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+ - Terry Pratchett Diagnosed with Alzheimers

Submitted by
rucs_hack writes "Terry Pratchett, the author of the Discworld series, has been Diagnosed with Alzheimer's.
He describes it as 'an embuggerance', and plans to continue writing his next two books, "Nation" and "Unseen Academicals" which are not based in the discworld universe.
I imagine the rest of the slashdot community will join me in extending our sympathy and hope for some means to mitigate the effects of the illness."

+ - NASA Says Ares I Moon Rocket Will Be Open-Source->

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes "The final contract to engineer the rocket that will send astronauts back to the Moon by 2020 was awarded to Boeing today, but NASA announced that its brains will be open for development from many contractors and hopefully even garage tinkerers.

From the article: "NASA's Constellation program, which aims to return humans to the moon by 2020, will use the Ares I rocket to launch Orion into orbit. A larger Ares V rocket, which will be developed based on the Ares I design beginning early in the next decade, will rendezvous with Orion in orbit and provide the extra units needed to escape Earth's orbit. But that doesn't mean that Boeing can count on billions of dollars of contracts for the Ares V, noted Ares project manager Steve Cook. The specifications for the Ares I design are 'open-source and non-proprietary,' he said, ensuring that future contracts will have full competition."

Given how this chart shows the increasing amount of international competition for reaching deeper into space over the past decade, NASA could probably use all the help it can get..."

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+ - Can open source games make money? 2

Submitted by rucs_hack
rucs_hack (784150) writes "I'm trying to code a multi platform online game, and I've been involved in discussions on the viability of open source as a model for a games development house. I'm unconvinced as to its viability, after all, I'm thinking business here. I want to make money, but I'm also well aware of the power of the open source community. I'm a fan of open source, but I see no examples of profitable businesses emerging in the gaming sphere. I don't have many people around with good understanding of game development and open source business models, so I throw the question open to the slashdot crowd, can a commercially viable game company be founded on the principles and practice of open source?"

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