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Comment Sprint should phased out CDMA (Score 1) 55

Its not helping them. The entire market needs to integrate and using incompatible tech that isn't employed much elsewhere... and doesn't especially offer any benefits is not a fantastic idea.

At the very least, sprint should transition to 100 percent hybrid phones and networks.

I'm not touching any carrier that I can't just use a sim card for at this point. I'm also done with contracts etc.

I'm happy to sign up to pay X per month every month. However, I'm not agreeing to be bound for X years into that contract. Its month to month or no deal.

Comment Money isn't the issue (Score 0) 202

Every government agency pleads poverty when they fail... even when the argument is laughable.

Take education... they spend more on it every year and the test scores drop year after year. You can also point at schools that get much less money that do much better while looking at schools that get lots of money that do very poorly. There's no correlation between funding and success in public education.

And you can find similar patterns in a lot of other government services. Simply throwing money at something is not a reliable means to get quality service. And by the same token, cutting a budget does not mean you get poor service either.

In the case of the EPA, I think we can think of a lot of ways for the EPA to have done a better job here without actually having to spend a dime.

Claiming poverty is merely a dodge. If they had received all the money they wanted... they still could have f'ed it up. Look at the ACA scandal where they spent absolutely absurd amounts of money building a website... and it still failed.

Giant piles of money =/= success or competence.

And there are operations around the US and the world that do all sorts of amazing work on a shoe string.

The US needs to get away from this notion that budgets can be infinite. Belts need to be tightened and institutions that can't cope with that need to have the fat trimmed.

In my experience working with government agencies, there are a LOT of people working for the agency that do almost literally nothing. I mean... in some cases they literally are spending their days using the office internet to search for pornography and then jerking off in their offices. Literally all day every day. What makes this even somewhat work is that you have a small cadre of really dedicated hard working people that carry the water for the whole agency. THOSE people deserve to be paid. The people jerking off in their offices do not.

Saying the EPA couldn't error check some f' up at VW for 10 years because of budget problems is an insult to our intelligence and a condemnation of anyone's intelligence that buys that line of crap.

The EPA f'ed up. Period. No buck passing. No finger pointing. Just accept it.

Comment And not a single fuck was given (Score -1, Troll) 107

Exactly why would this matter? We didn't get a contract? Probably because we asked for "money" or something of "value" from cuba... and they're "poor"... so... yawn.

The two negatives of china getting the contract:

1. They get the money cuba would spend on the cable... since that money = 0... no fucks are given. Possibly they did have money but if they did it was probably money we literally gave them as a bribe to let us turn the normalization of relations into a PR stunt. And "IF" that is the case... then our government is just being stupid again. If we gave them the money then we should have included a clause that said "you have to exclusively buy certain things from us with that money"... just letting the Cubans give the money we gave to the cubans to the chinese... stupid. That is again... just going on the speculation that the money potentially being given might have very well come from us in the first place.

2. We won't be able to spy on them because the chinese won't let us install cooties in the Cuban networks... which is what someone would think if they didn't know the NSA gives no fucks and will install cooties where they fucking want to... what is more... where is this cable going? The US? Mexico?... it doesn't matter... where ever it goes it will be bugged by the NSA if the NSA wants to bug it... and whatever in Cuba the NSA wants to be bugged will be bugged as well. So... total non-issue.

So the downside of china getting the contract... we don't get some money we don't care about and it is marginally harder to bug an incredibly soft information target.


Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 0) 250

No... I merely offered an amusing example of getting chewed out looks like in the real world.

You're one of those retards that says "that isn't how things are"... then when shown evidence that such things are actually quite common you'll goal post move.

Fuck off and die.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 0) 250

Adults insult adults all the time and do so effectively especially in anything serious.

You're confusing politics geared towards the lowest common denominator with how things work in more serious settings.

In a serious setting, if a peer does something really dumb... then they get called out on it. And the goal is not to convince as much as to attack the status of the person making the dumb choices.

As to convincing you... if you're this fucking stupid then why would I try to convince you? I don't need or care if you're convinced. Be stupid. This has no effect on me either way. You want to get ripped off? Get ripped off... fools and their money.

As to the linux people... they do just fine.

As to thinking everyone is an idiot but me... not everyone disagrees with me... so... even by your sad little strawman you're full of shit. Its little comments like this where you out yourself as an idiot. That's a dumb statement from you. ;)

as to presto intellectual pretensions... where did I claim to be a psychologist, fuckwit? Oh that's right... no where. That was your monkey ass.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

... where did I say I spent so much on hardware?

What was that? No where?


I spent 1200 USD on my LAPTOP which my gaming machine. Now... is that 1200 dollars on gaming hardware? Nope. Maybe about 200 dollars. Because I like fast machines and lots of bells and whistles on my PC anyway. And the gaming hardware generally makes the whole PC better. Its faster, has more space, more ram, and it has a nice graphics card.

If I bought a non-gaming PC it would have cost me 1000 USD minimum simply because I don't like slow machines.

So my gaming system... cost me maybe 200 dollars.

Now because I spend less than you on some things doesn't mean I CAN"T spend more... it just means I'm smarter than you so I don't get ripped off or taken advantage of... like you twats.

As to there being inexpensive console games... tell me about your steam sales. I get AAA games downloaded directly to my system from steam for about 20 dollars at most. I add games I want to my list and when the price drops I get a notification in my email that the price dropped... and if it dropped enough... I buy.

As to transparent DRM, the DRM on modern PC games is largely transparent as well. Most games are being sold through steam or GoodOldGames these days. And Steam's DRM is very weak and never causes problems. And GoG refuses to sell games with DRM on them at all. GoG releases have NO DRM... NONE.

So no.

What do I spend the money I save on gaming on?

1. Other things... blow jobs and hookers ... it doesn't really matter. I get to keep more of my shekels which is a good thing.
2. I actually spend a lot on kickstarter, patreon and other crowd funding things FOR games. My favorite devs often have a hard time justifying a project to a modern publisher. I like complex games. And a lot of publishers want games dumbed down. In one case I gave a developer 1000 USD because I wanted to support that project. Just to be clear here... I have LOTS of money. I just don't like getting raped by shitty business practices that rip off gamers. I'm not an idiot. I will not pay 400 dollars for hardware that can only be used for gaming and will be out of date in two years regardless of anything else.
3. Upgrades! I pay 200 dollars for the gaming hardware... and then upgrade whenever I feel that I'd like better graphics. I don't HAVE to upgrade. I've stuck with the same PC hardware for as long as 5 years in some cases and been able to play the latest games on it. Towards the end, I did have to turn the settings down but all that mattered to me was being able to play the game. At some point its time to buy a new computer though. I buy a new computer every 2 to 5 years. The savings on games, internet access, and the dual use of fast gaming hardware being a benefit to my general PC use... means I can easily afford the upgrade costs if I feel like my system needs a kick.
4. I buy games for friends. I like multiplayer and something we do is we buy multiple copies of a game when we buy a game. So if I like game X then I buy 3 or 4 copies of it. And my friends do the same thing with games they like. Then we give the game we want to play to our friends. Over time the price evens out because we get free games from our friends this way. Think of it like how you take turns paying for the bill at a restaurant. One time Tim pays the next time Bob pays... and so on. This system means my friends always have the game I want to play and I always have the game they want to play. Everyone wins.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

1. Consoles are more expensive. You pay more for games. You pay for internet multiplayer. There are also quite a lot of PC games that are entirely free and quite good. Pick your ideal genre. Shooter? Lots of free shooters. RPG or MMO? Lots of free RPGs and MMOs. Especially when it comes to multiplayer games there are some really great PC free to play games that are really good. You can drop into Steam and fill your computer with really good games that cost you zero dollars. You can't compete with the price point on consoles. Add into that steam deals or humble bundles... you're able to buy all the games you'd want in a given year for maybe 10 dollars each. You're dropping 60 dollars into your games. No comparison.

2. Bugs are over rated... you mostly get them on rushed AAA games that you probably shouldn't have played in the first place. The shit devs are known. You avoid them and you don't have a problem.

3. Exclusives are paid exclusives and they are generally effectively game kidnapping. By rewarding MS and Sony for this you are encouraging them to fuck up the gaming community. You can't defend that.

4. The entire console is wall to wall DRM. I can't believe you think the console has LESS DRM... if the console had less DRM it would be easier to pirate but it isn't so you're wrong.

5. Why would I care about PC ports when there are 50 PC exclusives that are PC exclusive without having to be paid to be PC exclusive for every shitty port? What port are you talking about in any case that I would care about? PC gamers generally ignore the PC ports in the first place because they're known to have shitty controller centric controls, poor optimization, simplistic interfaces, poor modding support... etc... fuck PC ports. I think the last PC port I played was Halo... and that was just for the story which sort of amused me.

The console has no pros. Only cons.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250

dumb people refuse to let go of dumb ideas whether or not they're labeled dumb. So saying they're holding to an idea because it was labeled as dumb is a false association. They would be even more likely to hold onto the same idea if you praised it or said it was a smart idea.

Saying the idea has merits and we should talk about it implies the idea has merits which is at best dishonest and sells the counter argument short while giving the dumb idea undeserved credit.

Just because I say an idea is dumb does not mean I don't have reasons for saying it is dumb.

Smart people that cling to ideas labeled as dumb do so because they don't see justification for the judgment that the idea was dumb.

Dumb people cling to dumb ideas that are labeled as dumb because they lack the intellectual machinary to judge dumb ideas from smart ideas. And that being the case are not going to be able to self correct or engage in any kind of intellectual discussion on the issue.

Your compiler for example tells you when you make a mistake. And because you're not stupid, you understand that you have to write your code in a way that the compiler is going to accept it. You can't just double down on your mistake and refuse to admit your error. The compiler doesn't care what you think or feel. it has a system or rules that have to be followed or you can go fuck yourself.

And that is how the world works as well. We coddle people and say that everyone's opinions are equal. This is a lie. Some people have dumb opinions. Some ideas are stupid. Some systems of thought do not actually work. Given choices as a consumer are more or less optimal.

And consoles in the 21st century are a dumb move. You pay more. You get less. You have less control. Your don't have backward compatibility. You are subject to the whims of whatever MS or Sony feel like doing. You have to pay for internet gaming which is insane because you're already paying your ISP. You can't leverage your gaming hardware to do other things like you can on a gaming PC that can also do video editing or just open webpages faster...

There's no reason to go with a console except get access to paid exclusives which is the consumer equivalent of paying kidnappers. I'm not rewarding that behavior and I think less of anyone that does it.

There are a couple paid exclusives I would like to have played. But I can't justify it because its a waste of money just for that and even if the money meant nothing it would be rewarding unethical business practices which I cannot ethically condone.

Comment Re:LEGO Dimensions on 5 consoles and not PC (Score 1) 250

... so unbe-fucking-leviably wrong I don't know where to start with you.

1. Lego worlds

2. Lego star wars

3. Lego batman

4. lego marvel

5. Lego hobbit

And if you want to talk about "toys to life" series where some toy company releases a toy that is supposed to interact with the a video game directly... we have those too:

Disney's infinity series

It is also a really niche product that we're seeing only from Lego, Disney, pokenmon... and I think that is literally it. Frankly the concept looks like vaporware and I don't take it seriously. We'll let the future decide which of us is full of beans.

If you like paying more for less... get a console.
If you like paying less to get more... get a PC.

This is not rocket science. I would NEVER buy my child a console. On top of it being a dumb choice it is also in my interests as a parent to introduce computers to my child... not merely as a toy but as a tool.

Gaining expertise with xbox offers nothing to a child's ability to master basic OS operation. But being a PC gamer will literally mean my child is more educated than console twits.

If you buy a console for your child in the 21st century... you're probably stupid... or you are a bad parent.

Sound harsh?... have a tissue and be a better person.

Comment Re:Consoles are easy to choose, use, and afford (Score 1) 250

Fine, I'll admit to being a psychopath if you admit to being an idiot.

When you put your fee wees above actually being right then you're imposing kindergarten social behavior on adult society at large. You're an ideological child.

Part of being an adult means moving beyond your fucking fee wees and understanding that the material universe doesn't give a flying fuck what ANYONE feels. I have literally nothing but contempt and disgust for your world view.

If it helps you feel like less of a tool to label me with invalid psychological terms that you couldn't hope to diagnose me with over a web conversation... then fine... "doctor"... presume to hold a medical credential we both know you don't have. That just makes you sound all the more desperate, pretensions, and foolish.

I am quite happy just labeling you a "twit". A non-medical derogatory term which I think has been adequately proven both from your own statements and my own illumination of those statements.

Judge away... The presto-intellectual pretensions of childish twits is not to be taken seriously.

Comment Re:PC dominates the gaming world (Score 1) 250


You're mistaking concentration of profits with profits in general.

Yes, a single company profits more via a console than does the PC which is a diversified market that no one company really profits from exclusively. However, the collective profits of the PC as a platform vastly dwarf that of the consoles... and again... merely as a gaming platform.


1. Gaming is a big issue with home users. Users that go with MacOS or Linux generally don't care about gaming. Merely choosing windows in the first place often has some roots in the knowledge that it is a superior OS for games merely because most games are written for it.

2. It is very easy to track console sales and console game sales since MS and Sony are aware of every single f'ing one of them since they get a cut of those sales and can track it on their own internal balance sheets. Tracking PC gaming revenue much less profit is very complicated because there are so many more players in the market. Saying PC isn't as profitable would mean you know how much nVidia, AMD, etc make on hardware for gaming, how much Steam makes for gaming, how much GoG makes for gaming, etc... you don't have those stats but even a casual look at the numbers will show you that the PC actually makes a lot more money.

3. If we're talking about profits and not revenue, you need to keep in mind that a lot of that profit is artificial and created through exploitative market tactics like exploiting captive audiences. Forcing users to pay a fee to play online games for example is just one thing you find on consoles that is exploiting mother fucking stupid console players. At a certain point, you're going to be arguing that you're better because you get raped harder by MS and Sony... if that's where you want to take this... I'll just concede you have a point... console players are idiots.

The Wright Bothers weren't the first to fly. They were just the first not to crash.