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Comment Re:Sony makes the best camera modules? (Score 1) 135

Atik 490ex mono, which is very similar to the QHY in size. You will love shooting mono, I just did my first narrowband last month and it was fantastic. I still need to figure out how to get the focus perfect, though. With so little light coming through on the narrowband filters, it is a bit harder to get the focus exact. One of these days I will get an autofocus motor.

I don't image at -20C in the summer though, its too damn warm out here and the cooler cant get it that low without killing the battery. But even at 0C I have never had a stuck pixel.

Comment Re:The Power of the State. (Score 0) 127

A right is something each individual has against the mob. Government is classified as a Mob.

This kind of thing is what happens when you don't understand what is, and what isn't a right. Rights exist and require nothing. You don't have a "right" to healthcare, because to give you "healthcare" denies the rights of someone else (Dr, Nurses ....) But hey, I'm a big fat mean libertarian who sees the tyranny as it encroaches.

Comment Re:Conclusion not supported by given evidence (Score 1) 215

You need to look at the decade running up to it, not 2 years. There was a great increase in money chasing enrollment running up to the peak. At 2 year difference in the peak isn't likely statistically significant.

I sat on the floor of the overstuffed lecture halls. EE not CS. But close enough.

Comment Re:Conclusion not supported by given evidence (Score 1) 215

Dimwit, I will explain.

I will use smalls number so you can understand.

There are 2 people majoring in CS, they genuinely like it etc. They are both men (duh).

Now the salaries go crazy and the greedy show up, 4 men and 4 women join the program. What just happened to the skew?

Comment Re:Probably not (Score 1) 70

Your smart phone already listens to everything you say, in case you might say some key word that it needs to react to.

No. No, my phone does not. Does anyone actually run down their battery and keep their phone unlocked and vulnerable to keep some voice-activated app always running?

Newer TVs and other electronic devices are becoming more voice activated.

A pointless gimmick that's a usability fail.

"Can you program?" "Well, I'm literate, if that's what you mean!"