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Comment Re:America (Score 2) 393

still has not won the *real* war on terror. The terror on 9/11 still inspires fear on the mind of Americans. So the real war is yet to be won.

Whoever modded parent off-topic is an idiot and has completely failed to grasp why this is such a huge issue. To AC, well said sir. You have summed it up nicely. We have allowed the actions of a few thugs, fourteen years ago, to change our way of life and compromise some of our nation's core principles. The terrorists are winning.

Comment A Step In The Right Direction (Score 3, Insightful) 259

Clearly, the profit motive and the obligation to deliver on their product's promise are in conflict for Eyeo, so handing off the chore of deciding "acceptableness" to a third party is a good thing. The proof of course, will be in the pudding. They have yet to disclose how that board will be set up.

Comment Re:I don't know about your org.. (Score 1) 131

In mine, if the entire enterprise architecture teams were "hit by a bus" then likely no one would notice.

Jeezuz H. Christ.... Generalize much? Yes, yes. We can all tell stories of this or that [insert title here>] who was a waste of space, but a talented EA is a rare and valuable resource. I have seen far, far more damage done because of the lack of one that by a less-than-gifted one.

Comment Re:Let's face it... (Score 5, Insightful) 260

For the sake of all that is Holy, don't take those Answers in Genesis wackos as speaking for all Christians. Science and Christianity are compatible.

Uh, no. They are not. More generally, science and religious dogma are incompatible. One is a rational approach to knowledge and understanding, and the other is a collection of text purporting to be of divine origin and authority. Those two things are pretty much polar opposites. Now, if you want to argue that "scripture" should only be taken as metaphor... yada yada yada, OK. Fine. Please get all your Christian buddies to do so and then we'll talk. Until then, I will, quite accurately, place most of them in the "picks and chooses the 'word of God' to suit their need" group.

Comment Re:Broken since 09:00 UTC (Score 2) 64

Damn, their uptime this year will be less than 99,94%!

Three nines. Whoop-de-doo. I'm just glad I was able to easily derail the suggestion that "We should just use Skype for all of the business phones..." If I hadn't, I'd still get to say, "I told you it was a bad idea", but there's always that look that says, "Well, you should have told us harder", when the IT prophecy cometh true. Ya know?
Setting aside the mobile networks (who still do a pretty good job when it comes to availability), I'll wager that the PSTN has an uptime of 5 nines, at least.

Comment Re:but...but... the cloud (Score 1) 106

Shockingly, AWS allows you to configure your servers in an insecure manner. Clearly, the cloud must be insecure.

Well, at it's essence, "the cloud" means "someone else's servers". This being the case, it should be abundantly clear that there is no magic there. If you use "someone else's servers in an insecure manner, it's not the someone else that is at fault. Even Amazon tacitly admits as much. Ever tried to get them to sign a Business Associate Agreement (a statutory requirement when you let a third party handle records covered by HIPAA regulations)? They will, but only after you've satisfied them that your use of their platform is sufficiently secure. It's a cinch that Systema didn't have a BAA with Amazon. Guess who's going to get fined?

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 1) 255

Sure, just like when they teached automotive repair in high school, every student left repairing their own cars!

And when they teached shop in middle school, every student left being able to build their own houses! Magnificent!

How about we bring back basic grammar lessons, and see that it is teached as well? Normally, I love such irony, but this just makes me sad.

Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 317

The whole food-industrial complex in the US is so far out-of-wack with the concept of healthy food it's not even funny.

Want to fix our chronic health / obesity / diabesity problems --

1. Reform campaign finance laws.

2. End corn subsidies.

3. Profit (from good heath).

Oh, just shut up, you whiny, socialist babies! This is the free market at work and you should be glad that those with more power, erm... money than you, can pay to have you "informed" so that you can make those "informed" purchasing decisions so vital to a free market.

Comment Re:And in most cases it is wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 233

Well said, sir. I would only add that regulatory compliance also makes "going to the cloud" more complex and expensive. Despite their claims, most cloud vendors claiming to have "compliant" solutions, have a poor understanding of the regulations their claiming to comply with. Not saying that their aren't vendors who do it right, but from what I've seen, using something from that group is definitely more expensive than doing it in-house.

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