.

The FIRST statement I made was in reference to the topic thread. Subsequent comments were in reference to following comments. The above statement is self evident to even the most limited intelligence of any note. That you don't appear to grasp that or are presuming to ignore that... again... idiotic.

As to your belief that karma ratings are any argument in your favor... you're an AC coward... you likely are so merely to avoid a karma response yourself... thus rendering any accusation of anyone else on this ratings basis as at best hypocritical.

Posts like yours demonstrate a fundamental lack of personal intellectual integrity and the fact that you made such a stupid comment argues that you're also not very bright.

This isn't merely my opinion. This is an easy and unavoidable conclusion of logic. If you so much as scum you'll feel shame at this... if not, then you're less than scum.

Comment Re:More crap to turn off (Score 1) 578

Relevance requires attention to context. Ignoring context... such as the comment the AC fuckwit made applied to a statement that I said while making it that it was a joke... ignoring that does far more to undermine your own claim to protocol or detail or relevance.

As to amusing analogies... Thank you... I do try to stay amusing if only to keep myself amused. God knows damn few others are capable of it.

Comment Re:More crap to turn off (Score 0) 578

I'm anonymous you complete fucking waste of oxygen. Do you think my mother named me Karmashock? Do you think the US census department has a listing for Mr Karmashock?

You're literally so stupid that you have to be in a mental facility. You're probably typing by bashing that football helmet you wear everywhere into a giant playschool keyboard while drooling apple sauce all over the place.

You're pathetically attempting to conflate REAL NAME posting with what you are... which is an anon-fuckwit-failtroll.

My private identity is protected by virtue of there being no link between my screen name and my actual name.

Were you to login you'd enjoy the same protection which is all you need.

What you want to do is be a complete waste of biomass... say idiotic shit... and then escape any judgement for it because no one can tell you fucks apart. Only it doesn't matter because you're all almost uniformly retarded.

Comment Re:More crap to turn off (Score 0) 578

I even said "(joke)" in there... and as usual another fucking stupid AC fuckwit presumes to contradict me.

Seriously. If you spent the first 15 years of your life drinking mercury, eating paint chips, and fantasizing about fucking your sister then have the good grace to stay off the internet.

Why this board has the AC feature is baffling. With almost no exceptions you people are irredeemable. And while some of you might just have more than one rotten tooth left in your filthy mouths... those of you that are so privileged would log the fuck in were that a prerequisite.

Here you're going respond with some pathetic attempt to redeem your stupid ass. Just stop. There is literally nothing you can say besides "sorry" followed by not wasting my time ever again. That's literally the only acceptable response at this point.

And I'm sure some pearl clutching child rapist is going to tell me "oh stop saying mean things to idiots"... Gents, that's like saying don't wash your underwear because you'll kill the fucking bacteria. Imagine any community with literally zero filters on it and you've got a community that has gone to shit. If you want /. to be worth ANYTHING then you have to rhetorically euthanize the fuckwits. No way around it. So please... enough of your pathetic kindergarten bullshit.

And then some retard will go "oh I'm going to mod you down"... to which I give zero shits. Go to fucking town.

Comment Re:More crap to turn off (Score 1) 578

Because "breaking the law" in this context is about as threatening as the proverbial "Cyberpolice"... for one thing it isn't policed or enforced. For another thing, they can't and will not police or enforce it for a long long long long list of reasons that anyone could guess a dozen of if they just stopped and thought about it for a moment.

I'll give you that moment.

Okay. Now you know why that isn't a credible worry.

You disable the crap, bypass the windows update... I literally disable the system service in the slipstream installations. The damned thing never even has a chance to load even once.

My systems do not talk to microsoft servers using microsoft backdoors and backchannels. They can access websites on their domains. They can download files on their domains. But they do not send or receive any communication I do not explicitly approve of... it really isn't that complicated. All the ways in which such systems phone home etc are well documented and the means to disable those features are well documented.

So... you just do it. You literally go through the whole fucking list of things and do them all. And when new things come around... you add that to the list.

Its no big deal. I rarely have to add more than one thing to the list per YEAR after going through about 20~40 issues in the initial OS release. All the really irritating issues are in that initial release. You deal with that and there is very very little you have to deal with there after. I think since windows 7 has been released... and since I went through the first 30 or so problems I had with it after the install... I've only had to patch three or four things.

A lot of the MS bullshit after the initial release is voluntary. The security patches etc have never broken one of my other patches. They could... but they never have.

I don't use Windows Update... and the other services that phone home are either blocked at the firewall level, outright removed, or merely kneecapped.

Its not rocket science. And before someone says "wouldn't you rather use linux where you don't have these problems"... I "DO" use linux as well. its not some either/or binary.

I use Windows, Linux, OSX, Android, iOS, and several other operating systems.

Each has something they're better at doing. On my laptop... I mostly run Windows 7 with VMWare hosting about six different virtual machines that have different specialized functions. I even have an OSX VM. Because Steve Jobs can suck it. And

The schemes of MS will effect the walmart users. I'm not a peon so none of this concerns me.