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Comment Re:The new priesthood (Score 1) 87

I've no idea how you got that out of the post but... if you want to develop software for a given domain, you need to gain domain-specific knowledge in order to ask the right questions. Vice versa, if someone wants to say, move my company inventory to a different location, it helps if they ask what exactly I want transported, the risks and issues associated with the goods, etcetera. I've never seen people disputing that.

But back to the original post: I agree with the poster that if the accountant's role is to provide input to developers, understanding what "SMART requirements" are, helps a lot. So follow a requirements course. That's way more relevant to him in his own work as well, than learning HTML and Javascript could be. Not to mention much less annoying to developers :)

If the accountant just wants to make sure they do their job and don't milk him for all it's worth, I suggest he hires a supervisor with programming knowledge from a different source to review their work a few times a month. Even if you hire the best in the country, it's probably still quite cheap versus the cost of the developers themselves.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1030

I am, actually.

The context in which that vile statement was posted was a reply to a question by another person whether there could ever be a hypothetical situation in which you could argue that these things were a good idea. He proceeded to construct an argument that from an abstract and scientific point of view, you could.

Of course, he chose the most outrageous position you could take to do it with. That's why I agree with the original poster that he's much more a troll, than anything else.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1030

Yeah, I read that page too, and I consider it a shining example of quoting out of context. I've looked up the originals and in context they weren't as stupid as the quotes on the page makes them out to be.

I disagree firmly with his writings, and I think the way he writes is a great example of "how to troll the internet" as shown by a dick, but the quotes are pretty selective. And therefore easily dismissed by his fans as slanderous.

Comment Re:There's truth on both sides here (Score 1) 1030

I don't even think Vox Day is a racist or misogynist. He's a griefer out for attention.

Might be true. But quotes like this make it hard to distinguish the one from the other: I've been reading his blog (yuck) and most of what people quote from him is missing bits and parts, that obscure the intention of the original text. I have not yet found a single instance of any racist of mysogynist quote in over 2 hours of reading through his posts. Yes, he does make the case that women should not be able to vote and are only good for bearing children - as hypothetical argument in response to another discussion. The list goes on and on with stuff like that.

I think he's a far right wing ideologue, but not stupid. Certainly not stupid enough to post something that could be construed as outright racist or mysogynist writings.

Comment Re:There's truth on both sides here (Score 2) 1030

If Orson Scott Card got his act together and wrote something on the order of Speaker for the Dead, or Ender's Game, again, I'm pretty sure he'd claim both the Hugo and Nebula. Unfortunately, the main reason he didn't get more awards was because most of what he wrote later was rather crappy. Xenocide, anyone?

Correia - I enjoy his books a lot, but they aren't in the same league as Stross or Scalzi. Correia takes the old fantasy plot of monster hunters and upgrades it rather well, but still... no. Comparing it to The City and the Stars is awful. Then again, MHI by Correia is miles better than Redshirts. I've never understood that particular award. Actually, *anything* by Scalzi is better than Redshirts. A miss, IMO.

But once Correia (or John Ringo, or Travis S. Taylor) create something that's really different from "upgraded western or war story" I'd be all for it. It's not that they can't write, it's just that their characters are so.. cardboard. Women are fuckable housewives, the "real" men are muscled jocks, we have the nerds, ... and let's not discuss the bad guys. If they aren't union organizers, or environmentalists, they're Democrats. If you read a lot of Ringo in one go, even the characternames start to become predictable.

Anyway, I didn't vote. But I'm curious to hear from the voters - anyone here?

Comment Re:WIRED has it right (Score 1) 1030

I think the stormtroopers were pretty heavily discriminated against and socially unequal to other members of society. That led to them becoming a bunch of stupid goons, I think. This led to the famous scene where Han Solo, Chewy, and Luke "rescue" Princess Leia, in a particularly inept manner - and survive it.


I can, upon request, also make arguments for the slave girls (Leia ended up as one, in THe Empire Strikes Back), anyone who is not a Jedi Knight with "midichlorians", or ewoks. Particularly ewoks. Jar-Jar Binks... no. I think I'll pass on that one.

Comment Re:Lovely summary. (Score 1) 1030

So I had to google his books, but i found this nice quote right after googling his name and I didn't want to withhold it :)

"Theodore Beale, known by his pseudonym Vox Day,[2] is a science fiction author, game designer,[3] musician,[4] pseudo-libertarian, anti-vaxxer,[5] racist,[6] Christian apologist, pickup artist, stalker[7], and all-round fucking idiot."

I think the last assertion needs more citations. And what is a Christian apologist? And while people are explaining, what is an MRA? The whole discussion is filled with incomprehensible slang.

Comment Re:Next batch includes more interesting emailadres (Score 1) 301

A lot of dating sites are scams. Locally they now have a branch organisation that tries to weed out the worst offenders but it's hard work. And even if the organisation itself does not scam, there's plenty of "women" trying to make a few bucks by scamming the desperate.

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