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Comment Re:Because that would be unimaginable CENSORSHIP? (Score 1, Troll) 828

Ah, the old "It's not censorship because it's a private company" thing that we always hear from leftists when non-leftist speech is suppressed. This is a principle of convenience, of course. Do these same people support the 1950s Hollywood (private company) blacklists of communists and fellow-travelers? Of course not! That's entirely different, somehow....

Comment A classic book: How To Lie With Statistics (Score 1) 238

How To Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff is an old but classic work that everyone should read. Its lessons about the ways that statistics are misused are as relevant as ever today. I read it in junior high school, but a bright 10-year-old should have no problem grasping it. It has entertaining cartoon-style illustrations, which help.

Comment Re:Trump could be elected today (Score 1) 239

Good points, but here are a few more: 1) One party only rarely keeps the White House for three terms in a row, and the general mood of the country (and especially that of a lot of swing voters) is not: "Oh please, let's have four more years like the last eight!" 2) Trump is quite popular in New York. It's not out of the question that he could beat Hillary there.

Comment Re:Activisim? (Score 2) 98

Well, no. If I dismissed a particular bearer of a particular argument as merely motivated by personal psychological issues, yes, that would be the ad hominem fallacy. But merely pointing out that personal psychological issues often underly political positions is simply acknowledging reality.

And of course, it's a matter of degree. Nearly every activist cause has some truth to it. There is plenty of tragedy and need and injustice in the world. But one way the personal psychology comes in is in how someone reacts to these things. Many activists get so emotional, and blow things up so out of proportion, that it's clear that they are upset over more than what they claim to be upset about. When college students have a passionate demonstration because the administration did not condemn "offensive" Halloween costumes, in advance of Halloween, it's obvious that more is going on. No psychologically-balanced person gets upset over Halloween costumes they haven't even seen.

Comment The Art of the Deal (Score 1) 316

It's important to remember that Trump is a businessman and negotiator, and I think he's using standard business negotiating tactics: ask for everything, then compromise later. Standard politicians only sometimes do that sort of thing, because they're too worried about offending or alienating some constituency, or too afraid of being labeled an "extremist" or whatever. But part of Trump's appeal is to ignore that, go big, get the headlines, and give the finger to the media and establishment as they clutch their pearls and whine that "Politics simply isn't done this way! *SNIFF*!" His supporters just love him more for it.

Comment Re:Of course they have to lie ... (Score 2) 676

You have a very naive view of Syrian refugees and Muslims in general. True, most aren't running around committing mass murder, but that's a bit of a straw many, because scores of polls in many countries over many years prove that significant fractions (and depending on the question and sample, sometimes majorities) support imposition of Sharia law, discrimination against Christians and Jews and gays, death for apostasy, death for blasphemy, and support various Islamic terror groups. Read it and weep.

As for Syrian refugees specifically, a survey last year by an Arabic group found that 4% have a positive view of ISIS, another 9% have a mostly positive view, and another 10% have only a mostly negative view. So if we get the 10,000 refugees Obama wants, that's 400 who support ISIS, plus 900 who mostly support ISIS, plus 1000 who don't think ISIS is entirely bad. Add to that the fact that 2nd and 3rd generation Muslim immigrants are often more radical than the original immigrants, and what could possibly go wrong?

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