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Comment Re:quote from the cryptography expert (Score 1) 82

This to me is by far the most worrying development of recent years, especially when combined with the incendiary tidal wave of spontaneous twitter and social media lynch mobs out there. Say the wrong thing, get taken out of context, or be mistaken from someone else and millions of strangers will make it their mission to ruin your life. Kids for example do stupid and immoral things, not neccessarily criminal, maybe just risible. Today their juvenile mistakes can be broadcast instantly to a self propelled global audience, made part of the culture and part of the permanent record.

This is no way a good thing.

We need to have a right to privacy with exceptions made for rare situations, and even then erased as soon as possible. Unfortunately I dont think that will be possible ever again, the opposing forces of cheap ubiquitous recording equipment and viral social media are unstoppable, despite having created a surveillance network beyond the dreams of the worst totalitarians.

Comment Re:So then the question becomes (Score 1) 438

Hahaha yeah beat me to it, what a legendary movie. Still though on a more sober note what does this mean? Are women less likely to cheat or do they simply have more readily available partners at hand? I mean I can order my groceries online but there's a supermarket two minutes away so I never bother.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

Your vast ignorance on these matters is best highlighted by your comment "No fault divorce works both ways and can give a man a quick way out if he is being treated as a financial investment", which of course followed the passive aggressive personal attack and was followed by continuing dimunitives in a desperate attempt at damage control.

I guess I'm done here.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

I'm not in favour of holding third parties responsible, they didn't sign anything, although I can see how my comment might be construed as such. Given that mutual fidelity is an assumed if not explicit part of the marriage contract, why shouldn't adultery factor into divorce proceedings? Nice touch with the whole "it's your fault if your partner cheats" thing though.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

Oh you mean stuff you made up and assumed without bothering to find out first? You realise you can still have divorce on tap while applying penalties in seperation proceedings for things like adultery, male or female? As it stands many of the assumed obligations in a marriage (and do not start accusing me of gender role enforcement for pity's sake, that's not what I'm referring to) have little to no legal standing which to my mind isn't simply unjust, it's bad contract law.

Comment Re:Very sad - but let's get legislation in place N (Score 1) 705

Ok, now the posts about the puppies are making a bit of sense.

Disagreement becomes hate whenever you're dealing with an extreme leftist. Don't gulag me bro.

No fault divorce works both ways

Gosh maybe that's why I said "a man or woman" above. So having set up that strawman you proceed to tackle it with all your might.

can give a man a quick way out if he is being treated as a financial investment

You really have no idea what happens to men in the family courts, do you. I mean this comment is flat out nonsensical.

Accusations and counter accusations really fucked things up for a lot of people back in the day

And they still do, especailly when it comes to children. Seriously you've no idea what you're talking about here, so I suggest you educate yourself before sticking your oar in.

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