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Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 293

Automatic weapons like a belt-fed .50 machine gun are terrifying because they are mounted and can sustain fire for long enough to mow a bunch of people down. If you actually fired that modified AR-15, you probably emptied the magazine pretty quickly, hit the target a couple of times and spewed the rest of the rounds up above the target.

Fully automatic fire, especially from a light hand-held rifle with a magazine filled with so-so .223 rounds, is pretty crappy at actually hitting anything. It was used for suppressing fire until the military decided that it was nothing but wasteful and changed it to burst-fire. If all of the criminals made their little pistols fully automatic, the homicide rate would probably go down and they would go broke buying ammunition.

Comment Re: Militant Slashdot (Score 1) 293

You appear to have missed the part about the governments that attempt to enact such social engineering having tanks and planes to kill you with before your guns have a chance to mean a damn thing.

Assuming that your only interface with the enemy will be through your strongest and most defensible position is the sort of idiocy that has permeated the arrogant US military since at least as early as Vietnam. It's especially idiotic when the 'enemy' lives in your own country and is indistinguishable from yourself. A rebellion would likely involve very little shooting at tanks and planes with .22 rifles. However, the supply chain that keeps those tanks and planes functioning is enormous, intertwined with civilian infrastructure, and extremely difficult to protect from within.

I'm not weighing in on the whole "we have guns to use against the government" debate... I'm just pointing out that your tired old argument doesn't reflect reality very well. I mean, supply chain issues aside... history tells us that bombing and shelling cities full of your own civilians doesn't exactly instill a sense of gratitude and acceptance toward the government. Quelling an urban guerrilla rebellion is more of a police action and would primarily use small arms.

Comment Re:How is this newsworthy? (Score 1) 293

Of course they do. Were you trying to employ a reductio ad absurdum argument?

We casually infringe on their natural rights because we want to and they (often) can't stop us. That we infringe on their natural rights doesn't mean that they don't exist, any more than it does when our government infringes on ours. We do the same thing to humans who live in different nations, and the established premise is that humans have natural rights.

Comment Re:Reposting my comment from the original article. (Score 1) 1832

You can do that here: It even gives you a special symbol: *

If only it worked anymore. Seriously, Dice neglecting the means to directly collect money from the users was more than a little stupid.

[It stops embedding ads in the site, but I don't remember it disabling the third party tracking code.]

Comment Re:Can we get an explanation on who gets mod point (Score 1) 1832

It doesn't appear to just be posting that counts against you. I generally check the site at least once a day, but I've noticed that if I go on vacation or have a crazy busy spell at work and don't check for a few days, I invariably have mod points when I return. If you have good karma and haven't received mod points in a while, try staying away for a few days.

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 1) 1832

Of course you need to actually *read* some of the comments. If there are 437 comments, but 400 of them are "foobar sucks" and "why won't foobar die", maybe you *shouldn't* post more stories.

Make sure that you guys take heed of this point, though. I think that Dice was under the impression that, "more comments means more ad impressions... end of story." We've seen a huge uptick in articles that don't fit the demographic in the last few years because of this, and the overall result has been regular users bailing. Pissing off your userbase is not a solid strategy for longterm profit!

Comment Re:Two simple suggestions. (Score 1) 1832

Articles on tech are fine, but TECH is not the only subject that falls under the "News for Nerds" umbrella (oh yeah: add that tagline back to the front page). Slashdot should run articles on a broad array of nerdy subjects including SCIENCE and MATH.

The areas that should be avoided altogether are purely political articles, which are highly toxic to the environment here, and most of the social justice type articles. If most of the comments below an article are bitching about its presence, it's a good indicator that the site would be better off without it. Even trollish tech articles like mdsolar's end up being somewhat informative. The political ones never do.

Comment Re:If you're still mucking about with com ports... (Score 1) 581

USB devices appearing to the OS as a serial port isn't terribly ugly and is a great way to keep from having to release drivers for each new OS. On the other hand...

The way that Windows handles serial devices by assigning them COM numbers is ugly as fuck. If they would at the very least, call the port "COM+serialnumber", the situation would be much better.

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