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Comment Re:The wall will be built (Score 1) 828

Congress would spend most of its time dispensing with his vetoes, defunding any department he tried to turn to whatever idiotic or evil plan (if you can call what he does "planning") he had in mind.

why woudl you think this? repubs own both halves of congress, and while I don't think they'll go in for his most radical stuff, they're not going to outwardly challenge or overrule him.

Maybe because Trump is not a Republican? He just plays one on TV.

Comment Re:What do they mean by Computer Science? (Score 1) 246

Do they mean coding (AP computer science)? The higher-level design stuff? System administration? Information security? The article mentioned AP Computer Science, so we'll be the world's leader in Java programming.

Also, the benefit might not be employment as a programmer per se, but simply using programs as part of one's day job..

Programming or "using programs" has as much relationship to Computer Science as Welding does to Metallurgy. CS is about algorithms, data structures, efficiency, numerical analysis, etc.

Comment Re:Uh, no (Score 4, Insightful) 406

The problem is that Forbes doesn't know who the advertisers are. They sell ad space to a company which in turn sells some number of hits to many different advertisers, mostly through automated means. Some malware distributor buys some hits with a stolen credit card number, uploads the malware and neither Forbes nor their ad service has any way to track down the source. IP will turn out to be a Starbucks or Internet cafe.

Comment Re:There's no way that would hold up (Score 2) 406

Indeed, and if you have enough cash you can argue your case in court for a year or two and win. If you don't die of a stress induced illness before then obviously.

Don't be ridiculous; you can't win. If it looked like you had a chance of winning, the company would settle but require you to sign an agreement not to reveal the results. Just because a law is bad doesn't mean it can't still be used.

Comment Re: Wow. (Score 1) 954

Sounds like he answered the bomb accusation with a joke, which anyone who has cleared airport TSA in the last 20 years knows is a detainable offence.

72 hours, for a 12 year old making a joke, I doubt any of the perps in this case will do time, but I do see a large settlement in the family's future - complete with a gag order and empty promises to expunge the event from the record.

No.. that's 72 hours AND subsequently an ankle bracelet despite being entirely innocent.
Pricks. WTF is WRONG with people .. er.. sheeple.. these days. It looks to me that the 911 terrists have won. After all that's what it's about isn't it.. using one incident of terror to make people destroy their own society for years down the road? And boy did it work with America...

Bin Laden was afraid of Muslims becoming Westernized so his stated purpose was to incite a war between Muslims and the West. His plan is working so far with the help of ISIL and some US politicians. Every speech wins new anti-American converts.

Comment Re:Maybe track police vehicles? (Score 1) 238

If enough of us nerds have these and aggregate the data, we can see where the cops are going and make sure they are out and about doing their jobs. As the summary says, it cuts both ways. Start watching the watchers.

Also where the politicians are spending their time (and our money). Remember Gary Hart?

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