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Comment: A better article, not behind a paywall: (Score 3, Informative) 85

by D-Fly (#49204989) Attached to: Inside Minerva, a Silicon Valley Bid To Start an Elite College Online
This is not really a purely online college, as the poster describes. It's an interesting mix between online and offline: all the students are supposed to live together; they do their classes on computers. The physical location can change annually too. The Atlantic had a better article about Minerva a couple of months ago, and it's not behind a paywall: What's really interesting is the instant and continuous feedback from the professor described here as the Minerva method. It sounds like truly scientific learning, a much better technique than the big lecture hall format, with students zoning out half the time.

Comment: Re:Sad to see him go... (Score 1) 277

by lennier1 (#49030379) Attached to: Jon Stewart Leaving 'The Daily Show'

Wilmore's show is still pretty rough after only a few episodes.
Let's see how it will turn out during its second season when they've had time to work out the kinks.

Bassem Youssef would be an awesome choice. since he's already running the same format in Egypt and his recent visit to the US version more than proved that he's up to the task. I'm just not sure if he'd accept the offer.

Comment: Re:Let's hope ... (Score 5, Informative) 38

by D-Fly (#48907967) Attached to: Virgin Galactic Dumps Scaled Composites For Spaceship Two
Reading the Effing Article suggests that this was a more or less planned separation, even before the crash. They were doing a contracted design/build for Virgin, and were supposed to handoff the project after successful completion of these test flights; Virgin decided (for publicity reasons I suspect) to take nominal control now. Also, note that Scaled Composites is now an (autonomous) unit of Northrop, so the end of their direct partnership with Virgin isn't a very big deal for Rutan and his team.

Comment: Re:Now if I could just type... (Score 2) 165

by lennier1 (#48866711) Attached to: Your Entire PC In a Mouse


Throw in a Thunderbolt port and you'll also be able to offload more connections to a compact docking station.
Leverage the low-quality graphics features of modern x86 CPUs and adapt Intel's Wireless Display tech or something similar and boom, you'll also be able to sell mobile displays with a kickstand so your office PC can turn into a laptop whenever the situation requires it. Same with simply using the projector in your conference room as an external display.

With all the necessary product lines under one roof and the necessary business partnerships on top of it, why exactly isn't Lenovo selling this yet???

Comment: If you like your floppy you can keep it? (Score 2) 252

by lennier1 (#48729483) Attached to: US CTO Tries To Wean the White House Off Floppy Disks


To be fair, it depends on the context. A few years ago I was working for a company whose bank still required the large amount of end-of-month transactions for automated processing to be submitted via a 3.5" disk instead of an encrypted connection. Part of the reason why the company eventually switched to a major bank with a decent infrastructure.

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- Bertrand Russell, _Sceptical_Essays_, 1928