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Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

He pointed out taking the dollars with the child to pay for an alternative school, something many places do ready.

This is fought tooth and nail by big teacher union big government types to like to spout memes like hey you selfish jerk with privilege...! >:-(

Yes, and they'd be absolutely correct. Charter schools are nothing but a way to rig the system to favor those with the juice to tilt things in their kids favor. Mind you, I'm not defending the teachers' union. Their intractability when it comes to methods to ensure that the public gets what they're paying for has been... misguided, to say the least. Nevertheless, public education is so important that everyone involved needs to just make it fucking work. Charter schools don't do this, not by half. We could start though, by borrowing a page out of the charter schools' playbook, expelling the "problem child". Too many schools have been the dumping ground for the problems created by poor parenting. Make sure mom and dad know what's at stake.

Comment Re:If you don't like the textbooks, (Score 1) 337

Yeah, I hate these assholes who clearly don't have a clue how science works. Science is done by scientists coming to a majority decision on a given issue, then that issue being closed and no longer open to debate. It's basic scientific method

1) Formulate conclusion 2) Obtain mass consensus on the conclusion 3) Adjust any subsequent data until it agrees with the conclusion

Jeez, this is basic science! It's only been around since Aristotle, you ignorant fuckers!

You and I must have learned quite different definitions of "science" Yours sounds like, well... bullshit. So unless you can actually show that climate science as followed your silly methodology, how about you STFU? Take your time. We'll wait.

Comment Re:Ban the side effects (Score 4, Insightful) 305

Hey dumbass. There's an "engage" button on your brain. Learn to use it. I know, I know it hurts like hell, but your really need to take the time to understand the things you read. The medical community, in what I must say is a rather surprising move, is telling us that the over-the-top marketing of expensive prescription drugs is a bad thing for their patients. They should know, better than Big Pharma, better than government "regulators" who've allowed this mess to happen, and certainly better than you.

Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 1) 264

The technical reason is that infrastructure is expensive. Don't like it? Start your own ISP.

Thank you for illustrating my point, albeit quite unwittingly.
Yes, infrastructure is expensive, something the incumbent telecommunications company rely upon heavily. They hate competition and where it threatens to rear it's head, the will spare no expense to beat it back. If you haven't noticed that happening, you have not been paying attention, at all. It's not a free market. Not even close. It is a market stacked every way it can be, including the buying of favorable regulations, to favor the entrenched incumbents. That you seem to think that's such a groovy state of affairs just adds to their profit - their profit, not yours.

Comment Re:Downloading the intertubes, Daily (Score 3, Interesting) 264

Why then, do we in the U.S. pay more and get less? Is there some technical reason that bandwidth is such a "finite resources" in the U.S.?
Answer: No. Of course not. It's a business reason, so STFU and take what our corporate overlords deign to give us, on their terms. Right? Do you have any idea how idiotic your argument sounds?

Comment Re:Liberals (Score 1) 585

Liberals are all about freedom, expression, tolerance, etc. until you do or say something that they don't like.

[citation needed]
FWIW, I see far more conservatives who wish to silence those with "offensive" messages than liberals trying to do the same, the disappointing example in TFA notwithstanding.

Tolerance and acceptance only apply to those they tolerate and accept. Everyone else gets branded a bigot hate monger, racist, misogynist, etc. the instant they exercise their own right to speak their mind or utter any un-PC truths.

Excuse me? What part of the whole concept of "freedom of speech" do you not get? You are free to voice your bigotry, hatred, racism, misogyny, etc. as you like. I am just as free to call you a fucking bigot, hate monger, racist, or misogynist, not to mention an ignorant tool who clearly failed his high school civics classes.

Comment Re:Why "IoT" security is so critical (Score 1) 148

Your point are all valid, but only one requires an Internet connection, and even then, it could and should be kept from accessing anything but the host/IP required to do it's simple job. Jeezus H Christ, have we fallen so far that "application" now means something you get from the cloud and run on your phone?

Comment Re:There is no security in health care. (Score 1) 99

After a HIPAA violation, then they will pay for it. They are regulations in place, there just isn't enforcement until after an incident happened.

The Flat open network, just as long as it is closed off to the rest of the world, is good enough.

Maybe. Maybe not. HIPAA is not a prescriptive standard. The operators of that network would have to have documented that they effectively assessed the risk of such a design, and then took "reasonable" measures to mitigate any significant risk. If they failed to do even that much (and that is still very common) they will be found to be in "willful neglect" and subject to even higher penalties.

Comment Re:Dirty weapons (Score 1) 120

Over top of the Snake River Aquifer is to you a perfect place? Which is upstream of 3 different states and supplies water for significant percentage of the U.S. Agriculture.

Oh, shut _up_ you whiny liberal bitches. 30 years of drinking the "...government IS the problem..." Kool-Aid has led us straight to this. Corporate America is able to buy anything they want, including the willing collaboration of "regulators" whose role was originally to look out for the interests of the citizens. We handed the reins of power to "our betters" years ago.