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+ - Micro Channel Architecture runs NetBSD->

Submitted by Intron
Intron (870560) writes "According to the mailing list NetBSD has succeeded in porting to an IBM RS/6000 Micro Channel PowerPC system. This is the holy grail of hobbyists with an old G30 in their garage. Other porting attempts have been defeated by the lack of documentation on booting and the system internals, but BSD prevailed. Only a limited number of different models are supported, but there are enough people with old hardware who might like to try it out."
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+ - USPTO New Accelerated Review Process

Submitted by Intron
Intron (870560) writes "Perhaps you have been lying awake worrying that your software patent on bubble sort might spend too much time being "examined" or "peer reviewed". You will be pleased to know that the US Patent and Trademark Office has launched their accelerated review process. "Applicants' submissions enjoy a presumption of patentability" says the patent office. Applicants are also responsible for disclosing any prior art."

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