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Comment Re:Only a problem if it's not anonymous (Score 2) 187

If the DNA information is just collected and stored anonymously, with no record of WHOSE DNA it is, I don't think it's a problem. It's useful for compiling statistics and doing studies. However, if law enforcement is interested in this data, it sounds like they are actually keeping track of who the DNA sample came from. Just make it anonymous.

That would make it useless to the insurance companies who want to buy it and deny you coverage.

Comment Computer down (Score 1) 36

I was at a big box store yesterday when the computer went down. They called all the cashiers to the service desk and passed out kits of multipart forms so that they could manually write orders. However, they had to look up prices on the website using their personal phones, since most items just had bar codes, and none of the cashiers had ever had to compute tax on a calculator before. It was hilarious.

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