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+ - How to Beat Online Price Discrimination->

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Intrepid imaginaut (1970940) writes "A new study found that major e-commerce retailers show some users different prices or a different set of results. Do you think you can find the lowest prices by shopping online? Think again.

A new study by researchers at Northeastern University confirmed the extent to which major e-commerce websites show some users different prices and a different set of results, even for identical searches."

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+ - Million of British Imperial Documents Being Digitised->

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Intrepid imaginaut (1970940) writes "A transgender singer hits stardom in Baghdad. Officials scramble to impose order after a Kuwaiti restaurant is found to be selling cat meat. Gulf royals on an official visit to London are left marooned in a drab south London suburb because of a shortage of hotel rooms in the West End.

These are some of the quirky stories hiding in nine miles of shelving at the British Library (BL) that hold the India Office Records — millions of documents recording Britain's 350-year presence in the sub-continent.

The India Office did not only administer India, it also exercised colonial rule over an area stretching west as far as Aden. That's why the files cover Persia and Arabia. And the reason the stories are coming to light is that the Qatar Foundation has paid £8.7m for nearly half a million documents relating to the Gulf to be digitised.

Work started in 2012, and many of those documents have now gone online at the Qatar National Library's digital library portal."

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Comment: Re:I'm still waiting... (Score 1) 161

by Intrepid imaginaut (#48203851) Attached to: Cell Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man To Walk

Your central point is that it's not okay for one group to do it, but okay for a group you bray your support for endlessly to do it. And then you have the gall to start complaining about false equivalency and of all things hostility, particularly hilarious given your own penchant for leaping in with both boots on. So once again, get fucked you fucking hypocritical little fuck.

Comment: Re:I'm still waiting... (Score 1) 161

by Intrepid imaginaut (#48199319) Attached to: Cell Transplant Allows Paralyzed Man To Walk

Oh, look, an article objecting to a specific methodology, that in no way was made illegal.

It's a paper, not some smear of a blog entry.

Okay. Those are equal. Yep. Look, your objection requires people to believe in a huge-criminology wide conspiracy to suppress data, whereas my objection just references a law on the books.

My objection requires people to believe in well supported research, and I don't really give a shit what you're referencing. Want more? Here you go:

I'm not even going to refute what you're saying, because, hell, Straus is a criminologist, and I'm not. But I will accuse you of willful false equivalence. Don't do that.

Get fucked.

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It has a lot of merit, especially if you're trying to do anything fancy. Getting the needed processing power from the client, especially in this day and age of overpowered commodity hardware, rather than the server frees up the server to do more important jobs, and really as long as you're sanitising properly inputs why not. What's really needed is a proper push routine but that comes with its own tangled web of problems.

Comment: professor in theoretical physics (Score 1) 366

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Did anyone else notive the fact that this dude's a professor in theoretical physics? He wouldn't know a genome from a hole in the wall, why is everyone taking what he says for granted.

The bare facts are we have no clear definition for intelligence yet, never mind being able to accurately predict this difficult to define trait in a developing embryo.

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Yup, why not teach them plumbing, cost me a hundred bucks to have a tap fixed the last day. If everyone was a plumber I'm sure I could have gotten it done for ten.

This is nothing less than for-profit corporations attempting to interfere with the education system for their own financial gain.

Last yeer I kudn't spel Engineer. Now I are won.