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Comment: Re:Erh... I don't get it (Score 1) 37

I mean, yes, it's true. And yes, it's interesting. But ... news?

Yeah, not really. In Australia I have known for decades that we have a great opportunity for our telescopes because we see portions of the sky that are out of sight for all you Northern Hemisphereans. Hardly news. That is also why bases in Australia are very useful during space flights, when the capsules or whatever go out of range for the Nrothern Hemisphere.

Oh, and it's summer here - a balmy 25 degree Celsius (=77 degrees F). And I live three minutes walk from the beach ....

Comment: economies of scale (pallet overtaken by container) (Score 2) 250

by glitch23 (#48650441) Attached to: The Magic of Pallets
Although the pallet was great it was superseded, in my opinion, by the shipping container invented by Malcolm McLean who enabled economies of scale with his invention. I first head of him when Malcolm Gladwell spoke about him and told his story at TIBCO NOW conference last month. Here is the wikipedia page:

Comment: Re:No, They Haven't Called Me (Score 1) 246

So? What can you do about it? When we travel we tell our kids not to expect constant contact. If someone dies, we can't do anything about it. If someone is hurt, they don't need us there to observe them. We're not cutting our vacation short. WHY do people need to be in constant contact or "available"? It isn't necessary.

Comment: Re:did you see that piece (Score 1) 555

by Znork (#48640517) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

It's beyond hypocrisy to make this moment the stand against the lack of integrity in games journalism when there has never been any to begin with. Games journalism was born at a time when journalism in general had already become grossly commercial, and it set out to emulate it as closely as possible. The games magazines followed the format of the sports magazines, which were already about selling you shit. It would be shocking if it had not come out to be horribly corrupt.

I would agree, and frankly I don't think it's the pay-per-review that's driving the gamergaters, as that issue is hardly new. I think they're getting triggered by these largely corrupt journalists attacking games, content and gamers, and the well known corruption is simply an easy and legitimate target in a two-sided shit flinging contest.

The fact that sex was the tipping point proves just how pathetic the gamergaters are.

I don't think the allegations of sex really were that important, the only extent to which they seem to have mattered at all was through the Streisand effect. Getting a private matter like that shut down is probably entirely possible if there aren't a host of high-profile and relevant tangential matters that will quickly start surfacing, and once you try shutting those down there's not going to be any tacit 'private matter, take it elsewhere' support from 99% of somewhat decent people.

Oh, and careful with the hustling suggestions, that's gonna get the SJW's on your ass for being a redpiller.

Comment: I'm a much younger 65 than my parents were (Score 2) 285

by mschuyler (#48635439) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...

It's true. When I look at their activities and their lifestyle when they were 65, I am much more active and act "younger" than they did at this age. This is not just a perception issue on my part. My father would never have plaid SW:TOR with his grandson nor eagerly awaited Dragon Age Inquisition. The bar has moved up for everyone across the board. And yes, I DID retire early at 55. That just gives me more time to level up!

Comment: Re: Simple answer... (Score 2, Informative) 482

by Dunbal (#48633145) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

Hahahahahaha you think tax money goes to pay for water and highways. No. Tax money goes to pay for stuff like this, this and this.

Haven't you noticed that America's infrastructure is crumbling? Now why is that?

Giving more tax income for the government is no better than giving a crackhead more money. It has been a long time since the US government has made effective use of its money. Besides - all tax revenue is barely enough to cover the INTEREST on the deficit (even at these low low rates) - let alone the deficit. A few hundred million here or there will make zero difference to the ocean of pork.

Comment: Re:did you see that piece (Score 3, Informative) 555

by Znork (#48631759) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate

Giving sex or blow jobs for preferential treatment is not a problem. However, a journalist not disclosing that he was receiving a blow job from the subject of his review while writing it could be considered an ethical breach.

Of course, the same goes for any other more common methods of obtaining promotional preferential treatment, such as donating copies of games, travel or hardware. The producer of the product has rarely made any commitment to limit how they encourage promotion of their products, but the journalist does implicitly make a commitment towards their readers to perform their job with a certain level of professionalism and adherence to good journalistic practices, which is where the ethical problem appears.

Whether anyones genitals are involved in any step in those chains is frankly irrelevant.

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