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Comment: Re:I'll take it (Score 1) 294

You maggots are like little fat marxist daleks waddling around the place shrieking "deconstruct! deconstruct! deconstruct!" even if you lack the self awareness to know this yourselves. The irony is that your entire assemblage is being deconstructed as we speak. The future does not look bright for you.

Comment: Re:I'll take it (Score 1) 294

Tell me, if a woman said "But if a man makes a pass at me or gropes me, I have no problem decking them," would you then respond with "Are you afraid you might like it?"

Not edgy, not cool, and mostly just another gormless attack on male heterosxeuality. The vast majority of dudes aren't gay. Deal with it.

Comment: Re: Lifestyle (Score 2) 332

by Intrepid imaginaut (#49457415) Attached to: California Looks To the Sea For a Drink of Water

It was pretty clear what you meant and you weren't making a point about farming. This kind of econut proselytising is why people are not inclined to listen to environmentalist activist groups.

Not just showing less (FYI we shower just as much in Europe)

Not even showering less. Get the memo, the lifestyles of the citizenry aren't the problem.

Comment: Re:What an Embarrassingly Vapid Article (Score 1) 477

Drunk driving/texting while driving/distracted driving will become ailments of the past. Lose your license? Afraid of going home from happy hour "buzzed"? Just buy an autonomous car. A lot less accidents too -- huge plus for society.

Sadly that's never going to happen, at least not legally. I can't imagine a legislature or insurance company that would allow people to operate an automated vehicle while inebriated or not in full control of their faculties. You're going to need to be able to take over at any time in case of emergencies or software failures, which means you'll have to keep a constant eye on your surroundings as well.

Not to say it won't happen anyway, but it won't be legal.

Comment: Re:you know what (Score 1) 53

by Intrepid imaginaut (#49392357) Attached to: V'Ger Source Code Released

I have to wonder how people such as yourself manage to paddle coherent sentences past the idot-drool as you hunch over your keyboard.

Women are a gender. Feminism is an ideology. Remember the difference.

One can be completely opposed to the warped ideology of feminism while loving and supporting women, indeed the only way to love and support women is to oppose feminism as it seeks to turn them into perpetual victims and undermines their personal growth.

As for right wing, marxist zealots identify anyone that doesn't agree with their dualistic cult as "right wing", which includes an awful lot of distinctly non conservative groups.

So, tl;dr you're a thundering moron.

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. -- Publius Syrus