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Comment Re: It's not the Earth's fault (Score 1) 291

Yeah, you know, if you ask a human in 50000 years whether 'noon' means 'midday' or 'midnight', he'll say "zxyathslthe?" "blortpmi?".

With changes in the range of thousands of years, language will change orders of magnitude faster than the specific number we ascribe to 'noon'.

And yes, it is something you can easily ignore, as unless the human lifespan stretches into thousands of years, it's not like anyone's actually going to notice during their lifetime.

Comment Re: Academia is willing to protect total dicks (Score 1) 345

This problem is fixed by making consent explicit.

Yeah, see, the fact that you actually think that is one of the biggest problems I have with consent advocacy.

The problem is that in reality, mens rea means you don't have to have any actual consent, you just have to think you had consent. That means that consent law changes doesn't change what you seem to think it would change. As long as someone acts in a way the accused could interpret and motivate why they thought they had consent. And going along with it explicitly does mean that they are exhibiting behaviour interpretable as consent, which means that there was affirmative consent.

If you want the kind of consent law you seem to believe you want, then you'll have to advocate for specific and explicit consent requirements, or you're going to be complaining about why consent law didn't change anything but the margin between 'going along with' and 'not actively resisting'.

Comment Re:Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 2) 688

Considering Garrett's SJW credentials, it's more likely about working on his own, with his own mailing list where he can block anyone not adhering to his particular set of prejudices. I doubt it will be particularly productive. Or inclusive.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 4, Insightful) 688

While I think it's unfortunate that some innocents get caught in the crossfire, the toxicity of SJW culture is simply so damaging that I think the approach of not giving an inch is the only tenable one. Once you start coddling specific individuals by sanctions against other individuals you immediately start up the competition of the most offended, the community fractures into group politics and productivity rapidly dissipates.

There's no utility in being deliberatly uncivil unless it's necessary to get a point across, but as soon as someone starts requiring special snowflake status and demonstrates a sense of entitlement to special care for theirs or others feelings then they should get that discussion shut down asap. Allowing the SJW mindset to start festering will do much more damage than the cost of losing a few good developers.

(And it's hardly the first time Matthew Garrett has figured in an SJW context...)

Comment Re:The article has it backwards (Score 1) 153

It would be quite interesting to know whether the decision not to install SCR was taken before the optimizations were done. Because that actually would be a plausible theory of why this happened that would jive with my experience of the automotive industry.

If it was basically one asshat manager saying that 'yeah, we're going to do this IN SOFTWARE without using SCR! And save MONEY!", then I can see exactly what happens next. Engineers go "good grief, what an ass, this is going to suck in most cases". Then they get to figure out basically any and every situation you can reduce effect and write logic to accomplish it until they reach required targets. And it just so happens that the idiots designing the benchmarks have produced benchmarks that look nothing like reality so of course they'll get completely different results than what happens when you're not driving the car under specific ideal conditions.

Of course, if that's actually it, then it's not even intentional fraud. And actually using those optimizations would be a good thing as they obviously do reduce emissions in certain conditions where power might not be needed, it's just that they should be using SCR as well. And the benchmarks should be updated to reflect real life situations.

Comment Re:At least I won't have to read about it in Wired (Score 1) 234

People working for social justice are indeed people I have respect for. But the SJW term is mostly used for the (also often bigoted) temper tantrum special snowflakes, and frankly, the reason there's a need for a term like that is because there's an unfortunate tendency within many social justice movement to refuse to call out those who hide the fact that they're asses and bitches behind a social justice label.

I mean, hell, if people like you said that as far as you're concerned, Valerie Solanas was NOT a feminist, she was just a really fucked up head case we should at best feel sorry about, I'd still be calling myself feminist.

And say what you will about MRAs, but I've found that if you actually ask them who they consider good examples of MRAs they tend to come up with decent people like Warren Farrell, with many drawing the line at about Paul Elam, and pretty much nobody seems to consider the PUA/RP people MRAs.

Comment Re: Misunderstanding (Score 1) 403

China, these days it seems. But apparently it was popular in Germany, and of course there were mobile electrocutioners in the US.

Here's an article:

It doesn't detail if the vans are also available on the black market or only the criminals organs. Maybe check AliExpress?

Comment Re:Why now? (Score 1) 234

The jury is not supposed to be a debating club, and if you selected juries on the principle that they should contain people who believe both sides you'd have nothing but hung juries.

A jury must contain only people who do not already have opinions that are strongly prejudicial to the opinion they are supposed to form from the evidence presented to them. Anyone thinking sexism is rampant in tech should be as disqualified as anyone who thinks is isn't. Ie, you want jurors who have no opinion on the level of sexism in tech.

If you want people with opinions on the level of sexism in tech, call them as witnesses.

From what I've seen of Pao and the case, I think the preponderance of evidence suggests she's a narcissistic asshole. Which, I suspect, is why she didn't want to continue the case as, considering the reddit debacle further demonstrated her capabilities, she wouldn't have a chance of winning it without a jury of her closest friends.

Comment Re:At least I won't have to read about it in Wired (Score 3) 234

Well, sounds like he's actually got a case as the businesses he's suing actually seem to discriminate on sex. Pao, on the other hand, seems like she got treated badly because she was behaving like a flaming SJW and made people want to leave when she was involved, which the later stint at reddit seemed to confirm fairly well.

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