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Comment: Re:This is why the Dems lost the House (Score 2) 828

by Idiomatick (#34605170) Attached to: Senate Repeals 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Of course, I really wish he would grow some balls and actually do that - the people he would lose are already lost, and actually getting something done would, I think, energize his base and maybe sway some moderates. Unfortunately, he's just fobbing this off on Congress so there's less risk to his political image.

You say this right after he GOT this passed. And it had to be a bi-partisan effort (to some degree at any rate) due to the super-majority requirement caused by the GOP filibuster system. If he shat all over the GOP he wouldn't have been able to sweet talk any of them over the fence and would have never gotten this passed.

It sure ain't sexy but this is how it has to be with current political climate and filibuster rules.

Comment: Re:Yea America! (Score 1) 828

by Idiomatick (#34605134) Attached to: Senate Repeals 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Don't ask don't tell was homophobic and anti-homophobic at the same time. In any case it was a step forwards at the time. When DADT was passed it had previously been illegal for gays to serve. DADT allowed gays to server but they had to shut up about it. It was a compromise.

Don't ask ~~ pro gays
Don't tell ~~ pro homophobes

Now that we have no need for the stop gap measure that DADT represents gays will be allowed to serve openly.

To summarize:
No gays allowed --> 1993 DADT == gays ok, but stfu --> 2010 repeal == gays ok.

As for your lack of support for this repeal. We don't have a law against openly admitting you prefer coke over pepsi. Nor do we have one banning people that put the toilet paper w/ the paper coming under rather than over. And we don't ban people that prefer the PS3 to the Xbox. Why? Because it doesn't fucking matter. You are soldiers there to do a fucking job. The sexual preferences of your fellow soldiers affect your ability to shoot a gun as much as their taste for Justin Bieber. It is the exact same thing.

Comment: Re:Developing new batteries (Score 1) 77

by Idiomatick (#34542350) Attached to: World's Smallest Battery Created
One time I got hit by an SUV in the winter and twisted to land on my arms instead of my backpack to save my laptop.... So you may have something there. Made sure my computer made it to post before I noticed I was bleeding. Ok... pretty sure its my fault. But still! I usually use the power cord :/

Also, I was thinking about LiON not NiMH or lead which do last longer. I was under the impression that you could expect around 60% capacity by the 4 year mark. Which for a car that is already severely handicapped by range could mean the difference between making your daily trip and not.

If 8 years is typical for cars coming out I'll be impressed.

Comment: Re:Developing new batteries (Score 2) 77

by Idiomatick (#34530632) Attached to: World's Smallest Battery Created
On a more serious note. Battery life span needn't be so poor from a physics POV. If my laptop battery life stayed at 9 hours I'd be very happy with it. The fact that it hovers around 45minutes today is upsetting. The same goes for cars. Possibly more so due to the huge investment. If they change the replacement cycle for batteries on electric cars from 2years to 10 it would be HUGE.

Comment: Re:Can't install an ap? That'll slow adoption (Score 1) 410

by Idiomatick (#34519000) Attached to: Chrome OS Doesn't Trust Apps Or Users
If it drops the cost of the device to some sort of sub 100 dollar range the thing suddenly becomes awesome again.

I'm actually supporting chrome devices having tons of ads. The more ads the bigger the drop in cost and I can just put linux on it. And google can bet on people not formatting and using it for a while.

Semi offtopic but a device maker getting paid per use really gives incentive to make a device that is addictive and lasts forever. It kicks the ass of planned obsolescence.

Nobody's gonna believe that computers are intelligent until they start coming in late and lying about it.